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  • Acrobat 8 Standard: "There was an error opening this document. Invalid action object." Updated:11-30

    Hi, Acrobat 8 had been working on my computer previously, up until this morning. Now any time I try to open a pdf, I get the error, "There was an error opening this document. Invalid action object." I can't get any pdfs on my computer to open, i

  • ExportDataObject invalid action object Updated:11-30

    Hey Guys, I hope you can help me. Reader Version: 11.0.08 I use the following function: function test()      app.beginPriv();      t = app.activeDocs[0];      var d = t.dataObjects;      t.exportDataObject({cName: d[0].name, nLaunch:2});      app.end

  • Invalid action object error Updated:10-11

    This causes an Appcrash as follows Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH   Application Name:    FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe   Application Version:   Application Timestamp:    514b6292   Fault Module Name:    Acrobat.dll  

  • ExportDataObject fails: "invalid action object" Updated:11-30

    Simple operation: I have a help file attached to the main PDF form. All I want to do is open it once upon opening of the form. I call the below function from the init procedure in the main form, but it fails. What am I doing wrong ? The file name is

  • "ORA-20001: Invalid action CREATE on this object. (U)" Updated:11-30

    I have a page where data are inserted in my procedure. <br>This procedure assign "PXX_ID" which is a key from that table. After that I use "Automatic Row Processing (DML)" with check only on UPDATE", to fill other fields tha

  • Getting Invalid Registry Object while uninstalling plugins programatically Updated:11-30

    When a specific condition is hit (while the user is trying to open our perspective), we uninstall the plugins using the below code: Platform.getBundle(<Bundle name>).uninstall(); When we run this code on Juno 4.2.2, we are hitting the below exceptio

  • Acrobat.exe closed by Windows & "invalid annotation object" Updated:10-11

    While I am editing comments with Acrobat 9.3.1, I get a Windows error "acrobat.exe ..... closed by Windows" Then when I open the PDF document, I get "invalid annotation object" error, and the file is corrupted and not usable any more.

  • "Invalid Annotation Object" error Updated:10-11

    I'm using Windows XP Pro (SP3) on a 2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM computer, and while working in an Adobe Acrobat 9 document, I had just saved the file (CTRL+S) and the document froze and I got a Windows error box that asked if I wanted to send an error report,

  • "Invalid annotation object" on only two of six computers. Updated:10-11

      When searching for the resolution to this error I keep seeing that the PDF is corrupt when people get the error "Invalid annotation object".  But I have a office that has eight workstations and only two are getting the error.  To further compl

  • Adobe "Invalid annotation object" error Updated:10-11

    We recieve a specific error message on a few PDFs. Some from documents converted from 2007 Word and others out of Outlook 2007 through the PDF print function.  While moving the mouse over certain comments the users has placed on the document in the P

  • What's the difference between Action Objects and ActionListeners Updated:10-11

    Hello, in the Introduction to JSF two ways handling action are demonstrated. One way is "Combining Component Data and Action Object" the other way is "Handling Events." What's the difference? When do I use this or that way? The one thi

  • Invalid DataStore object name /BIC/B0000173: Reason: No valid entry in tabl Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus,      I recently transported the 0FI_GL_10 datasource to preproduction. when i am trying to load the data in PrePod we are getting this error message. <b>Invalid DataStore object name /BIC/B0000173: Reason: No valid entry in table RSTS</

  • Invalid tincan object name Updated:10-11

    I am trying to stream video from a Flash Media Server using AS3. I am getting an error that I cannot figure out. In my NetStatusEventHandler I am getting event code "NetStream.Play.Failed". The error is: "Invalid tincan object name (stream

  • Invalid DataStore object name /BIC/B0005712 Updated:10-11

    Hi Frnds, I was trying to execute a PSA deletion step on one Datasource. In that process I got the below error. Error msg: Invalid DataStore object name /BIC/B0005712: Reason: No valid entry in table RSTS. Do, I need to maintain anything related to t

  • Error: demo.model.AppModule: Application module demo.model.AppModule has a view instance EmpByEmail1 that references an invalid view object. Updated:10-11

    Error: demo.model.AppModule: Application module demo.model.AppModule has a view instance EmpByEmail1 that references an invalid view object.   intially i created view object named EmpByEmail.........for that EmpByEmail1 is created in datacontrols....

  • Invalid DataStore object name error when running process chain after EHP1 Updated:10-11

    Hello, We recently upgraded our BW Dev platform to NW7.01 EHP1 SP6. I noticed that the layout for "Delete PSA Request" process in the Process Chain has changed after the upgrade. We can no longer specify the actual PSA table to delete eg, /BIC/B

  • Error "Invalid Report Object" when running any CR Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have installed BO XI V3.1 and upgraded to 1.4 level. However when logged into the infoview app, if i browse to any 2008 report i have uploaded into the enterprise system and double click to run i get the error "Invalid Report Object". This

  • How to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object" Updated:10-11

    how to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object"As long as the PDF opens, then just try saving it to a new file name. There may be a preflight script that would help troubleshoot the issue.Read other 2 answers

  • "Invalid Annotation Object" error, can't save Updated:10-11

    Hi, my dad's been working on a 50+ page .pdf document (adding annotations etc.) for several hours. When adding the most recent annotation, it showed a popup window saying "Invalid Annotation Object". No matter how many times we press "OK&qu

  • Changing NAME property of Action object Updated:12-04

    Hi everyone, I have a JButton and JMenuItem both associated with the same Action object so that they both have the same text and perform the same action. The action alternates between starting and stopping a background process, and I want my button a