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  • Min Mx planning report gives an error when run with RE-Stock yes. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are going to implement Min Max planning for the first time.However when we test it at org level with Re-Stock parameter YES it gave an error. what are the additional setups need to be done for it? It works fine when running with re stock n

  • Min-Max Planning: Unable to generate requisition Updated:11-30

    Hi, Trying to generate Internal Requisition for a Buy item in Vision Instance. Min Max report log shows the following error: [10-FEB-15 15:55:21] INV_Minmax_PVT.re_po: 252331: p_organization_id: 207, p_approval: 3, p_src_type: 1, p_encum_flag: N, p_c

  • Min max planning report errors out Updated:11-30

    Min max planning is defined at Organization level with the source type as supplier. Min max report errors out for restock option "yes". Following is the error message in the log file MSG-00069: Calling INV_MMX_WRAPPER_PVT.exec_min_max from Befor