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  • Problem with Installing Nokia Ovi Store in E51 Updated:10-11

    I am having problem with installing nokia Ovi store in my E51. Whenever I try to download Ovi store from my E51, it shows a error message that the component is built in and cannot be installed. I dont know wat to do now. Can anyone please give me som

  • TS3694 Can not install apps from store - getting this - MZCommerce.creditbalancemismatch.mobile_message. What do I do? Updated:11-30

    Can not install apps from store. Keep getting this -MZCommerce.creditbalancemismatch.mobile_message What do I do?My friend had this problem and he just went into his payment information to make sure it was accurate and up to date. He didn't even chan

  • App installed via OVI store... replacement handset... Updated:11-30

    As mentioned in other posts, I've had a replacement N8. I had one particular app (kind of white-noise, sleep helper thing) installed - it was free at the time, a few weeks back. Now it's a paid for thing. I do have a backup of my N8 done through OVI

  • Can't install app mac store Updated:11-30

    Every time I want to install an update or an app i get the message : Can't download the program. program can not be installed. What can it be? I allready tried to clean up the files from appstore in the Libraryfile. This was a solution I found in oth

  • E71x ovi store and apps trouble Updated:10-11

    on my e71x i am unable to access the ovi store or apps.  when i open the link that had been sent to my phone for the app, it tells me i need to download the ovi store mobile app.  This has been done several times but then there is no way to open this

  • Ovi store stuck on loading screen (N8) Updated:11-30

    So I have this problem lately. I instaled new ovi store app and it get stuck on loading screen everytime I try to run this app. I tried to reinstall it, I tried to reinstal phone soft and ovi store after and nothing changed. pls help me with this. I

  • Install the Nokia Store without a bunch of compute... Updated:11-30

    Can I install the Ovi Store program without connecting the phone to the only-Windows programs Nokia Suite and that strange Nokia Drop program? If I went to the website to download the Ovi Store, it requires that I hook my phone to the Nokia Suite to

  • Ovi apps store - how to install apps on e: Updated:10-11

    hello, to save space on c:/ (nokia 5800 express music), i wanna ask for a possibility so that an app sent to the cell from ovi store as link by sms, isn't been installed on c:/. is there a possibility that it's getting installed on e:/ to save space?

  • N8 Ovi Store unable to install app after downloade... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Ovi Store in my N8 unable to install app after downloaded. App are succefully downloaded but hang when start installing, i follow the prompt instruction in N8, which is click Smart Installer but prompt same installation process box & the box

  • Error when installing apps from OVI Store on my x7... Updated:11-30

    I have trouble installing apps from OVI recently. I pretty often get    ``Installation error``. Ive installed the software update today Its still the same. Any segestions ???I would suggest you try and update to the latest Ovi Store, now called Nokia

  • Installing an app from Ovi store again (solved) Updated:11-30

    I had severe problems with the app "Twittix". I bought it on Ovi store. I would like to deinstall it and install it again. Can I do this without paying a second time? SOLVED I went to and deleted Twittix from the download history a

  • Ovi Store and some app cannot install on Nokia C6-... Updated:10-11

    I buyed my phone 2 days before and updated my phone's firmware to PR 1.1 . I don't really know it happened because new firmware  because i updated at first and didn't do anything on old one. I couldn't install Ovi Store and some applications on my ph

  • C7 failed to install apps from Ovi Store Updated:11-30

    I had a problem where I was unable to install applications from Ovi Store to C7. I finally found out that the my C7 had two versions of Nokia Smart Installer installed. After removing the old version (required reboot to be able to do that) the instal

  • Problem install ovi store and ovi maps? Updated:10-11

    my phone nokia C7 can not turn on, then I use a three finger salute to hard reset, and my phone can turn on again, but social networking application, ovi store and ovi maps are lost, I tried installing again, but always "unable to install", whil

  • How can I install Ovi Store on my N8? Updated:10-11

    I hard reset my N8, and then when I tried to download and install Ovi Store, it's not getting installed. How can I install?If you go to Ovi store through the web browser it will offer you the choice to download the latest version of the app. If I hav

  • Ovi Store Paid App not Available Updated:10-11

    every time i see 'Best Seller' tab is always not have paid app. I only see "no items available". Are there anyone know why i have this error. Sorry for my bad english im ind*n*sian My Phone that I ever had : 1. E66 2. 500Hey Dickofn, Welcome to

  • OVI store app installation error - network connect... Updated:11-30

    Im downloading some app at ovi store in my PC using Nokia PC Suite, my N8 connects to my pc using Bluetooth. i can install some app but some of them are cancelled with this error message "Network connection lost cancelling installation" and ther

  • Not responding when download apps from ovi store o... Updated:11-30

    When i go to ovi store on my 5230 to download apps, most of the time when i click on download, it's not responding, anyone know why?N900lover wrote: English translation = Even if I don't restore my settings I can't manage to connect to the Ovi store.

  • Can't download apps from ovi store Updated:11-30

    Hi, i have a nokia 5530 xm i had some corrupted music files in my music library so i made a back up-file on the computer and erased everything on the memorycard Then i loaded all the stuff back on the memorycard. But then almost all my apps were gone

  • N8 Can't buy app in Ovi Store: Server error, we ar... Updated:11-30

    Dear friends I use Nokia N8 and Ovi store 2.0. As the the title states, when I press buy button in Ovi store it shows "Server error, we are experiencing problems with the payment service. You will be taken back to the catalog page." It occurs to