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  • Incoming Inspection at purchase order type level Updated:10-11

    Hello guys, Would anyone know if we can somehow activate inspection for goods receipt for one type of purchase order and not another. Part A when GR'd against PO type ZA should not create an inspection lot. However if the same part is GR'd against PO

  • Auto Inspection lot generation Updated:11-30

    Dear All Experts, I have created new inspection type as Z01 by copying the 01 and I have maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types under 01. After that I have assigned my new inspection type Z01 to material master and activated it w

  • Auto Inspection Lot Creation. Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, I have created new inspection type as Z01 by copying the 01 and I have maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types under 01. After that I have assigned my new inspection type Z01 to material master and activated it with m

  • Inspection plan expert advise rquired Updated:11-30

    Dears as i don't want to have much more master data in my production server i was decide to work without inspection plan to achive this i have created 4 dummy material in the system and create inspection plan for these four material so when ever any

  • Inspection point in SAP4.0B Updated:11-30

    Dear QM experts, In SAP version 4.6C, I have setup inspection point type - 'Freely defined inspection point' which I used for my quality inspection after goods receipt. Therefore, I setup the necessary setup in the Inspection plan header and operatio

  • SAP Standard Followup Action for Material Movement at the time of UD. Updated:10-11

    Does anyone know if SAP offers a standard Followup Action that once completing the Automatic Usage Decision, it will perform a Material to Material movement at the same time.  Exampe: I have two Materials with different Inspection types and Inspectio

  • Make UD code mandatory Updated:11-30

    Hi experts In present case, QA user is able to post quantity without UD code also. I want to restrict this, is there any standard way to do it. Please suggest. Thanks & regards, Pradipta SahooHello Mr. Ganapati Rao, Thanks for your reply. I checked t

  • How to differentiate the insp lots with same lot origin Updated:11-30

    Hi, My client is 1. Procuring a  Finished good directly ( same way as Raw material is being procured ) & then sale it. 2. In another scinarion the same material may be produced at Vendor's end ( Sub contracting ) 3. In another scinario this is in hou

  • How to create Inpection Lot Z01 & 04 Type for same Material different Plans Updated:11-30

    I am trying to create an Inspectoin Lot for two different Inspection Types.  One for (Z01) Incoming Inspection via MIGO and the other for (04) GR Inspection for Production via MFBF.  The problem is I have the same Material for two different Inspectio

  • Goods Receipt generates inspection lot using inspection type 08 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have two plants A and B. I have set up my materials with an 08 inspection type plant B. Material transfers from plant A and B generate an inspection lot using inspection type 08 and inspection lot origin 08. This works perfectly. However if I u

  • STO Inspection type 08 Updated:11-30

    Stock transport orders are used to move materials from one plant to other plant. However, no inspection process is performed when inventory moved between plant to plant transfer using stock transfer orders. Materials are activated with 08 inspection

  • How to split inspection lot in Routing? Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, Is there any chance to create splitting inspection lot in the middle of a routing process ? My scenarios are : I have a BOM with finished product X and Component A I also have Routing AA with 2 operation inside, Operation 1 for Production

  • Query regarding inspection during goods receipt Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have created a Z movement type from 101 & deactivated the  quality management. Now when I try to do a goods reciept for a raw material for purchase order ,the sytsem is taking the stock to quality stock type.The material is active for QM an

  • Source inspection-0101insp.type Updated:11-30

    Resp.Gurus, For practice Source inspection in IDES client,When I searched in Scn & SDN documents,all are suggesting to select 01 insp.type & 'additional' only 0101 inspection type  for source inspection. I am getting very much confusion about 0101

  • Inspection Lot variant to be used for Movemenet type Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am trying to configure a new inspection type 0801 which is assigned to inspect lot origin 08 variant 02. now when i assign inspection type in material i am assigning 0801. but for the movement types inspection lot origin is used. My require

  • Restrict UD code group for Inspection type Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to restrict UD code groups for each inspection type. Let say : for 01 Inspection type - system has to show only 01 code group.It should not display the remaning code groups(02,03....) sridhar.RHi, To achieve this you need to create separat

  • Follow-up action : please help - Inspection Lot related Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am having the following trouble: Through MB02, a printout is generated to the local printer (LOCL). However, through QA11, when we save, we have a custom follow-up action attached that pops-up a dialog screen. The follow up action is triggered

  • A/P Credit memo after GRIN Quality Inspection Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We have to implement GRIN Quality Check module for one implementation. What we have done in the add on that for one GRIN, we go to Quality Check Program where item wise we enter the Accepted Quantity and Rejected Quantity . Then for all the R

  • Error while uploading Inspection plan Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, I am creating inspection plans using BDC. The MIChas 2 versions. When i am using version 1, the inspection plan is created. Whereas when i am using MIC version 2 i am getting error "error occured while checking type group".Kindly l

  • Error while creating Inspection plan Updated:10-11

    Hi, While creating inspection plan in QP01, system is showing error  "Material type ZROH is not defined for task list type Q'' Please help me to solve the error. Thanks PrasantHi, This is due to the configuration error, Just use T.Code OP50 Create an