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infosource in infopackage settings

  • Infopackage settings for loading Hierarchies Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,                  Here i want to load master data for hierarchies into my BI system, according to my knowledge we hav to do some changes in infopackage for loading hierarchies. I want to knw the infopackage settings for hierarchies for BI

  • Manage Infopackage Settings Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,                  When we open manage infocube window we get 6 tabs lik external data, hierarchy selection, processing, update etc.....but recently for an infopackage manage section it just had 4 tabs. I just want to knw as to why it showe

  • Infosource and Infopackages Updated:11-30

    Hello all, In our system there is an infosource (3.5) which is currently feeding 5 targets. It has 3 infopackages associated with it - Init delta, Delta and Full repair Now, I have created a new cube (copy of one of the above said 5 targets) and assi

  • Login requested when accessing infosource and infopackage? Updated:11-30

    Good morning, Our BW development system has started popping up an R/3 login screen whenever we click on an infosource or try to look at the detailed information on an infopackage job.  If we're in RSA1 under Infosources, and we click on any infosourc

  • Table for Infopackage settings -- Events ? Updated:11-30

    Hello BW Experts, Infopackage > schedule tab > we can have Events mentioned in the scheduling button window popup screen and also in the subsequent process screen. Is there a table where this information is stored. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks, B

  • About settings in BI7 Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, I am trying to work on settings (RSA1) in BI7 system.  I wanted to set the option "display generated objects " to on.  But I am not finding that option there i am able to see only "Global Settings " there.  May I know if th

  • How can I delete all loads for a specific infopackage in a process chain? Updated:10-11

    Good day all, I've got a BW 3.5 system. and I have a cube which is loaded by two infopackages, I will call them "Current" and "History" which load each month.  On an ongoing basis I only want one "Current" infopackage load an

  • Upload Csv files with infopackages - Error 1 Updated:10-11

    Hello again, i'm trying to upload csv file into a infopackage with master data text but the sistem sends a error message "Error 1 uploading external data". Infopackage settings: source system: PC file type: data file csv file data separator ; ES

  • Infosource invisible in production system Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are facing a unique problem that we are not able to find the Info source for a ODS and one Infocube in our Production system. In Quality system it was working fine and we could see these Infosources. But on transporting the complete devlopm

  • Infopackages and IPG--- Scheduling Options Updated:11-30

    Hi, BI Experts Suppose there is a infopackage with a specified after event in its scheduling options and may be with some subsequent process. And this infopackage is also scheduled through IPG (or Process Chain) - immediate start at particular time i

  • Selection on User Exit Field in InfoPackage Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Is it possible to have a selection in InfoPackage on a field which is being populated via user exit? If yes, how to achieve it? Regards, YogeshHi....... Yes u can do...........I will tell u what we r doing........ Look........we hav creat

  • Authorization object for InfoPackage Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is it possible to create authorization for a specific InfoPackage . If yes, kindly let me know what is the authorization object we need to use. Thanks.Hi , The authorization object is : S_RS_ISOUR InfoSource Subobject : INFOPACKAG InfoSource : Yo

  • How do I tell if a particular update rule is used Updated:10-11

    I have inherited a sales reporting application in BW 3.5. It has update rules from 2LIS_13_VDITM to 4 level 1 ODS. There are update rules from those 4 level 1 ODS to Level 2 ODS and cubes. So far so good. However there are also update rules from 2LIS

  • Error when sending data from Cube to ODS Updated:10-11

    HI, I am extracting data from 2lis_02_itm & I stored the data in 0pur_o01(ODS) tha data is fine in ODS but when I am trying to send data from ODS to Cube 0pur_c07 it is giving the above error InfoSource 80PUR_O01 is not defined in the source system E

  • Display Generated ODS objects Updated:11-30

    We are not able to display system generated infosources and infopackages in the Infosource DM (Datamart) application component. I have tried Settings --> Display Generated Objects, and set to Show, but this does not generate any application component

  • Caller-70 Error while loading master data into infoobject Updated:10-11

    hi , I am getting following error while loading master data into infoobject (0tb-account). I am loading this master data in production environment for the first time. there are about 300000 records. All have got loaded upto PSA. Infopackage settings

  • Error in Process Chains Updated:10-11

    Hi APO Gurus I am getting following error in Process Chain : 1 Tab Page ICkw6Rdc7s7x000002e0280 still contains 3 temporary aggregates when deleting 2 Deletion of tab page ICkw6Rdc7s7x000002e0280 with 16566 registrations failed. 3  Error in function m

  • How to set delta load in process chain Updated:10-11

    hello all The scenario is i created process chain for transaction data and all the infopackages are in initial load now I want to do delta,how to set delta in process chain,bcoz only the new records should load? kindly anyone let me know. regards bal

  • How to load data from info object to ODS Updated:10-11

    Hello BW Gurus, Is their any way to load data from info object to ODS and I am unable to fine the Info source for that particulate info object master data. For ex: we have 0PROFITCENTER as info object which is getting loaded everyday. We want same da

  • Init selection deleted - recover possible? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am selectively initialising the attributes for the business partner. It concerns a new datasource with new attributes for the business partner. As we have 5,2 million business partners I am initialising this part in ranges. As for now I had 9 s