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infosource in infopackage settings

  • How can I delete all loads for a specific infopackage in a process chain? Updated:10-11

    Good day all, I've got a BW 3.5 system. and I have a cube which is loaded by two infopackages, I will call them "Current" and "History" which load each month.  On an ongoing basis I only want one "Current" infopackage load an

  • Upload Csv files with infopackages - Error 1 Updated:10-11

    Hello again, i'm trying to upload csv file into a infopackage with master data text but the sistem sends a error message "Error 1 uploading external data". Infopackage settings: source system: PC file type: data file csv file data separator ; ES

  • How do I tell if a particular update rule is used Updated:10-11

    I have inherited a sales reporting application in BW 3.5. It has update rules from 2LIS_13_VDITM to 4 level 1 ODS. There are update rules from those 4 level 1 ODS to Level 2 ODS and cubes. So far so good. However there are also update rules from 2LIS

  • Error when sending data from Cube to ODS Updated:10-11

    HI, I am extracting data from 2lis_02_itm & I stored the data in 0pur_o01(ODS) tha data is fine in ODS but when I am trying to send data from ODS to Cube 0pur_c07 it is giving the above error InfoSource 80PUR_O01 is not defined in the source system E

  • Caller-70 Error while loading master data into infoobject Updated:10-11

    hi , I am getting following error while loading master data into infoobject (0tb-account). I am loading this master data in production environment for the first time. there are about 300000 records. All have got loaded upto PSA. Infopackage settings

  • Error in Process Chains Updated:10-11

    Hi APO Gurus I am getting following error in Process Chain : 1 Tab Page ICkw6Rdc7s7x000002e0280 still contains 3 temporary aggregates when deleting 2 Deletion of tab page ICkw6Rdc7s7x000002e0280 with 16566 registrations failed. 3  Error in function m

  • How to set delta load in process chain Updated:10-11

    hello all The scenario is i created process chain for transaction data and all the infopackages are in initial load now I want to do delta,how to set delta in process chain,bcoz only the new records should load? kindly anyone let me know. regards bal

  • How to load data from info object to ODS Updated:10-11

    Hello BW Gurus, Is their any way to load data from info object to ODS and I am unable to fine the Info source for that particulate info object master data. For ex: we have 0PROFITCENTER as info object which is getting loaded everyday. We want same da

  • Init selection deleted - recover possible? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am selectively initialising the attributes for the business partner. It concerns a new datasource with new attributes for the business partner. As we have 5,2 million business partners I am initialising this part in ranges. As for now I had 9 s