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  • [SOLVED]Index of files in a directory Updated:10-11

    I've tried creating an index of files in, f.e., my movies directory but I can't seem to get it to work properly.  The command I've been using was find . -iname '*' > ./FILES which generates the following list: ./Inglourious Basterds.mp4 ./Inspector C

  • Playing .mkv files in QTX/QT7 video works fine, sound is distorted. Updated:10-11

    What I'm trying to do is open some .mkv files in Quicktime 7 so that I can export it as an mp4 with AAC audio (instead of AC3, 5.1). The audio during playback ends up sounding like a helicopter or what you'd hear if you stuck a piece of sandpaper in

  • Mkv with multiple video tracks Updated:11-30

    Hi. I have a load of Matroska files which contain a few (about 5) short video clips and an audio track. The video clips in each file are of the same event from different angles, so I want to watch all clips simultaneously. I have installed Perian and

  • Play HD .MKV Files in Front Row Updated:11-30

    Hi, I wish to play .MKV HD films on my Mac Mini. I have installed the latest Perian - and it plays them but they are ever so slightly jerky, i can notice it and its annoying. I have played them in VLC media player and they are perf

  • .mkv file does not have sound in Quicktime Updated:11-30

    I downloaded Perian and a Flac decoder component and I can't get any sound from an HD video I downloaded. Quicktime says I need additional software to play this file. DivX says i need a direct show decoder to play the file. I cannot seem to find anyt

  • How to play videos with mkv format on imac Updated:11-30

    i have purchased a new imac(intel) just four days back. i want to know what is the method for playing videow with mkv format.It could be a 'difficult' form of Matroska file. FYI Matroska is just a container like MOV or AVI, and some mkv have the vide

  • How to convert mkv files into dvd reader compatible format Updated:11-30

    Hi there!  that's my first discussion ever in this community. Hope you can help me and I thank you by now for support. My question is pretty simple. How can I convert a full HD .mkv file into something compatible with DVD readers for home use ( mpeg,

  • Low audio playback in QTP for .MKV files? Updated:11-30

    Hey Folks. Not sure as to why when I play back an MKV file the audio is low... it's lower than other video files on my computer... it's a H264 and I think it's ACC the audio? Does that make sense.... Do i need to get a media player and connect it to

  • MKV x264 Movie plays great on QT X but choppy at Front Row Updated:11-30

    When I playing 720p .mkv (x264) files with QT X (with Perian) at fullscreen there is no problem, movie plays at great speed. But when I tried to play with them Front Row it is always choppy (I waited for buffering ending). I uninstall Snow Leopard an

  • Ho installato e comprato Quick Time Pro, ma non riesco a vedere nessun tipo di file video , avi,flv,mkv, qualcuno può  aiutarmi? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I recently installed and purchased QuickTime pro for windows, but I can't use it, I can't see any kind of movie (avi, flv, mkv, divx) could someone help me?AVI is a format (container) developed and discontinued by Microsoft. FLV (Flash video) cou

  • How to play an mkv file on imac Updated:11-30

    i have purchased an imac(intel) four days back. iam having some videos with me which are in mkv format. they cannot be played in quick time player. i would like to know the solution for this.It could be a 'difficult' form of Matroska file. FYI Matros

  • No audio on MKVs Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to play MKV movie files. The video runs all right, but there's no audio. Is there a codec I need to find to get it to work? If so, where is it, and then where do I put the codec once I have it? Thank you.It could be a 'difficult' form of M

  • MKV and Adobe Revisited Updated:11-30

    All of this comes down to the fact that Adobe is a very oldfashioned company who simply refuses to support Matroska even though everyone knows it's the best video container out there. But if you insist on using PrPro instead of a free tool, you gotta

  • Mkv files won't open Updated:11-30

    I cannot get Quicktime 7 Pro to open mkv or divx files even though the website said it would and I bought it on that basis, I have a project that is timing out on me and I am desperate!  I have checked the boxes in settings so it opens all types of "

  • .MKV files play very slow on my MacBook Pro (3gb ram).  What do u suggest? Updated:11-30

    Hey FOlks. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing slow rendering (playing) of .MKV files on their MacBook Pro. And what to do? I have Perian, but Im not convinced QT or Front Row can play .MKV files. What do you recommend? What software for ma

  • Perian, Wondershare Player and MKV Files Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have some MKV files in my mac and when I start to see a movie, everything is ok, but after some seconds the movies stopped. I read some pages on web and in some communities about Perian, but after read them I concluded that the problem isn'

  • Which to use - Sy-index or sy-tabix ?? Updated:10-11

    This is what i found out about SY-INDEX and SY-TABIX but which one to use when i want to delete a line of data from an internal table ? I tried both sy-index and sy-tabix and both works fine and returning the expected output for me but which one is b

  • Index's on cubes or Aggregates on infoobjects Updated:10-11

    Hello, Please tell me if it is possible to put index's on cubes; are they automatically added or is this something I put on them? I do not understand index's are they like aggregates? Need to find info that explains this. Thanks for the hlep. NewbieI

  • LIKE, LIKEC and Index usage Updated:10-11

    I've table that contains about 20 million rows, and I've created index for varchar2(100) column. It works well if I do SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE WHERE MY_COL LIKE 'FOO%'; But if I change query to use LIKEC (to make unicode escaped strings work): SELECT

  • Index with "or" clause (BUG still exists?) Updated:10-11

    The change log for 2.3.10 mentions "Fixed a bug that caused incorrect query plans to be generated for predicates that used the "or" operator in conjunction with indexes [#15328]." But looks like the Bug still exists. I am listing the s