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incremental naming loop

  • IF....increment in LOOP Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a field which represents months of the year in the format 200601, 200602 for January 2006, February 2006 and so on. I want to create a loop which goes from the minimum to the maximum value of these fields. Can I use an IF...ELSE to increme

  • Scan slows down with each increment of loop Updated:11-30

    Hi I am using labview to raster scan a piezo stage and collect fluorescence. To do the scanning, I have an X loop and a Y loop. Each iteration of the loop steps a voltage which is output (using DAQmx assistant) through a PCI 6229. It's very bizarre b

  • For loop, possible to increment counter/exit loop? Updated:11-30

    I would like to know if it is possible to exit a For loop. I know I can use a while loop but it would be nice to be able to increment the loop counter in a for loop. Is this possible? Thanks, MikeJim, OK, that clears it up. Coming from VB I'm still f

  • Incrementing a string number for date and time Updated:10-11

    There are probably a lot of ways to do this, but I only want to use a bunch of if - else loops if I really need to. I have a date and time for input, let's say 2006-04-19 22:00. In Java, if I convert that to 3 integers (year, month, day), it will out

  • For loop issue and error exception Updated:10-11

    I am finishing up a program and having a few issues....I can send my instructions so it may seem easier to what I want...the first issue deals with the for loop for the 2nd for loop in the actionperformed when i click on go it does not change any of

  • Oracle in Loop Evaluation Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an assignment to check the consistency of Oracle database for different conditions.I am having some 200+ columns i a table i need to populate data using prepare statement in .net and check the conditions how it works for each loop values.I

  • Item Approval Looping over approver level 2 Updated:11-30

    Hi Have an issue with item based cart approval (using BADI) looping around the same approver and not getting to the next/final approver. Working on simple 3 level approval model. Item received ok to level 1, once approved, ok to level 2 (approval ind

  • XSL Loop counter? Updated:11-30

    How do I pass the number of times xsl goes through a for-each loop to javascript? Is there an attribute or setting for <xsl:for-each> whereby this can be done? Or maybe not even stored in Javascript, but just stored somewhere. Increment the loop val

  • Lots of problems with program Updated:10-11

    Guys, I really am having a lot of problems with a program. I got the program to compile but it looks absolutely nothing like it is supposed to look. I have a deadline for tomorrow and sent my teacher an email but the chances of him getting back to me

  • A serious issue with excel file read in ODI Updated:10-11

    hi gurus, Issue with excel file read is that we can read only one file by setting the path from ODBC Data Source Administrator-->System DNS -->Select Work book what i want to read the dynamic path(Every time I cant go back and set the Work book to s

  • Another multi value parameter question Updated:10-11

    I have spent the last six hours researching and testing this and I am getting nowhere.  I am using CR 2008 and SQL Server 2005.  I have a main report that has a six level cascading prompt.  The values for all of the prompts are number values.  The lo

  • Slider for Display and Control Time of Video Updated:10-11

    Hey Community, I run a Video with the IMAQ/ AVI components. Therefor i want to have a timeband as there is one in a normal video player. The Time runs and if I click on the band the video should jump to this moment of the video. Is there a possibilit

  • Optical Flow and setting Offset make Not an Image Updated:10-11

    Hi all, What I'm trying to accomplish is taking only a few hundred rows from a camera sensor to improve frame rate and moving the offset around based on movement in the image. I am utilizing configure grab and grab in a loop to improve refresh rate.

  • Footer details in smartform Updated:11-30

    I have to add a window in a smartform - which gives the total number of line items that i am printing using an internal table. The number of records should be printed at the end of the report - only once. Can anybody please tell me how to go about?Hi

  • OMB Script: Need help to spot what's wrong Updated:11-30

    I have been trying to find out why the outer foreach loop in the following OMB script (log follows) doesn't go to the next iteration. It just exits after getting the lineage for the first target table (i.e., stderr has nothing). Same behavior against

  • Correlation condition in Aggregate Pattern Updated:11-30

    Hi Team, Just Started the Aggregate Pattern and My Requirement is to collect the 3 messages of Pencils based on their color(should be same for three messages) Below is My pattern: Start: I have initialized the Counter to zero CurrentPencilID is of ty

  • SELECT statement (urgent!) Updated:11-30

    Could you please help me with the following statement? The FROM clause is incorrect but i don't know what i should write. Thank you in advance. Maria. DECLARE A NUMBER; CURSOR C1 IS SELECT TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME FROM USER_TAB_COLUMNS WHERE NULLABLE=

  • XML pushed? Updated:11-30

    flash player 8 actionscript 2.0 loading animation xml loaded... PUSHED PUSHED PUSHED PUSHED PUSHED PUSHED this is the message that pops up everytime I try to test movie! I've tried everywhere to find a solution and maybe some-one on here can help me

  • Displaying multi valued number parameters on a report. Updated:11-30

    I need to display the contents of some muti valued parameters on my report.  I have received two suggestions neither of which I can get to work.  The first suggestion uses the Join function as follows: WhilePrintingRecords; Join({?Parameter}, Chr(10)

  • Importing 30 tables into one SQL Table (Help Required) Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, I am new in SQL server, actually i need to gather 30 different excel file in one sql server table and i have imported all excel file in different databases, all tables have 186 different columns and datatypes. I couldnt change data type