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  • Inbound idoc for updating delivery date of purchase order Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Our vendor sends a delivery file consisting of delivery date and quantity(could be partial) for line items of a purchase order. I need to update the Purchase order line item with the delivery date and quantity sent from the Vendor. It should

  • Inbound IDoc used for updating Sales order status Updated:10-11

    I have a requirements to set use standard IDoc to send out the Sales order to a non-SAP software as well as receiving Inbound IDoc to update the status of sales order in SAP. Could someone comment on my questions below: 1. What are the difference bet

  • Updating transaction MD61 using information from inbound IDOC Updated:10-11

    Is there any standard IDOC type for Planned Independent Requirement(having fields of table PBED and PBIM in its segment)?If such an IDOC type doesnt exist then i have to go for custom idoc type creation I have an inbound IDOC having 4 fields in its s

  • Payment Terms wrongly getting updated using Inbound Idoc Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a inbound IDOC which creates new invoice evrery time it gets triggered. In the function module attached with that IDOC there is a logic written to fetch the payment terms from the vendor master LFB1. System should display that Payment

  • INBOUND IDOC not updating the basic data field which is created newly Updated:10-11

    Hi, i am creating an inbound IDOC for material master creation in that in basic data1 i have created 2 custom field in general data 1 is updating and another  is not updating with the value in iDOC. User exits codes are fine. but data is not updating

  • Update EKKO Z field using Inbound Idoc Updated:11-30

    I have an requirement where  I have to update Z field in EKKO while creating PO using inbound Idoc. Basic Idoc Type: PORDC103 Function module: BAPI_PO_CREATE1 Extended POHEADER and EKKO with z field. I am using exit EXIT_SAPL2012_001 to populate Z fi

  • Inbound idoc values when updated from user exit not saved Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to process some user exits of an inbound idoc from WE19. The values get correctly populated to IDOC_DATA internal tables of IDOC_INPUT_ORDRSP function module in debug kode but when the new idoc is generated from WE19 , those segment values

  • How to create the INBOUND Function Module for INBOUND IDOCs Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, Can any Suggest me How to proceed to Create an INBOUND Function Module for Processing the INBOUND IDOCS which are recieved from XI Server ? I am working in SAP-ISU Here i will recieve the INBOUND IDOCs for the Meter Reading Orders. We hav

  • Error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3) while creating Sales orders from Inbound IDOCS Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am getting this Error message"error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3)" while creating Sales order from Inbound Idocs in the IDOC,which is affecting sales order creation. While viewing this Info structure S008

  • Error while posting the  Idoc 'Update error, transaction VA01' Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, When an inbound Idoc for sales order is trying  to post we  are  getting the  error 'Update error, transaction VA01'. Aslo following  are the  details of  the error: Update error, transaction VA01 Message no. 00377 Diagnosis An error occurr

  • Creating Delivery based on the Inbound IDOC received. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have a requirement where in, Outbound Delivery for Sales order is to be created based on the inbound IDOC received from a third party.  The standard idoc type DELIVERY03, requires the Delivery Number for updating the order but it cannot cre

  • Inbound idoc Updated:10-11

    Hi, here i am picking the file from APPS and also inbound IDOC creation. just anyone check my code and give some suggestions in the areas of impovemet technically. thanks report  znsd007. *tables : zih001, zid001.                                     

  • Urgent help required : Batch processing error of an inbound idoc Updated:10-11

    hi,    i have a problem while posting an idoc to the GL(FB01). i'm using an Inbound idoc message type : ACC_GL_POSTING idoc type : ACC_GL_POSTING01. Process code : BAPI. In the transaction code OBA7 i have enabled a particular document type as BATCH

  • Inbound idoc for orders05 to create sales order Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am creating a sales order through idoc (ORDERS05). I am getting a flat file, which is being converted into idoc from XI side and i need to add certain things and validate inside the function module IDOC_INPUT_OREDERS. I am using the exit ca

  • How to change field values AFTER Inbound IDOC Posted successfully Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Experts, In my project I receive the inbound IDOC PORDCR05 from PI and posted as an Purchase Order in ECC. I create the Z process code and Z function module (which is a copy version of IDOC_INPUT_PORDCR) and complete all the necessary configur

  • Message variant is missing in INBOUND IDOC. Updated:10-11

    hi, Any one can help on this issue? The sender has confirmed that message variant was filled in outgoing file. However, When we received this Inbound IDOC, the message variant is blank. I still am confused by two questions: 1. The function module whi

  • Delay in the Inbound Idoc Posting Process Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, We have an scenario in the Inbound Idoc Posting Process, when we process the Idocs through the standard Inbound Program - RBDAPP01, we face the delay of 3hrs to 12 hrs, approx. When we try to re-process the same through the manual proce

  • Inbound IDOC basic type HRMD_A07: Why no validation available? Updated:10-11

    I am using a standard inbound IDOC basic type HRMD_A07 to update employee master data (IT0000 & IT0001). However, i found out that this IDOC just directly updates to the infotypes without any validation. For example, i provide an invalid company code

  • Inbound IDoc(HRMD_A07) problem in delimiting the infotype records Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using Inbound IDoc (HRMD_A07) approach to update infotypes. I found that I am able to create a record in an infotype, but there is a problem in delimiting the infotype. Please help me out in case I am missing something. Thanks, ABAP_DEVH

  • Inbound IDOC Mass processing - No status message Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I am updating a database table using inbound IDOC. But in batch job when XI passes multiple IDOCS, for some IDOCs there is no status message even though i coded for status message. If i rerun IDOC in BD87 then it work fine. please help. r