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  • Premiere Pro crashes when i start it up. Help please :-) Updated:10-11

    Premiere Pro crashes when i start it up. Help please :-)Go to Adobe Premiere Pro CC error on start and answer all the questions I posted in reply #1Read other 2 answers

  • CC Premiere Pro crashes on start up with "Not Responding" Updated:10-11

    CC Premiere Pro crashes on start up with "Not Responding". Tried: 1. Reboot 2. Updating Graphics Drivers. 3. Removing Red Giant Plug-Ins from my current Adobe Common Folder. 4. Running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 5. Running as Admin All

  • Adobe premiere pro crashes on start up. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've been trying to open my premiere pro and i recently did the update, now everytime i try to open up a project, my premiere pro crashes. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!Hi jrm112233, Thanks for posting on Adobe forums. Please tell us What is OS you are usi

  • Das neue Premiere Pro crashed beim laden des Projekts von der vorigen Version Updated:10-11

    wie der Titel sagt.... why? soll ich jetzt angst haben den cloudupdater zu verwenden weil dann alles instable wird? why? warum hat vor dem letzten update alles funktioniert und jetzt stürzt premiere pro beim laden des projekts ab. was soll ich nun de

  • Premiere pro crashes on playback but works fine in safe mode Updated:10-11

    hey i installed premiere cs5 and updated with the latest update and when i playback footage the program crashes, i've tried safe mode and the program works fine & the video does wonderful and i can edit no problem, but of course there'e no sound so i

  • Premiere Pro crashes after quit - Mac OSX Lion Updated:10-11

    Greetings, Symptoms: I'm experiencing a consistent crash behavior after quiting Premiere Pro (ver 5.5.1 and 5.5.2). The complexity of the project doesn't seem to matter and once it crashes, i get the prompt indicating the app encountered a serious er

  • Adobe Premiere Pro crashes on video preview Updated:10-11

    Hello, I was recently working on a project and had Premiere Pro opened, then I had to update my video card drivers, because I had all sort of visual glitches in my games, occasionally when watching movies and the drivers were completely crashing ever

  • Premiere Pro Crashes on startup, how do I prevent this? Updated:10-11

    I tried updating the Graphic card, Premeire Pro and Updates on windows, but it still crashes on startup. I have a HP Pavilion DV7 64bit (Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHZ 2.50GHZ) 6.00 GB Ram Graphics Devices: Intel HD Graphics 4000, NVIDA GeForce G

  • Premiere Pro crashes on start Mac OS 10.9.5 Updated:10-11

    Hi there ! I'm doing video editing on a late 2009 mac with 2x2,26 Ghz Xeon System : 10.9.5 Was on CS6 and everything was fine. At some point, had to switch to CC in another studio... Thought it was not a problem as I am a CC suscriber anyway. But aft

  • Premiere Pro crashes every time I try to render how can I fix this? Updated:10-11

    Premiere Pro I'm pretty worried about this.  How can I fix this? It is also crashing when I try to apply a motion blur to a small clip.More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information -Premiere P

  • Premiere Pro Crashing on Start Up Updated:10-11

    I have installed Premiere Pro CC via the Adobe Creative Cloud. This is the second machine I have installed it on. Everytime I try to run the program I get the generic messages as follows: "Adobe Premiere Pro CC has stoppped working: A problem caused

  • Premiere Pro crashes at splash screen Updated:10-11

    Every time I try to open Premiere it immediately crashes, I'm just trying to test it out on the 30 day trial. Problem signature:   Problem Event Name: APPCRASH   Application Name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe   Application Version:   Application T