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import ai to muse makes in blurry

  • How do I import Edge into muse? Updated:10-11

    How do I import Edge into muse?Hi, Please refer to the following link Regards, AishRead other 2 answers

  • Can I create a site in Illustrator and then import it into Muse? Updated:11-30

    Can I create a site in Illustrator and then import it into Muse? If not, why not?No, you can't and it kinda defeats the purpose of Muse altogether. Thats like saying, "Can I use Muse to create vector graphics for designing logos?" Or, even simpl

  • Is there an easy way to create or import tables into muse Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to create a website that used tables for things like league tables and results, but I need an easy way of placing them into muse. I've had a go at creating tables in dreamweaver and importing the resulting html and i've created tables in I

  • I cannot import files into Muse. Updated:11-30

    I cannot import files into the library in Muse.Hello, What are you trying to import in library folder ? Are you getting any error ? Which version of muse are you using and the operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit ? Regards VivekRead other 2 answers

  • When importing photos from aperture photos are blurry Updated:11-30

    I have been making a video and up to now no problems. Then today i was working on it and when i started adding some more photos from aperture they were fuzzy and blurry. In aperture they are crisp and clear but the minute i put them in imovie they ar

  • Import HTML to muse. Muse site file missing, Get from host? Updated:11-30

    Muse file is missing but the site is hosted. Can I import or convert the sitefiles back to muse?If you have lost your -muse file and you have no backup, there is no way to restore the -muse file. It's just like you try to restore a Word document out

  • IMporting quicktime into FCE and getting Blurriness Updated:11-30

    Please point me in the right direction for this? All my .mov clips are blurry once imported. The few that weren't became so after they were rendered? Why is this? I mac   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  Hi Tom, I tried to post this as a separate question but it d

  • Import flash to muse project Updated:11-30

    hi all,can i import flash animations,or "fla",like mp3 players,animations, my muse project??Please refer to these :

  • Import photo in Muse CC. Updated:11-30

    Здравствуйте! Поэтому, когда я положил фотографий в программе Муза качество CC изображения ухудшается. В чем причина?Hello If you resize the images in Muse, the quality of the image may not be the same as before. For example, enlarging the photo may

  • 1080 video imported into a 720 timeline is blurry Updated:11-30

    I am using CS5 and I am trying to import 1080 video into a 720 timeline.  When the video is played it appears out of focus.  When it is not being played it is sharp.  What is going on here?  Am I missing some sort of a conversion step along the way?T

  • How to import a Google Map API Map in Adobe Muse Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm trying to import on Adobe Muse a Google Maps custom map that I have created with the API google maps... But I have problems with writing the HTML code... I tried to import that one for exemple:

  • Imported Screen Shots are Blurry Updated:10-11

    Hello FCP users, I am challenged and need some guidance. The projects that I create a little mini-movies/demos made up of mostly imported screen shots and some still photos -- never any video. My challenge is that I have a very clean screen shot to w

  • Imported PDFs look blurry Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm using Keynote 09 and when importing PDFs images they all look blurry, but the text and lines in the figure look OK. One way to avoid this problem is to convert the figures to PNGs... but then that does not solve the issue and it involves

  • Help! Photoshop edited jpg color distorts when imported into Muse Updated:11-30

    Okay, so I am trying to build a photography webpage (among others) and I edit most of my photos in photoshop. All photos that I edit in photoshop and save to jpg, look great when printed, uploaded to facebook, etc. however when I import them into Ado

  • Working in muse. Saving graphics to import. Updated:11-30

    Can you edit colors from vector art that is imported into adobe muse from illustrator? Thanks so much in advvance!Are you talking about editing the colors of .ai file right in Muse? If so, the answer is no at this time. You are really limited to only

  • Pourquoi les hyperliens réalisés dans Edge animate ne fonctionnent plus dans Muse, une fois le fichier Edge .oam importé dans Muse ? Updated:11-30

    Pourquoi les hyperliens réalisés dans Edge animate (action sur une image>clic>lien>url) ne fonctionnent plus dans Muse, une fois le fichier Edge .oam importé dans Muse ? (Dans Muse, l'animation se joue, mais les hyperliens réalisés dans Edge ne f

  • Bonjour, est-ce que je peux importer depuis muse un site entier créé avec autre logiciel ? Updated:11-30

    Bonjour, comment faire pour importer directement dans muse un site entier créé avec autre logiciel ? MerciHi Philsudouest, You will not be be able to import an existing site that was created outside of Muse. Muse can only read files that were created

  • Does Muse optimize the original file because my images in a slideshow resize after I have used the image more than once. Updated:10-11

    iif I import a photo into my website and make it a small size then when I create a slideshow and add that photo from my computer it comes in too small every time. It's as though Muze is optimizing the original photo and that is very frustrating. I ha

  • Why are pre-built graphics blurry on retina displays? Updated:11-30

    I have designed multiple vector infographics in Inkpad (iPad app) and imported them into Adobe Muse. The desktop version of graphics looks great. iPad version is blurry and pixelated. No matter how I export the grpahics (ie: .png, .jpeg, .gif) it is

  • Adobe Muse won't publish (Error uploading file) Updated:10-11

    After making simple animations using Adobe Edge Animate it seems as though none of the assets will publish with my site after importing them into Muse. In Edge animate I saved for "web animation" and published. Then I went to muse and hit "