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import ai to muse makes in blurry

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    How do I import Edge into muse?Hi, Please refer to the following link Regards, AishRead other 2 answers

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    I'm trying to create a website that used tables for things like league tables and results, but I need an easy way of placing them into muse. I've had a go at creating tables in dreamweaver and importing the resulting html and i've created tables in I

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    Hello, I'm trying to import on Adobe Muse a Google Maps custom map that I have created with the API google maps... But I have problems with writing the HTML code... I tried to import that one for exemple:

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    Hello FCP users, I am challenged and need some guidance. The projects that I create a little mini-movies/demos made up of mostly imported screen shots and some still photos -- never any video. My challenge is that I have a very clean screen shot to w

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    iif I import a photo into my website and make it a small size then when I create a slideshow and add that photo from my computer it comes in too small every time. It's as though Muze is optimizing the original photo and that is very frustrating. I ha

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    After making simple animations using Adobe Edge Animate it seems as though none of the assets will publish with my site after importing them into Muse. In Edge animate I saved for "web animation" and published. Then I went to muse and hit "