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  • Moving from Mac notebook/10.4.11/iMovie6 to Mac Pro/10.5.2/iMovie 08 Updated:10-11

    Hi. I'm sure information exists here about this but I've tried searching on "where files", ".mov", "imovie6 and iMovie 08", etc. and haven't quite found what I was looking for. I have an old Mac notebook on which I made exact

  • Help! How do I open an imovie6 "My Great Movie" file in imovie '09? Updated:10-11

    I copied the "My Great Movie" file from an OS10.4 mac (which has the imovie6) over to an OS10.6 Snow Leopard mac which has the imovie '09. It seemed to have created an entire My Great Movie folder now. There is now no longer just a single My Gre

  • How to instal iMovie6 in my new iMAC Updated:10-11

    What is the best way to install iMovie6 to my new iMac that is on it's way...I read so much about how no one likes the new iMovie8. So should I use firewire and transfer it or should I use the disc? The reason I ask is because I have so many plugins

  • Boosting audio tracks in imovie6 Updated:11-30

    i have a project (due on monday!) which i cut in imovie6 all is going well. the client approved the ruff cut on friday. during playback on their projection system i did notice that some of the audio levels need to be boosted. the problem is according

  • IPhoto 6.0 and IMovie6.0 no audio and audio effects Updated:11-30

    IPhoto I can't hear any audio in the slide show (Music from ITunes or Demo Songs Garage Band) for exampels or when i add the Music to a slide Show. IMovie In IMovie i can't hear after the import of a film from JVC over Fire Wire the audio and then is

  • Importing Photoshop picture files to IMovie6= PINK TINTED PICTURES? Updated:11-30

    Most of my old pictures were (scanned) imported from PhotoShop Elements3 as Photoshop Files. After importing they change to "pink-tint". I also know if I "save as" the files to JPEG format they're ok. I've only noticed this since IMovi

  • Themes/templates for photo slide show in iMovie6 Updated:11-30

    Hi: Wondering if anyone know how to use other themes created in the past (iMovie5). I am using iMovie6 and it comes with 5 themes. ThanksNo, you can't use the iDVD templates in iPhoto, but you can make a slideshow with iDVD or iMovie! Perhaps that wi

  • Can't install iMovie5 after installing iMovie6 and finding it doesn't work Updated:11-30

    Hello. I have Mac OS X 10.3.9 and it's a Power G4 computer. Okay, I installed iMovie6 on it and now I can't hear the sound for my movie (which was originally edited on a previous version of iMovie--iMovie3 perhaps? not sure). Anyway, my guess is that

  • Use an FCPHD movie in imovie6 Updated:11-30

    What is the best way to get an FCPHD movie into imovie6? I really need to use an iDVD6 template for my FCPHD movie. I guess another way to ask the question is, How can I import my FCPHD movie into iDVD6? ThanksI thought the expression was "don't mess

  • To buy iMovie6 or wait for iMovie 7 Updated:11-30

    I am using iMovie 4 and wondering if I should spend the money for iMovie6, wait for iMovie7 or just keep on using iMovie 4. Will iMovie7 require the new Leopard operating system?Willkommen Schevi zu den  boards... Golden Computer rule No.68: If You

  • Transfer from imovie6 to imovie8 Updated:11-30

    how can i transfer an open project from Imovie6 to Imovie8?how can i transfer an open project from Imovie6 to Imovie8? "Import iMovie HD Project" under the File menu. This does not, however retain transitions and such. You can, however, import t

  • Imovie6/itunes audio level question Updated:11-30

    i'm cutting a piece in imovie6. the audio attached to the video clip was recorded rather low, not too low, but a wee bit an the quiet side. i want to boost and level off the audio. on several boards the suggestion was to send the audio track via the

  • Themes in iMovie6 Updated:11-30

    when I place a photo in iMovie6 theme (white reflections), the photos are very, very small. I have tried psd and jpeg format, but neither helped. Is there a paticular format for dragging and dropping a photo into white reflections in order to make it

  • How to resolve HD issue in iMovie6 ? Updated:11-30

    I hope someone can clear my confusion and shed some light. *_CONFUSION 1_* I read some where in this forum that says whenever we import still jpeg pictures into iMovie6, the resolution will be scaled down because iMovie6 is a video format which has l

  • Using iMovie6 with projects on external FW400 and FW800 drives ...SLOW! Updated:11-30

    Shouldn't iMovie6 work smoothly with movie projects stored on external Firewire 400 or 800 hard-drives?____ ...or am I expecting too much?!! With the FW400 drive, the performance I'm experiencing is unacceptable. It's excruciatingly slow (even simply

  • Imovie6 & iDVD 6 still slow? Updated:11-30

    I just purchased iLife6 to install iphoto 6 which I see as a great improvement over iphoto5. I never intended to install either imovie6 or iDVD6 after reading about how much slower they worked, but after seeing a demo at the apple store I have to say

  • Video cameras compatibles with iMovie6 or FCP 5 ??? Updated:11-30

    Please: which is the link which gives the list of the video cameras compatible with iMovie6 and CPF 5 ??? thank you for the answer.Apple's original compatible camcorders page was never kept properly up-to-date, as Apple just couldn't test every singl

  • Will iMovie6 HD work with Lion Updated:11-30

    I refuse to use any other Apple movie program other than iMovie6 HD even though I have Final Cut Express. Since I am not going to use ver. 7 thru 9  I need to stay with an operation system that will run iMovie6. Has anyone tried it yet? HaroldI can't

  • Are iMovie6 and iDVD5 compatible? Updated:11-30

    I have iLife '05 running on a G4 with dual processor 450s. Bought iLife '06, but just read 2 things that give me pause. 1 - iDVD6 requires a 733 mhz processor. Might my dual 450s make up for the slower speed? Do I dare? 2 - My guess is no. Especially

  • Solutions to importing VHS and Hi8 video to iMovie6? Updated:10-11

    I would like to import into my G4 tower with OS10.5 my old VHS and Hi8 videos for editing in iMovie 06. I've tried creating a DVD first but iMovie doesn't recognize it from the internal DVD player or as a file. I tried shareware Rippers but not able