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imac g4 kernel panic

  • IMac 2013 Kernel Panics Crash Logs Updated:10-11

    Hey, I have a 2013 27" iMac pretty much maxed out (512GB SSD instead of the 1TB). After purchasing the machine I installed some Kingston HyperX pnp RAM (32GB) and started getting Kernel panics. I had a chat with the Apple Support folk who advised me

  • Late 2009 imac- Mavericks, Kernel Panics- checkerboard screen- only works in Safe Mode now. Updated:10-11

    Need help with Late 2009 imac- had HD and video card replaced under Apple Care last year. Upgraded to Mavericks and it froze up while on Yahoo looking at a slide show. Screen pixelated with checkerboard patterns and then eventually locks-up. Only way

  • IMac G5 kernel panic- firmware reset/reinstall? Updated:10-11

    I have an iMac G5 Power PC (1.8 GHz) running 10.5 (most recent update).  Within the last 30 days, the following occurred: 1) the power supply unit went bad (again), and there were several instances of crashing (with fans running at full blast) for ex

  • Imac having kernel panics Updated:10-11

    hey i have an imac 27' i7 and keep getting kernel panic crashes. there is no set time it will crash, just that a dark screen comes over the monitor and says I need to restart by turning the power off. below is the latest crash report. any ideas would

  • 24" iMac repeatedly kernel panics when idle Updated:10-11

    I have recently been struck by repeated kernel panics on my 24" iMac. Until a few days ago, this happened when I woke it from sleep. Running Applejack showed up a corrupt Kensington MouseWorks pref file and removing that seems to have solved that pro

  • IMac G3 Kernel Panic - You need to restart your computer - HELP Updated:11-30

    I have an iMac G3 400Mhz slot-loading with 256MB 13GB running Mac OS 10.3.3. It was all along running Ok until I tried to do an OS updating recently. After update done, re-boot and I got this cyclic message "You need to restart your computer". T

  • Brand New iMac i7 Kernel Panics Updated:11-30

    Hi i just ordered an iMac on Feb 9 and it arrived on Feb 22. In the first 3 hours of use i got a kernel panic. So i just thought that it was my fault and i ignored it, but in 3 days i got 5 kernel panics so i reinstalled Mac OSX. It was fine for 24 h

  • Imac G4 kernel panics!! Updated:11-30

    This is unresolved from another post, However i have updated info. I upgraded my 20" imac g4 1.25ghz..... -new battery -new seagate barracuda 320gb (Cable select) -new pioneer dvr-112 (Cable select) -new samsung 1gb dimm -new samsung (apple) 512mb So

  • IMac Randomly Kernel Panics Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I posted this in the iMac forum but no one seems to know what to do. I have the original Core Duo intel iMac and it has just started acting up. It Kernel panics randomly. It can be while working in Aperture, just importing pictures in Aper

  • Brand new imac 5k kernel panic Updated:11-30

    Hi - i've just got a new 5k iMac and i'm getting Kernel panics at least once a day.  Here's the latest one, if anyone can point me in the direction of what to do/check I'd be very grateful. So far I have run apple diagnostics and it says everything i

  • Clean installed iMac has kernel panic's Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a 2011 iMac with 16GB Kingston Memory installed. I have no USB devices connected. Only a keyboard and a ethernet cable. I keep on having kernel panic's with this iMac. An employee at a Apple Premium Reseller shop adviced me to do a clean i

  • My imac crashed - 'kernel panic' indicated in sys log Updated:11-30

    Hi all, My 2009 iMac just crashed - pretty much for the first time since I bought it in May 2009. This has me really worried -- because the last time that a Mac crashed on me (a G4 MacPro several years ago) it was because the hard drive (and maybe th

  • IMac/Tiger kernel panic and incorrect block count Updated:11-30

    Hi, First time here, and I am not super computer-savvy, so please bear with me as I stumble through this. I have an iMac running 10.4.11. The other day, my screen suddenly showed a message telling me I had to immediately restart my computer. (I have

  • IMac 2012 Kernel Panic w/ Error Report Updated:11-30

    I have a 2012 iMac. At least 3-4 times a week, for months, my iMac restarts itself in the middle of the night. Strangely, I've only noticed it once I get up in the morning. After much searching, I learnt that it's a kernel panic. I'm really confused

  • IMac 5K Kernel panic Updated:11-30

    Hey, I received a new iMac 5K today but have run into some oddities, when doing the initial setup it locked at the iCloud keychain step and beach balled forever, I forced a restart and ended up having to create a new account and skip the keychain unt

  • IMac G4 Kernel Panic Updated:11-30

    I recently set up a PPC iMac G4, 800 MHz. I pulled out the user-accessible 256 RAM that came with the machine and replaced it with this 512 stick from OWC. I had been using that stick in another machine for about a year without issue. I erased the HD

  • IMac G3 kernel panic. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just bought a apple iMac G3 for a few euro, but there is no os on it. Now did i insert a os 9 install disc in which ive downloaded from the apple site, but then in only get a small image from a classic mac with a face. If i insert a os x 10.3 i

  • IMac G5 Kernel Panic Updated:11-30

    I've been intermittently dropping my internet connection on my 20" iMac G5 2G (bought in September 2005 before iSight models). Restarting after the drop results in kernel panic. The panic used to resolve itself after a few tries, but now it seems per

  • IMac has kernel panic in sleep mode Updated:11-30

    Hi, Since I upgraded my Mac to Mountain Lion I've had a rather annoying problem. Whenever I put it into sleep mode, after a while it will show the kernel panic screen and reboot. After that, the Mac reboots and works like a charm again. When I put it

  • IMac will kernel panic everytime Updated:11-30

    After a 15 hr. Time Machine restore my Mac will kernel panic, even while trying to boot in safe mode. Using system disc I used disk utility to try and help, then I rebuilt with Disk Warrior but it still panics. I'm using target disk mode to backup al