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  • Issue with Analysis Office Add in Updated:10-11

    Hi, User are having an issue with Analysis Office and giving the error. From Analysis Office-> Open workbook->after Login to AO using BW connection After opened the report ->when refresh the report, getting the error "An Exception occurred i

  • Analysis Office vs Webi report ---Bex query Data mismatch Updated:10-11

    I have one Bex query. I insterted the query in Analysis office for Microsoft edition, and its pulling 985 records, but when i inserted the bex query in Webi report its pulling only 27 records. Any body faced similar problem, explain the solution..? U

  • Reg: If changes done in SAP BO Analysis office, then Changes can be done in SAP BW in respective targets. But, is it possible to do the same changes in SAP ECC? How? Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone, If any changes are done in SAP BO Analysis office, then the change can be done in the SAP BW in the respective Targets. But how can we do the changes in the SAP ECC ? Is it possible to do the changes in the tables ? Any answer is appr

  • Reg: Provide the best possible Scenarios regarding Planning feature of Analysis office as given below Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I am able to save the data back to the target from analysis workbooks using the Planning feature of the tool. Please, can anyone Provide the best possible Scenarios regarding Planning feature of Analysis office. Any answer is apprecia

  • BW Workspace in Analysis Office Updated:11-30

    Hello fellows, I am evaluating the workspace function for Analysis Office. AO Client is on version I have already a BW Workspace defined and tested successfully the upload of a Local Provider and combination of a Local Provider with the C

  • Integrated Planning data entry via Analysis Office 1.4 SP7 Updated:11-30

    Hi folks I am following your blogs on Analysis office and have a simple question We run at customer site analysis 1.4 SP7 I try to use it with a SAP BW IP query In Bex and web my query works fine.. Data can be entered and changed Opening the query as

  • Is it possible to group the dimensions and measures into respective folders in SAP BO Analysis office - excel? Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, We can group the similar dimensions or measures into folders in Universe which can be further consumed in other BO reporting tools. Is it possible to do the same while connecting AO with HANA? I want to group similar dimensions and measures

  • BO Advanced Analysis - Office Edition  / Switch off key suppression Updated:11-30

    When connecting directly to a DSO/cube. Where it the option to switch off the repeated key value suppression? Thanks for all replies in advance, AxelWell.... I don't want to hide the values. It is the other way around .... the values should be on all

  • Currency Translation in BO 4.0 Analysis Edition Office 1.1 Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are using Analysis Edition Office 1.1 for reporting and SAP BW system as source. After I create the report, I would like to change the currency for USD instead of report currency which is CAD. We have an option of Currency Translation availabl

  • BOBJ Advanced Analysis for Office patch SP10 Updated:10-11

    I imported the analysis product into my existing SAP Installation Server.  When I import patch 5 or patch 8, no problem.  But when I import patch 10 and then check server, it says I'm missing 12 files.  If I try to install to a workstation I see the

  • Analysis for Office - Security Updated:11-30

    Hello, Our Basis team has deployed 'Analysis for Office' in our BO 4.1 system. However, I am unable to see this Application in CMC in teh List of all Applications.. I need to configure Secuity for thsi Applciation. How do we do that if the applicaito

  • Creating a dynamic operator in Office analysis Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Is it possible to bring operators(=; =>;<= etc) in Analysis report (not referring to variants in Query Designer)? I often come across requirements where the user would want a operator on Date field or sales numbers etc. these are often te

  • Advanced Analysis MS Office: Not able to authenticate Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am using BO 4.0 Analysis, Edition MS Office for reporting. We have version 1.1 installed on the client machine. When I try to launch Analysis Excel on my system, it brings up the BOBJ authentication screen. Even after giving all the details

  • Filter in Analysis for Office Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have an Analysis workbook with a couple of crosstabs and a lot of graphs. For those I'm using filter components. When the workbook was saved the display setting (in the BEX query) of the filters (dimensions) were Key + Text. Now the users wa

  • Filter disabled in Analysis for Office (Powerpoint) Updated:11-30

    I want to be able to filter my chart in PowerPoint that I inserted from Excel. In Excel I filtered the chart using a Filter item on the sheet, then I created a slide to send the chart to PP. In PowerPoint the Filter option is disabled! What are the c

  • YTD calculation from BEx is not working in Advance Analysis for OLAP/OR Office Updated:11-30

    I have AA for OLAP based on BEx. There are YTD calculation in BEx Designer: User enters Period in variable, and in user exits, the Period Range is populated as "1 ~ UserEnteredValue" in second variable. In BEx, YTD is calculated based on the Res

  • Average in Results row in calculation properties for Bex Key figure does not work in Analysis for Office 1.4.7 Updated:11-30

    We are moving from Bex 3.5 to Bex 7.0 and using Analysis for Office 1.4.7 We have queries that do an average for the results rows of dynamic calculations and the queries will not open in Analysis for Office 1.4.7 (example is below) We get an error me

  • Analysis for Office: Overlapping Crosstab Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I have a strong requirement to display several Crosstabs in the same sheet of an Analysis report. The only problem I have is that the number of rows of each table is not fixed. I could manage it inserting 10 rows between each crosstab but i

  • Advance Analysis Workbook Error ID-111006 on Refresh Updated:11-30

    We're currently on version I've created the advanced analysis office workbook using BOBJ connection and stored it on my PC. Next time when I open the workbook from PC and try to refresh it, it asks for BOBJ credential and then executes an

  • Scheduling issue with Analysis for Excel Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to schedule a workbook in Analysis for  Excel from CMC. The schedule always fails when I uncheck the APPLY DEFAULT FORMATS in the components tab of the Display Analysis. The schedule works fine if this box is checked. Has anyone come