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i cant update my nokia n97 via wifi

  • I have updated my nokia n97 to v2 Updated:11-30

    i have updated my nokia n97 to v2 and i am missing sum of the new feature. when i bought this phone i had low free memory on the phone. by  updating the phone i thought it will give me more free memory but  it doesnt. it give me the same free memory

  • Software Update for Nokia N97 Mini Updated:11-30

    Hello,  I'm curious when will there be a new software update for Nokia N97 mini. The latest update was on June or July last year v30.0.004  Would be cool to update it, don't you agree? Almost a year now....adrianhughes wrote: Hi Abhishek23, As the N9

  • People who cannot update their Nokia n97 to firmwa... Updated:11-30

    People who cannot update their Nokia n97 to firmware v21.0.045 please post your comments here, provide your product code and whether  your phone is unbranded or not. Nokia has stated that the new firmware (v21.0.045) will be available at 08:00 GMT fo

  • New games update for nokia n97.. Updated:11-30

    i want new games for my n97!!!! and it can be only available during the latest update!!!!Huh? What new games? What update? What firmware are you on anyway? If you find my post helpful please click the green star on the left under the avatar. Thanks.R

  • Nokia n97 maps wifi? Updated:11-30

    hi, i need help configuring the phone to connect via WIFI for maps, and not use the AT&T network. Can anyone help? Thanks Hi s60mjk23 Bear in mind that there are two processes at work, firstly the Assisted GPS feature accessed through "Positionin

  • Cannot install firmware update on Nokia N97 Mini Updated:11-30

    I cannot install the recent firmware update on my mobile. Everytime I start the update, nothing happens.No error or hang. To add to this - mail for exchange is not synchronizing emails. If you select "Synchronize email" option, nothing happens.

  • Nokias N97 new Meomory Management update as a Chri... Updated:10-11

    Hi all, just downloaded today the meomory management update for Nokia N97. After installing it increased the phone memory by 2MB and then automatically uninstalled itself. Think some of cache folders are relocated to mass memory card. in addition to

  • Nokia n97 update Updated:11-30

    Hello, do you know if is there any update for nokia n97? Or had us written off nokia?This question has been asked and answered many times before. The chances of the original N97 seeing another update are pretty much slim to none. It's been ignored mo

  • Problem updating Nokia N97 firmware over the arir ... Updated:10-11

    OK here goes, I'm having some real problems updating the firmware on my white nokia N97 I recently bought it of the web as a 12 month contract onto t-mobile (not there website though) in th uk After noticing some problems i googled and noticed a firm

  • Nokia N97 software update V20 Updated:10-11

    All Those out there Running  V12 on the unlocked Vodaphone N97. That are now on  02  V20 is now ready for download on the Nokia updater Suite Or Ovi Suite In the UK Ps don't forget to backup all the stuff on your N97 first on Nokia suite. The update

  • Nokia N97 -- Unable to connect to Wifi? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Ever since I got my Nokia N97 (Software vers: 12.1.024), I have been unable to connect it to Wifi. Under connectivity, it only gives me the option to add a 'packet data' access point, nothing else. Any reason why/way to remedy this? It also is un

  • When is Nokia N97 mini getting an software update? Updated:11-30

    Does anyone have an idea when is the Nokia N97 mini getiing a software update after 11.0.045?nokia dont give dates for releasing firmware you will just have to keep checking and remember updates depend on region/product code and network,ie network ha

  • Nokia N97 updates Updated:11-30

    Hello I still can't update my phone to  V12.0.026 Nokia N97 (RM-505)software version V11.0.021 Phone code : 0585262 Operator : Vodafone UKmatto73 wrote: If your phone is a Branded Vodafone N97 you will have to wait till Vodafone approve it. Its the s

  • Nokia N97 Updated with v12 firmware but...... Updated:11-30

    where are the new apps also how do i get to see album artwork when scrolling? do i have to enable it somewhere? HELP...PleaseThe things you looking for are part of FW V2.0 not V12.  V12 was released to fix a few stability issues check changelog here

  • Nokia N97 mini firmware Updated:10-11

    First of all I would like to excuse me for my bad English as I am from Latvia! Recently I have bought a new Nokia N97 mini. I have backed up everything and written down all the name of software that I afterwards uninstalled as I thought that it would

  • Nokia N97, can someone help me please Updated:10-11

    Okay i've had my Nokia n97 for more than 6months now and its been working great except lately my facebook app wasn't working and i had to update it, so last night i backed up my files on my mobile and i connected it to the pc and updated it with the

  • Help!i bought a Nokia N97 over the internet and ev... Updated:11-30

    Hi! Im hoping someone can help! I bought a nokia n97 over the internet and unused one, when i got it it was aparent it was bought in asia, as it had a two pin plug and said on the box! i am able to send/recieve texts and calls but evrything

  • No firmware upgrade for my Nokia N97 PC 0586701 Updated:11-30

    Yes!!! ...and another thread. I also bought my device from amazon, not branded and for much money. And Yes!!! I'm also waiting for the upgrade. On the one hand Nokia 's Informatin is: "Neuestes Software-Release für Nokia N97 ist 20.0.019" (and t

  • Updating with nokia suite Updated:11-30

    hi there, my wife and i both have the same model phone ( nokia n8-00 ) i have nokia suite on my computer and my phone syncs with it and i updated to nokia belle no problems. my question is, is it possible to connect my wifes n8-00 to the same nokia s

  • Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 released Updated:11-30

    Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 released This software release includes significant improvements in the software stability, especially email, imaging, USB detection, widget stability and display transitions. To enable you to get the most out of y