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i am not able to print pdf file citrix

  • My printer starts out printing PDF files in english and switches to random characters​. Updated:10-11

    Hp officejet 6310 ALl in one printer.  WHen printing PDF files, the part or all of the first page prints out in english and the balance is random characters.  What is going wrong.The troubleshooting steps here may help resolve the issue. Bob Headrick

  • Print PDF file from folder using SSIS Updated:10-11

    Is there a way in SSIS to print pdf file from folder? ANy help much appreciated.One method is calling Adobe Acrobat Reader exe from Execute Process Task within SSIS passing the document path as the argument The command and arguments will look like th

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro failed to print pdf file Updated:10-11

    I downloaded adobe acrobat pro and started the 30 trial version just a few minutes ago. I could open files through adobe acrobat and convert word files to pdf, but when i tried converting a publisher file it could not go through. An error popped up w

  • Orarrp can't print pdf file directly to printer Updated:10-11

    oracle remote print utility (orarrp) can't print pdf file directly to printer. we expect orarrp utility can handle ".rrpa" file (i.e. pdf file generated on the application server) by directly print the file to the client's printer, i.e. invoke t

  • How to directly print PDF file(which is stored in SAP) in ABAP report? Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I searched SDN for printing PDF file but everything is about OTF to PDF and to use fm: CONVERT_OTF which is not the solution for my problem. I have to build ABAP report which will take the PDF file attached to SAP document (CV02N) and pri

  • How to print PDF file from java application? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a java application that needs to print an PDF files. Could any one provide me links to tutorial/sample codes for doing this?

  • How to print pdf file to my Designjet 500+HPGL2 (C7769B) Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have HP Designjet 500+GL2 plotter in the office, used to print A1 & A3 drawings. Last time someone from HP install HP eprint & share to my computer for me to print PDF files to the plotter. But my CPU brokedown, so now I'm using a new PC. B

  • How to print PDF file with hp-ux 11.31 on itanium Updated:10-11

    We finished upgrade from 11.5.7 to 12.1.1. With 11.5.7 ( pa-risc hp-ux 11.23 ) we print our pdf file in using acroread to convert them in postscript and print them to printer. In our 12.1.1 environment ( itanium hp-ux 11.31 ) ; acroread is not availa

  • How to  print pdf file by using java print API ? I am trying with this code Updated:10-11

    import; import; import javax.print.Doc; import javax.print.DocFlavor; import javax.print.DocPrintJob; import javax.print.PrintException; import javax.print.PrintService; import javax.print.PrintServiceLooku

  • How to print PDF file content from ABAP in background? Updated:10-11

    Hi, Is it possible to print PDF file content from ABAP in background? I have some PDF content which I need to print it, these PDF files are generated outside the SAP. Please have you any suggestions? Thank you Tomas<b><u>Solution:</u><

  • I can no longer print PDF files that were scanned with the very same MX479 on Windows XP, SP3 Updated:10-11

    I can no longer print PDF files that were scanned with the very same MX479 All-in-One. I have an (obsolete) Windows XP, SP3 computer.  Obviously, no updates from Microsoft have occurred that might have impacted my Canon Pixma MX479. When I attempt to

  • Adobe reader 11.0.5 - cannot print pdf file to network printer Updated:10-11

    I have a 64 bit HP Pavilion a6230n PC running Windows 7, fully updated. I have wireless connection to a home file/printer server. My printer, a Brother HL-5140, is connected via USB to the file/printer server. All my other Windows programs capable of

  • Adobe Reader v 11.0.10 cannot print PDF files Updated:10-11

    Hello, My Adobe Reader v11.0.10 running on Windows 8 Pro with Media Center cannot print anymore. I used to be able to print from Adobe Reader before. I still can print to all printers using other applications – Word, Excel, Notepad. I can print a tes

  • Can no longer print PDF files on C310. Updated:10-11

    Morning, have a HP C310.  Used to work fine...  Frustratingly it no longer prints PDF files. I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled it. Updated drivers. Tried the print as an image. Prints other documents fine. When I try and print a PDF file it

  • Why can't I print PDF files from my iPad or smart phone. Just started this recently. Updated:10-11

    Not able to print PDF files from either my iPad or smart phoneYou probably don't have a printer which supports AirPrint: What Printers Are AirPrint Compatible? - iPhone / iPod - If your printer is not supported, you can buy a utility like P

  • I can no longer print pdf files Updated:10-11

    When I select a PDF file to print First "Print to File" pops-up Next "output file name" box opens This all changed when I downloaded 8.1.2 . First all of 8.0 was not removed. I did that. I uninstalled 8.1.2 more than once. I even chang

  • Windows Service no longer able to print PDF files using Adobe Reader Updated:10-11

    We have a Windows Service that watches a folder for PDF files to be deposited.  Once awakened, it executes the Adobe Reader in command line mode to print the PDF files to secure check printers. The Windows Service was working fine with but

  • HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Color Multifunction Won't Print PDF Files Updated:10-11

    I recently encountered a problem where my HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Color Multifunction would not print PDF files.  I tried printing from Preview, Adobe Reader, Word and PDF Pen Pro and the document would not print.  But the printer had no problem pr

  • Unable to print PDF files to HP Colour Laser Printer Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I am having a problem with printing PDF files to a network printer. The printer was purchased recently and is a HP Colour LaserJet CP3525n all in one, printer/photocopier etc. Other documents such as Word documents work, so I don't think its

  • Unable to print PDF file in HP deskjet printer ink advantage 1515 Updated:10-11

    Hi , currently i have difficulty in using my printer(HP deskjet  printer ink advantage 1515 ) to print PDF file, but Microsof word and powerpoint is ok,, so , any idea?You are welcome! I have a few more suggestions for you to try that might help. You