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  • Hyperlink in Se61 text Updated:10-11

    Hi All, The requirement is to add a hyperlink in se61 email text and this text is added in config to send the emails. How do i add a hyperlink in the se61 editor..tried <a href= "">Text</a> but it gives a syntax error for </a>.

  • Rep gen toolkit excel hyperlinks length Updated:11-30

    I am using report generation toolkit and creating hyperlinks from a cell in summary file to a a cell in a raw data file.  The problem is the hyperlink is limited in the number of characters it can have. Any ideas of a workaround?  I could move my raw

  • Hyperlink to another report - follow up Updated:10-11

    To: the Oracle Reports team Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion of using a lexical parameter as follows: &<gp_id> in my hyperlink. When I ran it from ReportBuilder, generating to file, HTMLCSS, it worked correctly. I look at the html

  • How do I add a dynamic hyperlink to an image in a CRM mail Merge? Updated:10-11

    We have a mail merge template that is being used by a number of our sales reps.  The sales reps each have a unique URL they use to send out to potential customers.  Their unique URL is saved on their User record in MSCRM.  We want to send out marketi

  • How to create hyperlinked text in F1 help of a particular Data Element. Updated:10-11

    Dear Guru I have encountered an issuse regarding to create hyperlinked text in F1 help of a particular Data Element. For Example what i am trying to do is --- If you open a particular data element say "ATNAM" in se11 you will found the below doc

  • Create hyperlink in a General Text Object Updated:10-11

    Hi, using transaction SE61 I want to create a hyperlink to an external site in General Text Object BBP_PRIV_STMNT_EXTERNAL.  The objective is to hav this link showing instead of the confidentiality agreement in the self-registration page. Anyone kwow

  • Maintaining a hyperlink bookmark to another document Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a word document that contains hyperlinks to a bookmarked location in a different word document (2007).  The hyperlinked bookmark works great when in word.  Opens up the 2nd document and goes straight to the bookmarked location.  Once I

  • Unable to pass parameter from a hyperlink in drill down report Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have created a drill down report. Master report has a column with hyperlink with url to call detail report. "http://webserver/dev60cgi/RWCGI60.EXE?item+the_prodid=200376" when i see the detail report i get the value of the_prodid parameter

  • Ampersands in hyperlink Updated:11-30

    Hi there, In our architecture, we have developed a perl script to authenticate user before allowing a report to be generated. Thus, all hyperlinks in a report X that would produce another report Y must point to the perl script, passing the name of th

  • Hyperlink in BSP Page Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Can you tell me the procedure to put a hyperlink in LSO_PREBOOK_WHAT_IS_IT300 i want to edit standard text in se61. Document Class: General text Language: Any language Our business req is to change the standard text in Prebooking Screen. I ha

  • GRC 10 hyperlink notification setup Updated:11-30

    Hi, We want to setup notification email and it should have hyperlink by saying Click Here once we have clicked on that,it has to open respective NWBC approval page. Instead of maintaining complete link in SE61 notification,we want to create hyperlink

  • REP-56048: Engine rwEng-0 crashed Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I am facing a strange phenomina. When ever i am running my report first time it gives me the following error REP-56048: Engine rwEng-0 crashed but when i run the same report second time its running perfactly fine. Again if i run it third

  • Adding a hyperlink in Webdynpro ESS box Updated:11-30

    Hi Group, I need to add hyperlink to a box displayed in ESS side. The webdynpro application I am looking into is HRESS_A_PER_US_ONLINE_W2. In the election tab, I need to add a hyperlink inside 'Additional Information' box. I tried to create a GENERAL

  • Pass a parameter through hyperlink Updated:11-30

    I have two reports (A and B)with .pdf format. (no problem with individual) A report:employee names are listed by department. Here is employee_ID field B report:show all information by parameter emplyee_ID I want to do; If I click employee_id(007) in

  • Excel & Hyperlinking with Sharepoint Updated:10-11

    I have a tracking document in Excel that has each entry linked to another place on Sharepoint to locate files and intranet articles. There are no formulas or other complex entries....just text and hyperlinks. If I open the Excel file in Sharepoint an

  • A problem with hyperlinks in my Interactive PDF on smartphones... Updated:10-11

    I hope someone can help...  I exported both an interactive and for print PDF from inDesign.  When I view the PDFs on my pc the hyperlinks that I've made in the document work perfectly fine.  When I view the PDFs on my smartphone, the hyperlinks don't

  • Report navigation after creating hyperlink Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using Webi rich clinet XI R3.1. I have one main report with six dashboards and associated detailed reports. I created hyperlink for each of the dashboard and linked to detailed report in infoview. If i need to see main report i've to close t

  • Invoices Payables Open Interface Import Error REP-1419: 'beforereport': PL/ Updated:10-11

    I am having the following error when I try to import the invoces from the interface tables. I've search for the problem but and tried various solutions but they did not solve the problem or did not apply. Can someone help?? APXIIMPT module: Payables

  • Hyperlink and Report Parameters Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a webi report which has drill filters. I have a drill filter on Month_Name_And_Year column. When I select the drill filter it gives me the report for that particular month_year. In the webi I also have a hyperlink to a nre report which is

  • Open hyperlinks from database Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a table in database that has files uploaded from front-end like XLS, DOC, PDF,TXt etc. I need to create a report that shows the filename as hyperlink and when user clicks the link, it should open the attachment in Excel if .XLS, Adobe if .