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hsrp secondary ip 意味

  • HSRP secondary always responding in VPC. Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a scenario where the secondary HSRP router is always responding as the gateway for devices on that VLAN that is part of a VPC. The device is attached to a dual homed Fex2K. The device itself is just a PC that is pinging and tracerouting off

  • HSRP Secondary address Updated:11-30

    Hello, Just a question about HSRP best practices: I have two routers running HSRP on different IP segments using secondary IP addresses, with the following configuration: ROUTER 1: interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address seconda

  • VLAN With secondary IP address and it's HSRP configuration. Updated:11-30

    Switch-1 interface Vlan200 ip address 10.X.X.1 secondary ip address 192.X.X.1 standby 200 ip 192.X.X.7 standby 200 priority 110 standby 200 preempt standby 66 ip 10.X.X.7 standby 66 priority 95 standby 66 preempt Switch-2

  • HSRP with secondary addresses? Updated:11-30

    Hi Is it possible to run HSRP on a router interface with multiple IP-addresses using secondary addresses? Regards JimmyJimmy Indeed it is quite possible to run HSRP on a router interface with secondary addresses. The configuration of the standby addr

  • Link outage in Etherchannel causes interface down and failover Secondary Faild Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have configured port-channel Firewall ASA5515-X and  stacking switch WS-3750X. Also firewall configured as failover mode. Problem is that my active firewall connected switch port show green and working but standby firewall connected switch port

  • Best practice for High availability design, HSRP Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am planning to create High Availability for LAN to WAN connectivity. But I want to know your opinion about the best way how to do this. I googled for a solution/best way how to do this, but I didn't found in my opinion right answer. The situati

  • Is it recommended to use HSRP or multiple default between Core Layer Switch and Customer Edge Router? Updated:10-11

    My client is asking me for following Client is using Router as edge device. 2  WAN links from different service provider ( each 20 Mbps)  are getting terminated on the router. There are internal servers present in the network. Client want to make set

  • Hsrp problem....hsrp address not responding Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm hoping I can get some opinions on this. I have 2 7200 routers with 2 gig interfaces each. Each gig interface is connected to 2 stacked 3750 switches. I have sub interfaces configured on both the gig interfaces so they are essentially dot1q to

  • IOS-XRv and HSRP: Supported? Updated:11-30

    Hey gang - I'm building a virtual lab within a KVM hypervisor, and it includes 2 XRv images tied together across a VM switch image (Arista vEOS, but that's unimportant).  The L2 connectivity is clearly there between the two routers: RP/0/0/CPU0:r2#sh

  • Unable to access the secondary WISM from the diffrent VLAN Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have got 2 WISM,We are able to access the primary WISM from the diffrent VLAN through GUI mode,But we are not able to access the secondary WISM from diffrent VLAN through GUI mode.We are able to access the secondary WISM from WISM management V

  • Does CISCO C3560X VLAN support multiple Network segments which are further configured with HSRP function Updated:11-30

    Hi Cisco experts,     My name is Kumagai and I need your expert opinions below. I am trying to configure one VLAN1 support multiple network segments as below. (this should be a very straight forward configuration and should be OK, I think ? )  interf

  • EBGP design with HSRP Updated:11-30

    We are investigating to enhance our datacenter availability and would request an AS from our RIR (RIPE) with PI address space. At the moment we have internet access in one facility in Brussels but are expanding to another facility in the Netherlands

  • Next hop Priority of HSRP Updated:11-30

    I have a question about HSRP porotocol I had setup a HSRP for Gateway Redundancy and BO_GW1 is the default active router. The route goes to OUTSIDE Router is from BO_GW1 in the normal state. But sometimes the route from outside come back to the inter

  • BGP + HSRP Active Passive failover solution Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I would like to know how to configure an Active Passive failover solution using BGP + HSRP(with ip sla to track line up/down) in 2x Cisco CPE.  For example the IP assignment as below: Primary Router:- WAN IP:; GW:

  • HSRP and Failover in a Setup Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need a create a setup with complete HA availability from Core Switch , Firewall and Router. I had 2-Cisco 3560 Switch , 2 - Cisco ASA 5520 Fw and 2 - Cisco 2921 router. Let me explain how the devices are connected. Created HSRP between the

  • Nexus 7000 with VPC and HSRP Configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I would like to know how to implement HSRP with the following setup: There are 2 Nexus 7000 connected with VPC Peer link. Each of the Nexus 7000 has a FEX attached to it. The server has two connections going to the FEX on each Nexus 7k (VPC)

  • 6500 HIGH CPU, Standby HSRP state changes continuously Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are using two  6500 User distribution connected with port channel also WLC is connected on Dist-2 now, these two 6500 are connected with backend core 7609 running ospf in between.  Spanning-tree root and Standby Active on Dist-1 Suddenly w

  • HSRP Bad Authentication Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm having the following message almost continously: %STANDBY-3-BADAUTH: Bad authentication from, remote state Init I have double checked the config and there's no authentication configured in neither of the switches of this HSRP gr

  • CAS Cluster Secondary cannot reach gateway Updated:11-30

    I've got CAS applianaces I just upgraded to 4.6.1; issue was also present in 4.3.1. The CAS are configured in a L2 OOB configuration, with a management vlan. The management gateway is made up of 3 routers running hsrp. The primary, non-service IP is

  • WLC 4404 /w HSRP Updated:11-30

    hi, Hoping if someone has done a similar implementation. If so, pls do advice. We have two catalyst 6506 running HSRP serving our backbone switching. Hence, i'm wondering the best practice to apply when introducing a 4404 controller. Given it's a 4 p