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  • HSBC bank log in no longer works with internet explorer 5.2 HELP! Updated:10-11

    I am currently using IE 5.2. It has always worked with HSBC bank internet banking -- now since they have upgraded the site for some reason I can't get to the log in page. Any suggestions? Based on previous forum threads, upgrading to Safari 2.1 (the

  • Oracle XML to HSBC XML mapping for R12 AP Check Printing Updated:10-11

    Hi, Our environment is Oracle APPS R12. We need to send an electronic payment information to HSBC bank.  So this will be generated 'like' a check from the payments process, but for payment types of WIRE, ACH, etc...and the output is an XML file in a

  • Payment Files - Irish Stdrd 18 for HSBC - 'Hub' account Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm working on config to enable us to send payment files to HSBC Net in the Irish standard 18 format. HSBC have a requirement to transmit to them only a 6 digit account number; referred to as their HUB account number. I have created a house ba

  • Firefox Safari Broken by 10.5.6? HSBC Facebook + Others not working! Updated:10-11

    Hi All, This is driving me mad. And I've tried everything I can think of to resolve it. Facebook, hsbc, warehouseexpress and a few other sites that I can't remember at the moment aren't functioning properly on my computer: PPC G5, 10.5.6. My default

  • Fuctional Specification for Incoming HSBC fIle Updated:11-30

    Hello Every one, I have one l Requirement for me , When we make payment to vendor through F110 ,after that we run one program we got out going file to HSBC bank it was completed it runs succes fully it generate the out going file ,now my requirement

  • HSBC: APP: Output foramt Updated:11-30

    Hi this hsbc out put format given by hsbc bank people: i cann't understand this output format... anybody making payment through hsbc in india could you explain  me ?? IFH<HD>,IFILE<HD>,CSV<HD>,ABC65385001<HSBC Connect ID>,INHBAPGIN

  • Implement HSBC connect through XML MESSAGE Updated:11-30

    Hi all, We are planning to implement HSBC connect through "HSBC ISO 20022 XML MESSAGE" to send payment file from SAP to HSBC connect for Asia and Middle East region. Can someone please guide me to develop payment file generation program in HSBC

  • [DME] Document about data mapping for HSBC ifile format (PP,ACH, COS) Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP experts, I'm implementing an automatic payment module through HSBC in an SAP project. My customer want to streamline their payments to vendors using automated payments with HSBC. I have a document about ifile description which show me inform

  • Firefox does not function correctly when validating payments with HSBC bank Updated:11-30

    When HSBC bank security is invoked by a website within an inline page the confirmed page is presented within the inline subpage in such a way that one cannot continue with the transaction confirmation, consequently the payment verification fails. Goo

  • Why can't I get into HSBC mobile site on my iphone 4s? Updated:11-30

    Using an iPhone 4s and trying to use the HSBC mobile banking "app".  I called HSBC but they couldn't help.  I key in the site, but when it pops up it won't allow me to log in.  The HSBC rep said she was able to do it on her iPhone.  I cleared co

  • HSBC ifile via DMEE Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP experts, I'm implementing automatic payments through HSBC using the DMEE facility and HSBC ifile formats, and have issues with complying with the HSBC specification. 1.  If I make the DME file comma delimited then SAP puts a comma at the end

  • HSBC fast balance not working Updated:11-30

    HSBC fast balance not working after installing iOS 7.1I've seen a number of other reports of this. The following previous discussion has a solution that may or may not work: If it doesn't work,

  • Hsbc bank and the december 15th update Updated:11-30

    Hi, a few weeks ago as I went to log onto my banking with hsbc, I noticed a news alert on the homepage saying some safari ppl who had the dec 15 update were having problems logging in and they were trying to solve this with apple, now why I could log

  • What to do if i get Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [HSBC Filter]: filter is unavailable but at same time it opens from other IPad Updated:11-30

    What to do if i get Error 500: javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [HSBC Filter]: filter is unavailable but at same time it opens from other IPadClear any HSBC related cookies from your browser cache and reload the page.Read other 2 answers

  • Has Hell Froze Over and No one Told Me???? HSBC Removing CO!!!! Updated:11-30

    Received a letter from Capital One aka HSBC that they were in fact deleting all reference to their account from my credit reports. WOW I was NOT expecting that!!! I was waiting to see how that GW went before I sent one to Capital One themselves. They

  • Can't connect to HSBC website Updated:11-30

    This is weird but I can't connect to the website on my mac – I get an error that says "Safari can't open the page because because Safari can't connect to the server" - I am running OSX Leopard 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.2

  • HSBC IFILE Format for Supplier Payment Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please share your experience / documentation for the development of HSBC ifile format for supplier payment. RegardsHello Maxielight, I too am working on this IFILE format for transmitting to HSBC for Indian INR payments & am using DMEE. I'm strug

  • Since updating my I phone 5c to ios7.1 yesterday my HSBC fast balance ap will not work! Anyone got this problem ? Updated:11-30

    Since updating my I phone 5c yesterday to ios7.1 my HSBC fast balance app has stopped working. Has this happened to anyone else? What's the fix?I had this problem and realised that after the update my Wi-Fi wasn;t connected.  Once I reconnected to Wi

  • Exchange 2010 Mail Security TLS with HSBC Updated:11-30

    Dear all,   I have setup an all-in-one exchange server without edge server role. However, it is needed to have TLS mail communication setup with HSBC. May I know what exactly configuration do I need? Do I need to implement an edge server with public

  • HT201210 Re ISO 7.1 update.  My hsbc fast balance app is not working now.  Any ideas? Updated:11-30

    Updated my iphne 4s to ISO 7.1 and now my HSBC fast balance app is not working.... any ideas?Still a problem.  After activating app it was okay, but then when trying to log in using normal procedure again it's the same old problem...Read other 5 answ