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  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION adding the COBL structure. Updated:11-30

    hello, I need to modify an 2006 infotype created by PA30. I use the MF  RP_PLANT_DATA_UPDATE_TABLES  to create the assob and asshr entries for that infotype, that´s ok. Next i try to place the pa2002-REFEX = 'X' with the FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION but,

  • FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION - Cost Assignment Updated:11-30

    hello,                                                                  I need to modify an 0014 infotype created by PA30.                      I use the MF RP_PLANT_DATA_UPDATE_TABLES to create the assob and asshr  entries for that infotype, that´s

  • About to use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to create customer infotype issue: Updated:10-11

    hi i want to create infotype use function(HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION). this infotype is customer infotype. the first scenario is:   i'm be sure no data about one employee in this infotype(9004).   to call with data upload function and put data into intern

  • Regarding HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION fm submiting VIA JOB Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts,   I am submitting a program VIA job, in side my submit program i m using this FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, but this function module not updating any values. when i goto the job and tryed debug the job that time  the values are updating. i

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION is not working in user exit ZXPADU02 Updated:10-11

    Hi frndz,   i want to delimit/modify record in infotype 0014 after checking some condition when user clicks on SAVE in infotype 0008. For this i'm using the code like below. In Include ZXPADU02. when '0008'. IF sy-ucomm = 'UPD'. chek <condition> if

  • Problem with multiple calls to hr_infotype_operation in a loop Updated:10-11

    Hi, Im using infotyp 2003 with the following situation. For a date, e.g. 2011/07/20 and a person_nr I have several time entries, like 08:00-09:00, 10:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00. Now I read the entries with  HR_READ_INFOTYPE and store them back unmodified

  • Error while modifying HR infotype PA0105 using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am not able to modifying the infotype PA0105. Currently I am using the FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. But I am not able to modify the record. Has anyone faced any such situation... Please help..!! Useful pointers will be appreciated... Thanks

  • Runtime error while updating entries of infotype usin HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    Hi, I uploading entries of customized infotype using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION function module. It is giving me run-time error as, ShrtText     An exception that could not be caught occurred. What happened?     The exception 'CX_HRPA_VIOLATED_PRECONDITIO

  • Error coming while modifying data in infotype through HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    I have created a report which reads a excel file fom the system and then upload data in infotype 0077 through HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. In this report first I check if the record exists in IT0077 for a particular employee , if not then creates a new rec

  • EXIT PO Item to get COBL-KOSL Updated:10-11

    Hi friends. I've already added three fields in PO Item with EXIT/append CI_EKPODB. I need to take part of COBL-KOSTL (511 screen) in fields A and B (ZZ fields) during EXIT processing from field COBL-KOSTL. Because these EXIT's doen't see this value w

  • Creation of record in 2001 using FM - HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    Hi fellow ABAP, I'm new to using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, I want to make this one an alternative way to create record in IT 2001 instead of using Batch Input.. but it returns me error Runtime Errors:         ASSIGN_BASE_TOO_SHORT Short text        :   

  • Use of HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION in EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, On creation of an absence record (IT2001) we need to insert a new Substitution record (IT2003).  Originally we tried to use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION in EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 however this will not work because they are both in the same LUW.  I have s


    Hello, I have two questions about these FMs : 1) Is it possible to use 'CHK' action with the FM HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA ? 2) When I use the FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION with action CHK no record is created, but after that, with action INS, the infotype re

  • FF_5 - Import Bank Statement, Err: Formatting error in the field COBL-KOSTL Updated:10-11

    Hi When importing the bank statement I'm getting the error Error: (00 298) Formatting error in the field COBL-KOSTL ; see next message Why is it doing this? In OKB9 I have the GL Account and the cost center assigned. It is the ne GL that is giving th

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION not working when called from Dynamic action Updated:10-11

    Hi ,        Senario  : I would like to execute a form from dynamic action which creates a record in 0015 (Additional payment IT) .        I have writen the code as shown below am using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION . When i execute the program from se38 i

  • HR ABAP: Issue with using 'nocommit' parameter on FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    Issue with using nocommit parameter on FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION: My client has a requirement to create the following 4 infotypes in sequence in a LUW, i.e either all are created or none is created. 9045   (custom infotype) 0045 0078 0015 I tried to u

  • HR ABAP : Custom Infotype updations through FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION Updated:10-11

    Hi All,           Actually, I want to update the custom infotype 3 fields as per my user inputs. I am fetching the data from the PA table acoording to sy-datum falling in the begda, enda limitations. now I am changing the field with new values in the

  • Dynamic internal table problem in FM - HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATIONS Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have a problem when I use a Dynamic internal table in FM - HR_INFOTYPE_OPERTATION.. Please suggest me on the way to overcome this problem.. We wanted to have a dynamic Program for Info type operations which can be used for any info types

  • Using HR_infotype_operations , locking problem Updated:10-11

    hi,  i am using HR_infotype_operations func module, basically a dynamic action triggers a subroutine in a report progrm and there I am using this functiom module, but it is not able to insert values in one of my custom infotype giving error in the re

  • COBL-PRCTR in transaction VL01N Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, In Vl01N transaction (delivery note creation) we want to make the screen field COBL-PRCTR as input field in an editable mode. Currently this field and all the other filed of COBL are in display mode. Business needs this because of the bel

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