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hr_infotype_operation not updating

  • Using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update infotype 0001. Updated:11-30

    We're using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update the infotype 0001 (Organisation). We basically have the Cost center field grayed out on the entry screen so can not update it via BDC, which the cirrent method that we use to create new employees, based

  • Using hr_infotype_operation to update it0021 problem Updated:11-30

    I am using hr_infotype_operation to update data for it0021 and it0528. In pa30, just in it0021 and different to update data for it0021 and it0528, IT0528 is not allowed maitain when i am using hr_infotype_operation to update data for it0021 and it052

  • Using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update IT0021 and IT0106 Updated:11-30

    We're trying to update dependent data information using FM hr_infotype_operation but it doesn't seem to be working properly for IT0106. It does work for changes i make for IT0021, though. We have the requirement to modify an existing dep record, deli

  • FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update IT581 Updated:11-30

    Dear Freinds, I'm trying to upload / update the infotype 581 thru excel data sheet by using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. the FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION returing the error message "Rent amount is required". please help. Regards, R R SutharHi, Many tim

  • [hr_infotype_operation fails] update it230 in it8 via clientspecified IT Updated:11-30

    Hi there I need some help to solve my problems with updating infotype 230 from a clientspecified Infotype. How it works: I have a client-specified Infotype (9100) that recalculates specific dates for the public sector (typical german stuff ). Those d

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION update Updated:11-30

    hi, i was using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update pa0219 DB table...... but its going to is what i was passing to this.... CALL FUNCTION 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'       EXPORTING         infty         = lc_0219         number    

  • Infotype updation- alternate solution for FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. Updated:11-30

    Hi Expert , Right now i am using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to insert data to infotype 19. Problem i am facing is data to be inserted is very large and this takes lot of time. Is there any other FM which updates infotype in mass i mean using internal t

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION updates for a PERNR not passed to it Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We have a case where an Internal Employee has left the company and he is rehired as an External. In this case, the same User Id has two different PERNRs. The old PERNR will be in Withdrawn status while the new one will be Acitve. I am using H


    How to UPDATE MASTER DATA RECORD IN INFOTYPE 0377 DIRECTLY using function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION ? When i use operation = 'MOD'  im getting an ERROR as NO DATA STORED FOR 0377 IN SELECTION PERIOD.        Can anyone please help me how to use HR_

  • Problem while updating a database table Updated:10-11

    Hi experts,                      I've used the FM 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' to update the database table. In that i used the MOD operation to update the Infotype PA0315.  But it return an error message like "Infotype does not exist". What could be

  • Updating action type field in infotype 0000. Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I have to update the action type(MASSN)field and reason for action(MASSG)field in infotype 0000 for the existing record. I am trying to use function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update it,but i am not able to update the action type fie

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION - Commit Updated:11-30

    Hello,   I am using FM- HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update the infotype but i dont want to commit the changes till i do the explicit commit to handle logical unit of work. Though i am passing the NOCOMMIT = 'X', still it commiting on its own. Could anyo

  • Creating / updating Custom infotype with different screen Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have created custom infotype having different screen for different subtype(1,2). From Subtype 1, indotype is automatically updated as it is a standard program. But for subtype 2 i am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION for updating the record which

  • Need to update Enddate on Garnishment Doc and G ordr usg BDC in trans PA30 Updated:11-30

    Hi I have done the Record which changes the end date on the garnishment Doc and Garnishment Order in transaction PA30. But i need to run a program in a batch which will read the data from a flat file and update all the employees above date. Now i got

  • Regarding function module hr_infotype_operation Updated:11-30

    hi experts,               i m using fm 'hr_infotype_operation' to update pa0015 from my own database table ,here the fm is working fine and it is returing '00' but when i check in pa0015 i come to know that  is not updating..,,what sud i do what i fe

  • PO13 and 0001 infotype (HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION + badi HRBAS00INFTY Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends, We have cretaed a position description subtype and assigned it to 1002 infotype. Query: 1) Adding 2 customer fields(Subtype and description) to infotype 0001 (This is done using PM01). 2) Using Po13, they assign a subtype(position desc

  • Class to update infotype Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, Can you please give the details of class(not HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION) for updating infotypes? Thanks in advance, AnuHi Anu, If "Class " mentioned by you related to time constrins, A time constraint indicates whether more than one infot

  • Updating infotype screen with screen fields Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, I am working on a RFC to update infotype 0077. Infotype 77 has veteran status as screen fields from Q0077 structure. I am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update 77. Could anyone please tell me how to update the screen and database tabl

  • How to update infotype 0712 in the background Updated:11-30

    I amd working on a web dynpro applicaiton for PA action request and process action in the background. We have manu concurrent employees. When the main assignemnt is terminated, I need to switch the main pernr to another pernr. I sue HR_INFOTYPE_OPERA

  • Error - while using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION - 'URG' Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, While using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION for updating master data i got a Error Message - EPG        428A complex application error has occurred But it is not for every time . after 3 or 4 sucessfull run i get this message and after that it will