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hp envy laptop wont boot up windows 10

  • Edge 531 puter wont boot in Windows 8.1 "auto repair going for over 2 hours" Updated:11-30

    PuteR wont boot up windows cant do restore repair anything but watch "repairing disk errors this might take ovewr one hour to complete" that was 2 1/2 hours ago Have a windows 8.1 repair dvd disk and something on a flash drive I made a year ago

  • Wont boot after windows update Updated:11-30

    M y Sateite A305 s6916 wont boot after windows updates tried to install.Satellite A305-S6916 tried .. every option on F8 Try this. Download a repair disc from here.    Windows Vista Recovery Environment ISO X64 version (64 bit) If you can reach the R

  • My HP laptop wont boot for no reason. Updated:11-30

    My HP laptop wont boot for no reason. I can read my hard drive in my enclosure attached to my desktop but it wont boot in the laptop. Can anyone advise on this issue if you have experience this before? Greeks can jump in too.My suspicion is that some

  • Compaq 6610b laptop wont start up windows after a last known configurat​ion boot.disc Updated:11-30

    compaq 6610b rm400ut#aba vista insert start up discHi! Has anyone that is replying on this thread created a system repair disc?? If you have boot with it and try each method to fix your problem.​-sys

  • Laptop wont boot after BIOS update Updated:11-30

    Hello i have a compaq CQ61-303SV laptop i tried to update the BIOS and i download the file form the hp driver and support website after i update the BIOS the laptop wont to boot and stop on a black screen what to do please ...Power down the notebook,

  • Pavillion zv5000 laptop wont boot from cd after mobo and hdd replace Updated:11-30

    So I inherited a dead zv5000 laptop with no hdd.  I replaced the motherboard and CPU, and it powered up and booted from the cd drive with no hdd installed.  I was able to run memtek and the original hp os recovery discs, with no hdd installed.  Then

  • NB550D - Wont boot after Windows Update Updated:11-30

    Netbook may have powered off during Windows Update as now it will not get past the green loading bar with "Microsoft Corporation" underneath. It gives an option to start windows normally or to load repair files but both end up stuck on the green

  • HP 8740w WH279UA wont boot after Windows 7 Updates Updated:11-30

    Hi!    Thank you all for reading my case. I'm the happy owner of a HP 8740w, I have 20GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive. My litle monster has been working perfectly for the last year and a half. My problem began last night while I was doing a fresh Wind

  • H9-1150 PC wont Boot with WIndows 7 Premium 64 bit with ASUS 960 GTX Card. Updated:10-11

    I saw others have posted simular issues but i thought id repost this again in case there is more help.  I have the Pavalion Elite Phonix h9-1150 desktop with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit.  and the HP 7.07 bios (seems no way to upgrade  the bios). Th

  • New Z87-G45 wont boot to windows - restart loop Updated:11-30

    I purchased a new MSI Z87-G45 Mobo and i5 4440 and now I cant boot into windows. It was blue screening but now it just gets to windows load screen for a second and then restarts. I have an older sata HDD would that be the issue? I was able to install

  • Laptop wont Boot after installing windows 10 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Last night I upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 which was free to reserve and upgrade by microsoft. Process took about an hour and laptop restarted with a fresh windows10. Everything was fine. Thos evening I turned on laptop and after appearin

  • 6735s.Fail​ed Charger, Now Battery Playing Up? Laptop Wont Boot with Charger Plugged in! Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a HP Compaq 6735s and have owned it for around 2 years.The OS is windows 7 Ultimate, I have the installation CD. The other week my charger for the laptop broke, and I ordered a new one from Amazon. The charger was advertised as an orginal/

  • L30 laptop wont boot Updated:11-30

    hi please help me. my laptop said unable to load operating system so i re loaded windows with recovery disk and it said error e63 unable to detect cable. ive unplugged hard drive and reinserted it also i have checked ram and cables inside and found n

  • Laptop wont boot past Toshiba screen Updated:11-30

    I have the Satellite c855-s5123. I shut it down and when I went to turn it back on it wouldn't boot past the initial startup screen. The Toshiba screen came on, it said it was repairing (i believe that was the word it used) the C: drive. It began cou

  • My compaq 610 laptop wont boot up. Updated:11-30

    I have a compaq 610 laptop model # CPQ610UT1500Q5X250MBNNCN22Xa p/n: FNO13UT#ABA s/n: [Personal Information Removed] Windows 7 It will not boot up. The compaq logo comes up briefly with F9 F10 & F12 options then it goes to a black screen and i get tw

  • Envy 5530 wont install on windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    I bought an envy 5530 about a year ago and used it on my win7 desktop great.  I recently bought a win8.1 laptop and have been trying, in vane, to install this printer.  The os is 64bit on the laptop.  I even used the recommended full software solutio

  • Laptop doesnt boot into Windows Updated:11-30

    My daughter put my Laptop( Pavilion 14, 4 months old) down from the bed. Now the laptop doesnt start at all. It shows up an error message during boot Hard Disk 1 (3F1). I have important data to be fetched so I'm worried. Any idea how to tackle this i

  • Hp Laptop wont boot! Updated:11-30

    Hello! I had shut off my laptop to travel and when I tried to turn it on my laptop wouldn't boot up properly. My laptop would turn on and the HP logo would appear normally but after loading for a few moments an error would appear.  "Your PC ran into

  • Laptop wont boot up after downloadin​g SP2 - Vista Updated:11-30

    Hello I am hoping that someone will be able to help. I have a Toshiba A200-H01N I recently downloaded Windows SP2 as it went through the instal process it had to be restarted.  During this process white numbers flash up on the screen and then it stop

  • HP Spectre x360 ssd upgrade wont boot to WIndows 10 Updated:11-30

    Hey I just replaced the 128gb SSD on the HP Spectre  x360 I recieved at this years Build conference with a 256GB Hyperx Predator M.2 240Gb SSD.  By fiddeling with the boot order I was able to get it to boot off the Windows 10 Install USB key I made a