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how to use tcode S_SL0_21000007

  • Report to check all cost object balances are Zero in Monthend Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, We are facing an issue in every monthend while doing FI and COPA reconciliation that some balances are left in cost objects. Can any one please suggest any single report if any which will show balances in all cost objects instead of ind

  • Open and close posting period authorization control TCODE: S_ALR_87003642 Updated:10-11

    HI All, Is there any chance to control the user to open and close another company code posting period variant in TCODE: S_ALR_87003642. In our system we are using the same client for different countries. So user can able to change the other country c

  • Closing Stock on Particular Date(MB5B Tcode) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I need closing stock as on some particular date. For e.g. closing stock as on 28.02.2014. In my requirement i have to use that closing stock value for further calculations in a new customized report.I can see closing stock value by using

  • Error while creating stock using tcode: MB1C Updated:10-11

    Error while creating stock using tcode: MB1C The Error is: Check table T004F:entry G006 does not existHi , Please check the FSV (field status variant) for your company code in OBY6 . then go to transaction code OB14 --> enter the FSV --> Check if fi

  • Error while creating interest rate instrument-Tcode-FTR_CREATE. Updated:10-11

    Error while creating interest rate instrument-Tcode-FTR_CREATE. Thanks VikasHi Tushar Please maintain the detail in TPM 32 Product category Product type General valuation class Account assignment reference RegardsRead other 8 answers

  • Error while running the tcode....EASISI  -----  IS-UTILITIES Updated:10-11

    hi, I am trying to execute the tcode EASISI with a varient..... All the proper values are given to....... Simulation From,Simulate To,Document Date,Posting Date,Installation,Invoicing simulation,Simulate invoic. for ind. doc., and Billing simulation.

  • Error in creation of stock thro Tcode MB1C Updated:10-11

    Hi, while  creation of stock thro  Tcode MB1C i got the error posting period mentioned as 12/2002 to 11/2002. I tried using Tcode OMSY to update my company's period and year as current year but it is grayad out. Please advise Regards RamyaHi, OMSY se

  • Error While selecting Layout option in tcode SFP Updated:10-11

    Hi I am getting the below error when i select the layout option in tcode SFP. Could not start Layout Designer (see long text) Message no. FPUIFB086 Diagnosis The forms design tool for developing the form layout could not be started; either it is not

  • How to restrict the order reason in Tcode Va01 while creating sales order Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My requirement is while creating sales order in VA01 if order type is Zvol than the list of order reasons has to be restricted. Now 15 are coming from OVAU  tcode I need only 5 from these. Thanks & Reagrds kals.Hi, By doing the user exit in

  • What is the Tcodes for Uploading of data using BDC & CATT Updated:10-11

    PP members: I was going through the <b>cutover activities</b> ,  and what I understood is  we transfer all the legacy system data into SAP before going live The data upload follows certain steps (depends on the organizational design load strat

  • Run time error while saving values in File (Tcode) Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using FM   call function 'FILE_GET_NAME'        exporting             logical_filename = logical_filename             parameter_1      = program_name             parameter_2      = file_id_param        importing             file_name       

  • Change Logs for TCODE -- FILE Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends,     Please help me in finding the change logs  for the TCODE  FILE,     i.e  The changes made to the Logical paths    I had tried  Utilities---->change logs , but unfortunately i cannot find any changes logs    But there are changes made

  • Use of tcode file Updated:10-11

    what is the use of tcode file???? what is platform independent file name????Platform Independent File path: The actual (Physical) file name/path is always dependent on hardware and OS of the system. Now In this transaction define a Logical name of a

  • Tcode:File ,Tcode:sf01  understanding Updated:10-11

    pls help me in understanding these tcode to create logical path,pls provide me the step by step to create a logical pathHi, Pls check threads like Application Server -File Upload How to create logical file name EddyRead other 3 answers

  • Tcode FILE problem Updated:10-11

    I am trying to use the Direct Input method in the LSMW (It is my first time using the Direct Input method) but I encounter a problem during the Specify File step saying that No Logical Path was specified. I look into the forums and they told me that

  • Unable to see the logical path and file created in FILE tcode from AL11 and unable to upload the file to this path from front end Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have created the logical path and filename in FILE tcode.I am trying to upload the pdf file to application server by using this path.But I am getting message like "Unable to open the file".Even I cannot find the this path in AL11 t

  • Error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL in tcode J1IJ Updated:10-11

    Hi, while cancelling excise invoice in Tcode J1IJ , we are getting 'error in updating table J_1IEXCHDR,J_1IEXCDTL'. what is missing or tell the procedure to resolve the issue. Regards,Discussion moved from SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) to I

  • Not able to view users in F4 with Last Name, First name with tcode-PA20 Updated:10-11

    When we go to PA20 tcode and input personel id the details are shown for person. But When I select F4 at the Personel Number and enter  Last Name and First Name - It shows No Values selected Which authorizations are required for populating F4 data in

  • Unable to capture data from drop down list in custom added field in migo tcode at item level Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, need bit help in resolving query related to custom added field in Tcode migo. i have added a field in migo at item level ,in this i have used drop down list to get data but unable to capture data from drop down list.gown through many blogs i

  • How to find next number range for project definition in tcode CJ20N Updated:10-11

    Hai Experts,       Please help me 'How to find next number range for project definition in tcode "CJ20N". I was trying in function module NUMBER_GET_NEXT. Is it right function module? If its right what input i need to give for this tcode and for