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how to use ck24

  • Dump error during CK24  - SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, i am facing problem during the material updation (T.Code CK24). before that i have done the material cost estimation then try to update material master by using t.code CK24. the following dump error occurs: Runtime Errors         SAPSQL

  • CK24 - mark and release with different costing version Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are currently using standard costing variant PPC1 and costing version 1 to mark and release the standard costs. However when we try to recost the material cost due to price changes, system does not allow to mark & release revised standard cost

  • CK24 Not picking the variant Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I completed for the depot stock (finished goods) costing in without qty structure through KKPAN. For this I used the costing variant MM01. In my company code having another costing variant PPC1. But in the CK24 transaction after clicking on

  • Authorization error in CK24 (Marking standard costs) Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have created new cost estimates for certain materials. Next, I need to mark and release the cost estimates. When I execute the Price Update using transaction CK24 I get the following error message in the log: CK     701   Marking not authori

  • Regarding marking and releasing in CK24. Updated:11-30

    The customer has a direct delivery process as in they purchase finished goods and just sell them. Such a material is newly created under a plant. In this case there is no  in house production of that material and the price needs to be maintained manu

  • What is CK11 and CK24? And what role do they play in A/c Detrn. ? Updated:11-30

    Hi, What is CK11 and CK24? And what role do they play in A/c Detrn. ? Regrds, BinayakHi, CK11n is to run a cost estimate. Suppose, If material price (ROH) is Rs.10, There are two activities, setup & processing in the machine. Setup = Rs.5 Processing

  • Price update in CK24 Updated:11-30

    Hi All,          Hi  i am  doing in REM  we go do updated the price in ck24 the price  will not updated and show like this please give advise to clear this. and it shows the massage   like this "Of 0 materials, 0 cost estimates were updated successfu

  • Price update CK24 Updated:11-30

    Hi freinds, After ck11n (material cost estimate) i run the price update(ck24) but the after entering all the details marking is done. Upon release the system is giving "No plants able to be selected" Pl tell me what is the issue? regards RameshH

  • CK24 Cost Estimate Release Log wrong message variables returned. Updated:11-30

    We are testing our upgrade to ECC 6.04 from 4.7.   I've created a cost estimate via CK11N.  I then use CK24 to mark and release the cost estimate.  At the completion of the release, a log is returned with the correct price change document and the cor

  • Difference between ck40n and ck24. Updated:11-30

    frndz, Pls tell me difference between ck40n and ck24. Regards, SriniHi, Ck11n /Ck40 n is both are similar to estimate the cost,Costing will be updated periodically, and released  by using CK24. Once release the cost periodically it  not possible to u

  • Equivalent to KKPAN+CK24 for without quantity structure costing Updated:11-30

    Hi, In costing we can use CK40N instead of CK11n+CK24 (with quantity structure) as far as I know. Is there any single tcode like CK40N for us to do both cost estimate creation and marking and release instead of using both KKPAN+CK24 for without quant

  • Ck11n, ck24 Updated:11-30

    can anyone explain me how to use transactions ck11n & ck24 in detail because when i am using transaction ck24 i get message of 0 materials 0 cost estimates were sucessfully updatedHi Amit Follow the below steps First make sure your master data of the

  • CK11N and CK24 Updated:11-30

    Hi I have some problems here, I am using transaction CK11N ( Create material cost estimate with quantity structure) EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE FINE, and when i hit save it flases showing " The cost estimate is being saved" when i than run transactio

  • CK24 - "Release too early" message in log Updated:11-30

    Hi, All: I am trying to perform a mark and release for period 1 in 2009 today Dec 16. The cost estimate was done without error. Marking was allowed in CK24 as well as Release. I checked the costing 2 tab and my estimate was there as the future standa

  • Error C+811 while releasing (CK24) Updated:11-30

    Hi We have material ledger activated  and we are facing an issue ( ERROR NO C+811) while we release the cost estimation in the middle of the month. In CKMLPP table we have all lot of material with status not equal to 10 and we have heard that we can

  • Error in price update CK24 Updated:11-30

    Dear all, When we do price update in ck24.Always showing one error message. 0 material and 0 cost estimates were updated. Regards K.BhuvaneshDear Bhuvaneshwaran, First check your input parameters in CK24 and also ensure there's a saved cost estimate

  • Change of Costing Variant in Marking Allowance for CK24 price update Updated:11-30

    Dear All, In CK24, price updation previously i had selected one costing variant for one particular material and released the standard price. Now, I am trying to do price update for a different material for which I used different costing variant for d

  • Update condition types on changing    CK40N / CK24 / ck74n / ck75n Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, Requirement: 1. Whenever there is adding/updating additive costs (ck74n and ck75n), we need to populate the corresponding condition types on the INFO records (say: ZABC for freight cost). 2. Whenever a cost is released (CK40N and CK24),  we

  • Costing Variant not visible in CK24 for my plant. Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, Using transaction OKKN, I have created a new costing variant ZPC1 to take the place of PPC1 for updating standard cost in the material master.  I basically copied most of the parameters ( including the Costing Type) from PPC1 but chang

  • Ck24 data upadte in materal master Updated:11-30

    can any body tell me through which fm the data is updated in material master acc view  in ck24 t code Edited by: Sayandeep Banerjee on Nov 6, 2009 11:04 AMHi , Try with FM  " CK36_STANDARD_PRICE_GET"Read other 2 answers