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how to update mail on nokia asha 200

  • Update problem for nokia asha 200 Updated:11-30

    My problem is i cannot update my my mobile Nokia asha 200 even the update is available is it says not enough phone memory even from that i format the phone memory then also says not enough phone memory try again free some space what to do now update

  • The mail option in my nokia asha 200 is not respon... Updated:11-30

    I have a nokia asha 200. I update my phone when new updates are available. But i had to restore the settings of my phone to factory settings due to a problem occured while using themes downloaded from But after i restored my mobile the m

  • Nokia Asha 200 Error 12052 on software update Updated:11-30

    Am getting an error message 12052 i have trie to update my software 4 times now. Am so frustratedAre you trying to update the software of the phone using Nokia Suite? Nokia Suite is not compatible with Nokia Asha 200:

  • Nokia Asha 200 phone software update Updated:11-30

    hi, i repaired my nokia asha 200 and the software version was reduced to: V 10.56 RM - 761 MA3 nokia. and ever since then whenever i try the O.T.A. update it says "no new software found". please help me on thisYou dont get it fam. The software v

  • Nokia Asha 200 software update .. when? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Every user of the new Nokia Asha 200 suffers from the echo problem, is it a software or a hardware isse? And if it's a software issue when will the new software update be released to solve this issue? Please have a look at the below topic: /t5/Ot

  • Nokia Asha 200 Mail Application.. Updated:11-30

    I have a problem occurred to my nokia asha 200 mobile... I cant open mail icon in my phone. when i click to mail icon, there will be no responce to it... How to solve it... Plz am in a big trouble... Help meeeee... Solved! Go to Solution.You could us

  • Nokia asha 200 update Updated:11-30

    hi i have nokia asha 200 . it have v11.56 and i want to update it to lattest software i.e  v11.81 ..i am doing so with my nokia suite but it is not updating and giving me an error,,,please guide me?? wether i have to update first nokia suite ??? i ha

  • Nokia Asha 200 doesn't update Updated:11-30

    My nokia asha 200 doesnt update anymore, everytime i try to update the phone software it tells me that no network coverage even when there is network, what should i do? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Tr

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 200 apps Updated:10-11

    Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,

  • Nokia Asha 200 : lossing apps Updated:11-30

    hi... i need using nokia asha 200 n sudenly some of the apps was gone, i try many thing with suggestion. but still got the prob..the prob is my apps Nokia Messaging Mail & Chat 3.2 n Social (Communities) 2.0 was gone (invalid application). w

  • Nokia asha 200 not alert when the message delivere... Updated:11-30

    I bought nokia asha 200 4 month ago. At the first time, the function notification alert me when the message delivered very good. But, after 3 days later, It doesn't work. I update the new version software to my phone 3 times. So far, My phone use the

  • Error code: 12017 (nokia asha 200) Updated:10-11

    i cant update my phone's software. nokia asha 200.hey even when i try to update my nokia asha 200, the nokia suite suddenly stops working... and also i since i've purchased the mobile,i m unable to access the web....i have tried several sim cards...

  • How to fix the errors in Nokia Asha 200 happened a... Updated:11-30

    Why there is no new update for Nokia Asha 200(dual sim) after V12.04. It is about to be 1 year..!!! And after the last update all contacts are messed up.. It's not showing alphabetically. Everything is shuffled and Many of them are not visible in sea

  • Not poen pdf file in nokia asha 200 Updated:11-30

    Why not open pdf file in nokia asha 200Hi there Im also having the same problem. I thought Nokia Asha 200 would have ''very small'' font size option but I was mistaken. I wish there would be an update about the fonts. Thank You So Much! More power to

  • New software version for nokia asha 200 after 12.0... Updated:11-30

    when will the new software version for nokia asha 200 will be available after 12.04 version? Moderator's note: The post was moved to the appropriate board.We are unable to provide information concerning the future SW update of the said device. Howeve

  • Nokia Asha 200 SW 12.04 Updated:11-30

    what are the new update/changes in the SW 12.04 Nokia Asha 200??  Solved! Go to Solution.Amalpm wrote: I've updated [-] using the settings given in the device. You have to use the Nokia Suite to update your device. Now, please, try to re-install your

  • NOKIA ASHA 200 Conflicting Appliction Issue (Nokia... Updated:11-30

    Hi Nokia, when i updated the Nokia Browser on my phone Nokia Asha 200, after successfull updatation, it is showing Conflicting application error and i can not access Nokia Browser. I have tried soft and hard reset both, but the problem remains. The s

  • Nokia Asha 200 Bluethoot Headset not connecting Updated:11-30

    Hi Im unable to connect bluethoot headset to My NOKIA Asha 200 . i enable bluethoot and on my headset bluethoot then i search but nothing found . i set visibility Show to all .:confused: I also check my headset bluethoot to my friends phone asha 305

  • NOKIA ASHA 200 dose not work social application Updated:11-30

    Hi.. Since yesterday "social" application on my nokia asha 200 dose not work.. when i tring to open it phome display that " Applicion error" phone proved me only "exit" option.. so now i cant login to my facebook account on s

  • Nokia Asha 200 and Asha 201 (incomplete software a... Updated:11-30

    Dear Nokia Support, I own a Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia Asha 201, two very nice and good phones, however, I have updated my phones today to the latest Software Version 11.81. I have done the update as instructed by the Nokia Suite and did not pay any at