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How to seat url code errore nokia e71

  • Reset Lock code on Nokia E71? Updated:11-30

    OK, I've just upgraded the doftware on my phone to v200.21.118 and all seemed to be be well. Phone rebooted and then went through the set-up stage of asking which country, city, time etc. It the asks for the lock code and so I eneter the code I had c

  • E71 Code Error; phone now unusable Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a Nokia E71 and I tried to do a hard reset, but when I typed in the correct lock code of 12345, it told me code error; eventually I moved on to holding down 3, *, and the green key and that reset my phone but a couple seconds after its

  • How to report Nokia E71 localization error? Updated:11-30

    Hi all! The Swedish localization of the Nokia E71 interface has an error that has outlived several firmware upgrades. How Nokia has let this slip through is beyond me. How/where does one best report localization bugs? For the interested, this is what

  • Nokia x2-01 CODE ERROR Updated:11-30

    My nokia x2-01 gives me a code error. it ASKS FOR A SECURKITY CODE EACH TYME I INSERT ANOTHER SIM AND DOES Not ACCEPT 12345. I CANT REMMEMBER SETTING up any security code The current sim it apparently accepts is nt even the ist sim card that came wit

  • Isync error when sinc with Nokia E71 Updated:11-30

    Mac OS X 10.6.2 When I sinc my nokia E71 with iSync, Isync Crash with this message: Process: iSync [858] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: Version: 3.1.0 (585.0) Build Info: iSyncUI2-5850000~8 Code Type: X

  • Nokia E71 Mail for exchange "Connection Error. Try... Updated:11-30

    Hi I have used /Nokia E71 with latest MfE, i got my details from my Employers Microsoft outlook 2007 like exchnage server, domain and user name. I just want to synchronise E-mails, whenever i try to synchronise i get "Connection Error. try Later"

  • NOKIA N73 CODE ERROR Updated:11-30

    Hi, Before I updated my phone to the latest sw: v3.0704.1.0.1, I had engaged the security setting (lock if SIM changed) to prevent SIM swap incase it is stolen. Now my Lock code can nolonger unlock the settings neither is the default: 12345. Instead

  • Nokia 5228 - Pin Code Error Updated:11-30

    I had my Nokia 5228 for years now. It is still in good condition. Yesterday, I lost it then got it back. I thought I should be more careful so I added Pin code lock to my phone. I tested it out when i switched my phone off. The pin code is "1234"

  • Nokia C3 Code Error Updated:11-30

    i'd bought and nokia c3 yesterday and i change the sec. code from 123456 to 61294 then i made it ask for the code every time to unlock i unlock it 20-30 times then keep saying code error and i type it in a right way any help ?Hi, Usual default securi

  • Nokia 2320 "code error" Updated:11-30

    I was trying to set up a password on my phone and when i restarted it the menu popped up saying enter PUK code and so i enterd that and then it said "enter new PIN code" so i put that in and then it said"verify new PIN code" so i put t

  • Nokia 309 code error Updated:11-30

    I put my code correctly but the phone keeps telling that its code error, please somebody tell me how to reset my code? Solved! Go to Solution.You would need to visit Nokia Care facility with proof of purchase for it to be reset to factory default val

  • NOKIA E71 "malbox' in use error message cannot sen... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a Nokia E71 and cannot send emails from the gmail or pop 3 accounts set up on the device. I can recieve emails and I know the settings are correct for the incoming and outgoing servers. A google search has shown a number of people had this

  • Nokia 206 security code error Updated:11-30

    guys i need help! what should I do? I cant unlock my phone, the security code error. how can I removed this security code? my code is name of my girlfriend. almie please help me guys Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject

  • E71 Code Error. Updated:11-30

    My phone has been locked. It is asking for the PUK code. I entered in the 00000000. It then asks for a new code and verification when entered it still replies "Code Error" What can I do to remedy this problem.That'll be the security code of the

  • Entering Correct Code But Still Saying Code Error. Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a Nokia E71, i've entered the lock code several times and it still says code error, i have not changed the lock code, it worked as 12345 when i activated lock code request, I cannot do anything with my phone, Any Help Will Be Appreciate

  • Applescript 'Contacts' code error with Maverick Updated:10-11

    After upgrading from MacOSX 10.6.8 to Maverick my applescripts are creating errors. One example is the following script which works fine if you run it from within the 'Applescript' (v 2.6.1) under Maverick but creates a "Data paste section

  • Nokia E71 Questions - 3G and GPS - URGENT PLEASE R... Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well. I am a big noobie when it comes to phone services. I am planning to buy an unlocked Nokia E71. My service provider is AT&T. I am currently using a Sony Ericsson w580i and I use the MediaNet data plan. However, I

  • Not lock code Error not yet fixed.... Updated:11-30

    Hello every one......Sorry for posting same topic ....But I tried every thing ...even that "Press and hold GREEN + RED + CAMERA when powering up. Keep the keys pressed until you get the shaking hands. That should fully reset the device, with a lock c

  • Nokia E71 time and date problems. Updated:11-30

    I cant ever set the time and date of my nokia E71. Anytime i access the time and date settings, it just doesn't go through. Please help me out.Hi Faces1,  Welcome to Nokia discussions board!  In order to fix this issue, I advise you to perform a soft

  • [SOLVED]"The requested URL returned error: 407" while using pacman Updated:11-30

    pacman worked fine until now. When I try to upgrade with pacman -Syu it returns what is written below even though internet works fine without problems(I'm posting from the same system using firefox) How can I get pacman working again? :: Synchronizin