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how to repair broken 3gs sim holder

  • Broken 3GS sim tray - need some info PLS Updated:11-30

    I had to pull a little harder than normal on the white (exterior visible part) of the sim tray and it broke. Can you tell me how can I get a new one that has the IMEI code and serial number on it?? I'm asking here first because I'm not sure if you ca

  • HT5163 how do I get my info from 3GS SIM onto my 4S?? Updated:10-11

    I recently got a replacement phone (4S) due to damaged 3GS.  I was not able to download onto pc or itunes from 3GS since unable to unlock passcode because of having a white screen.  How do I get the data/info from my 3GS SIM transferred to my [email protected]

  • Can I use the iPone 3gs SIM Card with the iPad 2? Updated:11-30

    Can I use the iPone 3gs SIM Card with the iPad 2The iPhone 3GS uses a full size SIM card. The iPad uses a micro-SIM card.Read other 2 answers

  • I do not know how to repair broken links Updated:11-30

    Greetings,   I am attempting to repair all broken links for a assignment in Dreamweaver CS5  C7  and I could not find any instruction in the text  on how to repair broken links.. How is it done?The simplest way is to remove old links and insert new o

  • The efficient way to repair broken EPM report Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I'm looking for the efficient way to repair broken EPM report. In following cases, the relevant EPM reports are broken and I can't push "Edit report" (gray out) and lose connection to model... i) In removing dimension from a model (e

  • 3GS sim tray not openning, what to do Updated:11-30

    3GS sim tray is not opening, what to do.Yeah, I have to agree with RoamingGnome...this sounds like more of a Jailbreak issue, not an Apple issue.  If you bought this phone from a legal distributor and just haven't upgraded your iOS since 3.1.2, I'd c

  • Can I use my iPhone 3GS sim card in an iPhone 4s? Updated:11-30

    Can I use my iPhone 3GS sim card in an iPhone 4s?if you cut it to  a microsim size it will work there are lot's of how to's on you tube. i think therre is only a tricky one if you have a vodafone sim which looks like a globe. all the others are easy.

  • First time use of a secondhand 3gs; SIM failure (the SIM works fine in other handsets); any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Updated:11-30

    First time use of a secondhand 3gs; SIM failure (the SIM works fine in other handsets); any suggestions as to how I can fix this?Hi L.T.D., To only answer the question you asked, the answer is yes you can do those specific tasks you mentioned. My exa

  • Replacement sim holder for Nokia N-Gage QD Updated:11-30

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement sim holder for a Nokia N-Gage QD? I've looked all over the internet, but have had no luck. Or failing that, does anyone know what phones use the same holder as the N-Gage QD? My other option might be to buy

  • HT2309 will a 3gs sim card fit into a 4gs phone? Updated:11-30

    can i put my 3gs sim card into a 4s iphone?No. The iPhone 3GS uses a standard SIM where the iPhone 4S uses a microSIM. It is possible to cut down a standard SIM, but that often causes problems, so it would be best to get a microSIM from your cell car

  • 3GS sim card on 4 Updated:11-30

    I would like to use the same 3GS sim card on a new iphone 4.  I noticed the sim card doesn't fit the iphone 4.  Any ideas?My brother and sister when they got the 4 had their sim cards cut at the AT&T store. He said it looked like a stapler. open it u

  • Is iPhone 3GS SIM card activation mandatory? Updated:11-30

    I have several scenarios. First: If I'm currently an iPhone 1st Generation user, can I use the old SIM card to use iPhone 3GS? Second: If I'm currently an iPhone 3G user, can I use the old SIM card to use the iPhone 3GS? Third: If I'm using the iPhon

  • IPhone 3gs sim-tray jammed Updated:11-30

    My 3gs sim-tray is jammed Any help is greatly appreciated. My 3gs is still under warranty m planning to go to apple store. Any one had the same problem ?? What you did ??Tried it mate But doesn't matter how hard i press it doesn't come out more then

  • 3GS Sim Slot broken, how to activate and use as IPOD Touch Updated:11-30

    I was trying to pop the sim card slot one day with a safety pin and I guess i pushed too hard and now the phone wont read sim cards. I upgraded to the 4 but I was gonna give the 3gs to my brother in law for him to use like a touch, as everything else

  • Blackberry Q10 Sim holder contact broken Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, putting my sim card with an nano adaptater. I broke the pins of sim card reader ... The phone is set for repair at Blackberry because I have the bill of sale, while waiting for the new from Blackberry could you tell me what to expect? If

  • Apple iPhone 3GS SIM area Inside broke and wont accept SIM Updated:11-30

    Hi there.. I havnt been able to use my iphone for a while now due to me breaking it. I put an iPhone 4's micro sim into an adapter that made the SIM into normal size, and then inserted into my iPhone 3GS.. It got stuck so i kinda had to yank it out..

  • Broken disk that holds track ball in place Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know what to do? I bought an 8330 last August from Verizon.  All but one prong on the disk that holds the track ball in place are broken.  I went to the Verizon store where I bought the phone.  They don't keep pieces to BBs in stock and t

  • HT5866 Recently purchased ipad air and sim it doesn't fit into the sim  holder Updated:10-11

    Can't fir the sim into holder of ipad airThe thought of getting a correctly sized sim from your wireless provider didn't cross your mind?Read other 3 answers

  • My iPhone 3GS will hold a full charge for only a short time, and gets very hot when not in use in my shirt pocket.  Any ideas? Updated:10-11

    My 3GS iPhone will not hold full charge for very long.  It gets very hot in my shirt pocket even when hot in use.  Any ideas?Double-tapping the home button does not show apps that are running.  This is not a task manager, it is merely a list of recen

  • Can i use my 3gs sim in an iphone 4 Updated:10-11

    hey guys!! i know the i phone 4 uses a micro sim is their anyway to transfer my current 3gs number and price plan to a micro sim or would i need to start all over again?That would be a question for your Mobile Provider, but Yes you should be able tra