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how to print 2 pages in smartform

  • How to print specific page in smartform ! Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends,               I like to print specific page in smartform. for Ex. page 4. But when I give page no. 4, the print preview not showing the exact page. Thank you for your time. SenthilHi Senthil, chk this link you get a brief idea abt Smar

  • How to Print next Page in smartform ? Updated:10-11

    Hello , I want to print next page in smartform. The situation is :- I am passing an internal table containing list of personal numbers. I have to print their details . Every candidate's detail should be printed on a new page . I have designed the who

  • How to Print Particular Page in Smartform Updated:10-11

    Hi ,      Anyone Give me steps to Print Particular Page when Printing Several Forms in One Print Request .     Am Using smartform Within the Loop , So  i Used SSF_OPEN And SSF_CLOSE. When am printing the Smartform i gave particular    Page in Dialog

  • How to print last page in smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi, In my smartform i have 3 pages (FIRST, NEXT & LAST). FIRST contains some header detail and items. NEXT contains rest of items and this page would be repeatable if more item comes. now after NEXT i want to print LAST page. How to achieve this. PLe

  • How to Print two pages in smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi All, How to create two different pages in smartforms.In my requirement the first page contains Table data in main window and in second page only the hard coded desription should be printed containg instructions,but the second page is mandatory aft

  • Printing extra pages in smartform Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i'm new to smartforms.i got an issue on invoice(smartforms).i'm getting 3 extra blank pages in and where should i rectify that.can any one help me please. thanks in advanceHi Mr Rao & Mr Reddy, thanks for your prompt responses..

  • Printing Multiple pages in Smartform on Local printer Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, I have a smartform with a command to print a page with the general conditions. When I print this on a defined printer in SPAD everything goes fine (got 2 pages) but when I print this same form thru the Local printer I only get 1 page. It see

  • Leading zero's while printing total pages in Smartforms Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a requirement where i need to print leading zero's when printing the total number of pages in a smartform. I have used  Page &sfsy-page& of &sfsy-formpages(Z3.0)& But for the above we get the output as Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of

  • Print next page with SMARTFORMS Updated:11-30

    How can I print the next page with transaction SMARTFORMS? I connected the second page to the first in the general characteristics of the first, but when i execute the function only the first is print. What's the problem? How can I print the second p

  • How to print text on back and back of page in smartforms Updated:10-11

    How to print text on back and back of page in smartforms.Prince, in page's output option you can set D for double-sided. Default: No change of print mode S     Begin new page in SIMPLEX mode (single-sided) D     Begin new page in DUPLEX mode (double-

  • Error in smartform when printing multiple pages Updated:10-11

    Hi, I m using a smartform which have two pages in it, i m able to save and activate it without any error message and when i run the function module generated to chk my smartform it runs fine and diplays two pages i m using. but as i m attaching this

  • How to print headings in every page of smartforms. Updated:10-11

    Friends, we have a requirement to print hedaings in multiple pages. like if we have  100 line items those will accomidate more tahn one page , i need to print headings in each page. pls help me. Regards Jagadeeshwar.Bhi , can u check this... how to u

  • How to print grandtotal in table footer only in the last page in SMARTFORMS Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, How do I print the GRANDTOTAL in the table footer only on the LAST PAGE in SMARTFORMS. What I have done is in the text element of CELL1 of the table footer i wrote the folowing logic but not working. /: IF &SFSY-PAGE& EQ &SFSY-F

  • How to remove printing of page 2 on smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have two pages on smartforms, the 1st page contains the customer letter and the second page contains the table of articles placed on the main window. If the internal table passed has no rows page2 is still being printed with blank or no data. W

  • Could u tell me how2control printing out the certain page in smartforms? Updated:10-11

    there are many pages when I preview , but I only need one  or several of the pages. How to print the certain page in smartforms? and if there are several windows in one page how can I just print out one or several windows of them? what should I inser

  • How to print multiple pages in single spool in smartforms Updated:10-11

    Hi all,   I have a issue on to print multiple pages in single spool,i can able to print multiple pages in multiple spool .I am doing Check Print smartforms in that i need to print Multiple pages in single spool.Currently i am using the below code ple

  • How to print a field on the last page of Smartform with more  of 2 pages? Updated:10-11

    HI FRIENDS, I NEED TO PRINT ONLY ONE FIELD IN LAST PAGE OF FORM SMARTFORM HOW DO I CHECK last page. I tried WITH THE FIELDS OF TABLE SFSY BUT NOT worked.       The form has  more of  2 pages. Thank you. ROGERIO VAZHi , You dont have to hard code anyt

  • Print 12 records of employees in each page of smartforms Updated:11-30

    hi . i am using the smartforms to print the details of employees my requirement is that in smartforms the first 12 records records should be print in first page and another 12 records in next page and soon.. here in my smartforms records are getting

  • Smartforms: Printing Selective Pages Updated:11-30

    My smartform have 5 pages. My aim is print selective pages (ie page 1-3). In the global definition -> initialization, i wrote the statement below:   OUTPUT_OPTIONS-TDPAGESLCT = '1-3'. My problem is all 5 pages are still being printed out instead of p

  • Why SmartForm Printing empty pages?? Updated:11-30

    Hi All,        I got a production ticket belongs to shipment (VT03N) prints packing list smart form. The Output data is only 2 pages. but it is printing 68 pages. From last two years, the same smartform working fine. The first page prints only 3 mate