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how to n95-1 phone update

  • N95 won't update Updated:11-30

    I recently got a replacement phone from Nokia for my faulty N95. The previous one did the software updates without a problem whereas this one will not see that updates are available when I use the latest update software. It is running V10.0.018 RM-15

  • N95 Error when updating Adobe Flash player Updated:11-30

    On my Nokia N95, the Adobe Flash lite player got the version 2.0 built in (that version do not support Flash application ver. 8) So I tried to update the player on the Adobe web site to Flash Lite 2.1 for Symbian  and even tried to install the plug-i

  • N95: Unable to update to v20 Updated:11-30

    Hi! I have a problem with upgrading to software v20 with my n95. Whenever it downloads the software it fails I tried it on 2 computers and on both I've had the same problem! I'm having an Euro3 code (for Polish language) on it. What can be the reason

  • N95 fw minor update Updated:11-30

    hi apparantly there is a minor update for the nokia n95 something called a minor data pack(????)update(MCU SW 10.0.18) going on rumour i visited CPW today and told them i wanted an update for my phone they took it and told me to return for it the end

  • N95 : Nokia Software Updater can't find phone Updated:11-30

    Please help, my N95 has been nothing other than a source of misery since I got it. I'm trying to update the software in a hope that the phone will stop crashing on a regular basis, but NSU doesn't want anything to do with it. I'm running Windows 2000

  • Firmware update for N95, its not updating, HELP!!! Updated:11-30

    I also have a problem on net it is mentioned that latest firmware is 30.0??? and my N95's firmware is I tried by downloading lateset software updater whenever I tried it says this is most updated one on my mobile, one of cousin has alredy

  • Can't update software on my N95 even though update... Updated:11-30

    I can't seem to update my firmware past 11.0.026... My product code is 0548021 and my network is O2. Can anyone suggest why this might be? Also on another note when I go in to the packet data settings I don't seem to have the option of enabling high

  • N95 Nokia Software Updater Updated:11-30

    I can t update my nokia n95 bgb , because it says that i have some software missing in my pc, even thought i installed everything. can you help me please??? Moderator's note: Subject edited. Message Edited by gcpropulser on 12-Nov-2008 02:19 PMDid yo

  • N95-3 software updated Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've updated my N95-3 software to the lates version using the pc suite (it installed ok) and put some maps on it but now sometimes when I open my nokia maps the phone turns off and back on by itself, does anybody knows if I can reinstall the olde

  • N95: Help! Updating software hung "Preparing insta... Updated:11-30

    Hi! I'm trying to upgrade the firmware in my Mrs's N95 fro 11.0.026 to the current version (12.0.013). I've downloaded the updater and run it and it's not stuck "Updating the software" "Preparing installation...". It has been preparing

  • N95 Nokia Software Updater can't find phone, but P... Updated:11-30

    Hi, The Lastest version of Nokia Software Updater can't find my phone(connected via USB). But Nokia PC Suite connects to my phone. Very weird. I'm running windows vista business, Dell Laptop. I have checked(using product code:0548763), and my N95 Fir

  • N95 problem Software Updater Updated:11-30

    my tel work good ,but l try update and in this time someone call me .the telephone n95 close and now no want start aftaer remove batery and push power no light only NOKIA ..after out battery same thing no want start..nothing...can help me someone...k

  • N95 won't update, weird version Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone The software updater doesn't seem to find any update for my N95, altough it's a still a 11.0.026 firmware. Also, it doesn't detect that version, but another weird one : 6xk41v23.4, as you can see on this picture : http://img153.imagesh

  • N95-1 software update Updated:11-30

    hi guys I've updated my N95 to version 20-0-015. but now phone camera is not working. has any one else facing same problem and please tell me what wil be the solution of this problemThanks Android but the whole story is that I buy N95-1 and same day

  • N95-1 Post update oddity... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've just updated my Nokia N95 to the latest firmware. All would appear to be fine, and I've restored my bookmarks/contacts files etc from a backup. However I've noticed that the label for the "launcher" key has for want of a better expressi

  • N95 8G software update Updated:11-30

    When I try to update my N95 the computer comes up with a fault saying there is a problem with the host and the update freezes at about 10%. I've tried to update 3 times now and the same thing happens. any thoughts?If you'll just browse/read through t

  • N95 No Software update available Updated:11-30

    I have an N95 RM-159 with firmware version 11.0.026. Upon running the software updater, I get a message that there are no updates available. The text messaging on the phone does not work. When I got to the "log" I get a system error message. I h

  • N95-1 Firmware update proble Updated:11-30

    I have 3 way calling feature in my previous firmware. after update . I can no loger be able to do that. eg. while talking with a friend, if I dial the 3rd person, I can join the 2lines by pressing the green call button. After update, pressing call bu

  • N95 fails to update Updated:11-30

    I'm having problems updating my N95. When I attempt to update, I geta message saying "No software updates available for your phone." To the left hand side, it shows a picture of the phone, and underneath it says Nokia N95 (RM-159) Firmware Versi

  • N95 Never been updated Updated:11-30

    Long time lurker first time poster; I have a N95-1 Running v11.0.026 On the O2 Network Do I download the most recent update or should I find and download each update since v11.0.026 ? Are there any updates I should avoid? Also, must the memory card b