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how to delete the t582a

  • Problem deleting infotypes Updated:11-30

    Hello I've tried to create a new infotype, 9026. The first time, I accidently created it as a PA infotype instead of HRP. When I tried to delete it, using PM01, some of the items created have stayed on the system, under TADIR entries: TABL HRI9026 TA

  • Delete File From Mounted Volume Updated:10-11

    Hey, I am trying to delete the "Calendar Cache" files on both my laptop PowerBook G4 and the Mac Pro Quad that I sync my calendars with. I am using ChronoSync and the individual calendars sync fine, but there is a little house keeping needed wit

  • How to delete the members in one dimension use the maxl script Updated:10-11

    i have question that i want to delete the members in one dimension useing the maxl script, but i do not know how to do it. can the maxl delete the members in one dimension? if can, please provide an sample script, thank you so mcuh.MaxL does not have

  • Error while deleting a mapping Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am getting the following error while deleting a mapping. My client version is API5072: Internal Error: Null message for exception. Please contact Oracle Support with the stack trace and details on how to reproduce it. oracle.wh.

  • Adobe cloud tries to load addon which I have deleted in Extension manager Updated:10-11

    when Adobe Cloud starts it tries to load an application (Edge FX lite) that I have deleted in Adobe Extension Manager cc. I get the error message ' unable to install the addon EdgeFX lite  error 603. How do I stop this? Also in Adobe Exchange in 'My

  • IPhone voice memos can't be deleted Updated:10-11

    I have unchecked voice memos and eleted others from my itunes library, but they still show in Voice Memos on the iphone (when viewed from itunes. How do I get rid of them from the iphone. I think this is why I have 4GB of OTHER cluttering my iphone m

  • IPhone Deletes Exchange Emails To Wrong Folder Updated:10-11

    Hello all! I have a Microsoft Exchange mail account setup on my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1) which works wonderfully, short of one aspect:  Emails deleted from my phone do not go to the accounts standard 'Trash' folder, but to a different 'Deleted' folder.  I

  • When I sync my iPod to my MacBook through iTunes new events do not show up and old events are not deleted. I am using Snow Leopard  and not iSync. Updated:10-11

    I am using Snow Leopard on a MacBook. I have an iPod touch 3G. I do not use iSync it Mobile Me. When I sync my iPod through iTunes new events on my iPod do not show up on my Mac and old events do not delete. I have read help instructions that include

  • How do you delete duplicate songs from your iPhone that do not show up in your iTunes library? Updated:10-11

    everytime i purchase songs on itunes and sync them to my iphone 4, the songs downloads twice. one as the actual song, and the second one doesnt do anything. when you click on it, it just skips to the next song and doesnt play anything. also this seco

  • Downloaded ios7 to my iphone 4 and now I have songs that I cannot delete and they do not show up on itunes either Updated:10-11

    Daughter upgraded to ios 7 and now she has like 4 songs that are not age appropriate on her iphone- I went into itunes and they dont show up...they are like hidden or something- and I cannot delete them from the phone...does anyone know why the upgra

  • Text delete options since software update Updated:10-11

    I've recently updated the software to and a new option appeared for text messaging. when i closed a message and went back to the list of text messages the delete symbol appeared next to the text for a few seconds. This was useful. Now, I

  • I deleted a contact, but they still show up in my text options to send.  I would like to delete the contact from my texts too. Updated:10-11

    I deleted a contact, but they still show up in my text options to send.  I would like to delete the contact from my texts too.No don't restore your iphone. I've done that several times & it has never worked. -I still have deleted contacts in my iphon

  • Phone stalls when trying to update or delete account Updated:10-11

    I've had problems with my 5c since updating the software (now running 7.1.2). My main issue is that I can't toggle any of the settings on my mail/calendar accounts (combination of Google and Exchange) or my iCloud account. Whenever I toggle one of th

  • How do i delete my credit card info from my phone. because it wont let me update or download apps because i only have 50 cents on the card Updated:10-11

    how do i delete my credit card info from my phone. because every time i try to update or download apps it wont let me because i only have 50 cents on my card. so i need help now before i smash this ****** *** phone and go with a galaxy s5This does no

  • Idisk app: delete file from iphone but NOT idisk? Updated:10-11

    maybe i'm missing something but how do you delete a downloaded file from just your iphone? when i tap the delete button in the downloaded file window it deletes it from my idisk.Jeff Stone1 wrote: well that is sort of what i thought. when the app was

  • Unable to delete file from desktop Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to delete a .mp4 file from my desktop. On doing so I'm first prompted to enter the password in a window 'Finder wants to make changes. Type you password to allow this'. After doing so I get the msg 'the operation can't be completed because

  • How to delete file from client machine Updated:10-11

    Hi all, we are using the DataBase: oracle:10g, and forms/reports 10g(developer suite 10g- can anybody help me how to delete the file from client machine in specified location using webutil or any (i tried with webutil_host & client_host but

  • Process Chain - Delete File from Application Server Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, Im working with Process chain, and i have a load from a flat file, so my question is : How can i delete that file from the application server after was loaded ? THANKS IN ADVANCED !!! I REALLY APRECCIATE YOUR HELP. Marcoshi, I have gone thr

  • How to delete file from application server(Unix) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Using the below code downloading a file from application server(Unix) to client machine. I want to delete the file from application server once it is downloaded to client We work on Forms and Oracle DB 10g. Client machine are Windo

  • How to delete file from column after upload with messageFileUpload? Updated:10-11

    Which is the way to delete a file from column i have uploaded with messageFileUpload. After uploading the system generates a link to download the file. But how i can delete the file?Thank you! Syncing has always scared me...basically I am just afraid