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how to collect feedback in jsp

  • How to pass the JCO Table and Structure in a collection List to frontEnd Updated:10-11

    hi, I have a BAPI which is returns me a Table and a structure. As i have used JCO I will receive it in JCO Table and JCO Structure. Now the question is that how I should pass both these of these using a collection to the frontend for displaying the d

  • JSP and Servlets - when to use which? Updated:10-11

    Greetings, I am a software developer with a very good understanding of Java. I build web applications, console applications, server/client apps, gui apps, what have you.. Web development with Java seems so dynamic now, that I can't seem to keep up wi

  • [Forum FAQ] A content management tool with dashboard based on SharePoint List Updated:10-11

    1.  Scenario: The SharePoint OOTB List has saved us a lot of time on managing mess data. It provides three forms to create/view/edit items, the ability to save the views we want with some specific filtering and sorting condition, versioning for easy

  • Not able to start out of the box approval workflow programmatically Updated:10-11

    We have a requirement to start an out of the box workflow from a .NET web service. We are using the StartWorfklow method: wfManager.StartWorkflow(item, association, association.AssociationData we are getting the below error message at the above line

  • Integartion of Business objects explorer with ABAP ALV Updated:10-11

    Hello all, We have a requirement to integrate one of our applications with business objects explorer. The complete details is as listed below: 1. Our application basically collects feedback provided by users and then displays an ALV with all the feed

  • How to redirect a first time OAM authenticated user to a custom page Updated:10-11

    We are using OAM with OVD. If user logs in for the first time thru OAM, we wanted to collect few more additional information about the user. To do this, we wanted to redirect the user to the collect-additional-data.jsp page immediately after