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how to clear the variance in mb5l report

  • Difference between MBBS and MB5L report. Updated:10-11

    All capital inventory till FY-2008-09 was transferred to revenue inventory by movemnt typr 411-Q in MB1B.All the codes those were transferrd are now appearing in MBBS but with zero value. However these codes are appearing in MB5L with value under GL

  • Stock account currency field in MB5L report Updated:10-11

    Hi! can any one tell me in MB5L report for field materials currency and stock account currency, from system will pick up the values? I think materials currency field will pick up from GL accounts? But stock account currency, from where it will pick u

  • Clarification on MB5L Report Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I have generated MB5L - List of Stock Value Balances, I have observed there is a difference in between Material Currency & Stock Account Currency. The same is appearing under Variance Currency. We are not using neither split valuation nor h

  • Variances of MB5L Updated:11-30

    I would like to know what's different of material and stock account. I found that there are some variance. Why the materials and stock account are not same value. I compared the MB5L and MB52, the total value are same. And the stock account on MB5L a

  • Variance calculation at reporting level Updated:10-11

    Dear All, There are two key figures in my report - Plan and Actual amount. Now user wants to see the variance between these two in % terms. Formula is ( Acutal - plan )/plan *100 . Now this formula works when plan value is not zero when ever the plan

  • MB5L Report Discrepacy for Material and Stock Account Currency Updated:10-11

    I have found in the MB Report Discrepancy for Material and Stock Account Currency. Why is this happening? Why is there a variance between total price in materials and stock account? Anyone please help me. I'm abaper but now been pushed to do logistic

  • Variance between MB5L and MMBE Updated:11-30

    Dear all, My client finds the variance between these two t codes for one specific material.that s why they are not able to pass the balance sheet. Please let me know the possible reasons. Kindly let me know through functional side instead of going th

  • MB5L REPORT Updated:11-30


  • Variance in MB5B report Updated:10-11

    Hi Fnrds,   When in execute the MB5B Report for one of my finished products , i get some variations . In the Stock type tab i have two options : a) Storage Loc/batch stock b) Valuated Stock . When i execute( Current month ) this repot with option A a

  • How to Transport Variance Forms and Reports(created in KKO4 and KKO1) Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I searched for the following but could not find matching  answer.Will you, therefore, suggest on the following 1. I created form in KKO4/5 2. Then I created report under above form in transaction KKO1 I did above in development and now

  • What is the difference between these two reports MC.1 and MB5L Updated:10-11

    Hi what is the difference between these two reports MC.1 and MB5L? what is the Purpose of each report? Material ledger is activated for this plant, we found some amount difference between these two reports, my client accounting department used to com

  • Report on Variance Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I am executing KKS2 (variance calculation) and KO88 (Order Settlement). System is calculating and showing variance at each cost element level. But this cost element will have different items like different material codes. For Ex: My va

  • Summarized Analysis - Variance Analysis report Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru's When Executing the Report "S_ALR_87013139 " of Order Variance analysis - Sumarization Report we are not able to fetch any data for the current year. But when we are checking for 2008 we are able to fetch some data but with wrong values

  • Financial Reporting: Current Month vs Prior Month Variance for all Entities Updated:11-30

    Silly/Easy Question: How can I set up a grid in Hyperion Financial Reporting to show these columns for all entities- Current Month NIBT, Prior Month NIBT, Variance So, the report would look like: Florida Current Month, Florida Prior Month, Florida Va

  • Reports MB5W / MB5L are not displaying the individual material lines Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are encountering a problem in MB5W/MB5L reports. When we are executing these report with the option checked "Display Indiv. Material Lines", system is not displaying the details material wise. It is just showing the GL wise value of M

  • Root cause for variance account Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys I have account details below as per MB5L Currency EUR G/L Account 104200 G/L Acct Long Text Costs for finished goods Materials 11.750.559,63 Stock Account 11.749.322,09 Variance 1.237,54- I want to know why Variances will be triggered What is

  • Report for Stock Value Balances for previous periods Updated:10-11

    Hi, I would like to fing a standard report on SAP to provide the monthly stock balances per period the same way as MB5L, but with the functionality to inform the yearHi Try using report FS10N for all the balnces period wise for a specific year, you n

  • Crystal Reports Compatibility Updated:10-11

    Our office uses Sage (Accpac) Pro 100 ERP 7.4, and we use Foxpro to generate reports (income statements and otherwise) from Sage. We're looking to do away with Foxpro for report customization and printing because of major technical problems, and Crys

  • Customized report for cost centers by different cost centers Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Customized report for cost centers by different cost centers: I need to build a customised report with the following format: Cost element columns | Cost center 1 | cost center 2 | cost center 3, etc -> dynamic cost center columns CE 1 .......

  • Scenarios for FICO report Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus      anybody please say a scenario for 1)Exception 2)Condition, 3)Variables, 4)RRI for FICO based reports... its urgent ..please help me out...    i will assign points Thanks in advance pradeepSee below scenarios on which you can implement E