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  • Amount check tolerances Updated:11-30

    Hello Why SAP has provided two settings for price variances 1. One at OMR6 2. In the same tree path, ITEM AMOUNT CHECK When we use item amount check and when we use OMR6 ??? Please give exmaple if possible. Thanks & RegardsHi Item amount check - U ca

  • Regarding tolerance checks in MIRO Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, We have a requirement to check tolerance checks for Unplanned delivery costs.  We need to raise a error message for not allowing the tolerance cheks  which are more than 5% for Unplanned delivery cost. Please suggest me the user exit or b

  • F.13 Include tolerances Updated:11-30

    Please advise where we define tolerance amount considered by system when clearing in F.13 with include tolerance selected. That from where system is getting include tolerance amount value Thanks for the helpHi, Activate check box include tolerances i

  • Tolerance in SRM and ECC (BE R/3) Updated:11-30

    Hi, During posting of invoice in SRM, why only TOG tolerance will be used for checking tolerance? As per my understanding, ECC tolerance will not be checked during SRM invoice posting. Is it correct system functionality in SRM? regards, Rahul Mandale

  • Quantity Tolerance Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I need to set quantity tolerance in the invoice. I have set tolerances at: - MM -> Logistics invoice verification -> Incoming Invoice -> Configure Vendor-Specific Tolerances : Here you can just set value tolerances. - OMR6 If we try to

  • Confirmation over PO quantity not possible despite TOG tolerances Updated:11-30

    hi, we are using the extended classic scenario and we have tolerance group attached to TOG attribute for employees in PPOMA_BBP. However when a PO is created form the shopping cart, the employee cannot do a confirmation more than the PO quanitity. (T

  • Lockbox Tolerances Problem - Urgent Updated:11-30

    Hi When are importing the lockbox file when when the customer payment difference is within tolerance limits system is posting the differences as a residual posting instead of posting to a Gl account. For example if customer invoice is for $5000 and c

  • Inbound idoc for updating delivery date of purchase order Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Our vendor sends a delivery file consisting of delivery date and quantity(could be partial) for line items of a purchase order. I need to update the Purchase order line item with the delivery date and quantity sent from the Vendor. It should

  • Moving average price variance in Invoice verification Updated:10-11

    Hello, I set in sys that the moving average of price variance will be check in tolerance of x% (lower & upper limit) BUT the system ignore it , when I save an Invoice (MIRO) with price that change the moving average price for more than X% the invoice

  • Clearing of GL items through F-03 Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have defined 2GL 22000 as an open item management account and when we are trying to clear the line items on this account with difference of about Rs.8 the system saying that the amount is too large and cannot allow to post.Incidetally we have

  • Automatic clearing for G/L account Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, the program is SAPF124, T-code is F.13. i have one requirment, please provide  valuable solutions.... my object current functionality is the program checks tolerance limit and it will post this amt into perticular this program

  • Vendor Bill Booking - CIN Environment Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a problem in vendor bill booking via MIRO. The purchase order contains details viz. Excise Duty, EDC etc. GR based IV has been ticked. When booking a Vendor invoice  thru MIRO (after the GR has been done), there is a  problem. If the M

  • PO Value should not exceed PR value ~ Control required Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I wanted to make PR number has mandatory for PO, i did it with the help of customising settings with doc type. Now I want to make PO Value should not exceeds the PR Value. How to make it in settings. or Is thr ant way available to make it (li

  • Determine if layer is black and white (or desaturated) Updated:11-15

    Is there a way to programmatically determine if a layer of a PSD is black and white?What mode are the images you want to check in anyway? CMYK, RGB …? I suppose there are several options to achieve it. • Iterating through the pixels with a ColorSampl

  • Assets PO filled in F-48 Updated:11-30

    Hi. I filled Purchasing Order number in F-48 in Purchasing Document field. For that i did neccesary settings in AO90 & other. Now enty passed Advance to Vendor A/c.. Dr Rs.50000 Asset A/c... Dr Rs.50000   To Bank A/c Rs.50000   To Asset Clearing A/c

  • Budget exusted in me21n Updated:11-30

    Dear All I am facing a problem in ME21 N  when ever i have created an assets purchase order. I have assign the budget in internal order which is 100,000 USD but i am posting 40,000 Usd ..But system shows budget exusted creating purchase order ..

  • Invoice is Blocked for Payment Automatically -  No variance found Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are encountering a problem. Some Invoices are getting blocked for payment with blocking reason R = Invoice Verification. I checked the Quantity, Price and the Dates in the PO and the Invoice but there seems to be no difference. I also chec

  • Doubt : Project System with purchase requistion Updated:11-30

    Hi all I have to develop one report in Purchase report with PS module. Input parameter : Project No. (Proj-PSPNR) Based on the Project no. i need to take AUFNR from AUFK, and then pass AUFNR to EBKN-NPLNR ie. EBKN-NPLNR = AUFK.AUFNR My doubt : wht is

  • Why does internal order can exceed budget ? Updated:11-30

    i use real internal order 400001 . set budget at KO22 year 2008 = 100  (post not over 100) config at t-code KOT2_OPA   budget profile = 000001 and set order availability control : tolerance limits = 100 (error message) but when i post expense at FB60

  • Order budget exceeded when creating a PO Updated:11-30

    Dear all, When we create a PO against an Internal Order, the system displays the message "Item 001 - order X budget exceeded". But checking that order we can see budget available. Do you guys have idea the reason of it? Many thanks, AmandahI, Yo