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how to activate bte

  • How to Configue/Activate BTE's Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I have an requeriment that need an use of an BTE. I allready know witch BTE use, 1120, but in TCODE FIBF im facing some dificulties to understand how to configure the use of BTE 1120. Can anyone explain me how can i do this? Thanks in Advan

  • Adding a field to free selection option in F110 using BTE 00001820 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am trying to activate BTE 00001820 so i can add the user name field to the free selection prameters screen in F110. Did all the configuration in FIBF, creat a Z for the relevant function. I added a break point inside the function expecting t

  • BTEs and Transaction codes Updated:11-30

    Hello Finance experts, What are Business Transaction Events(BTEs)? What is the purpose of them and how they are related to BTEs? How to find a BTEs related to a Transaction code? Any ideas.......A Business Transaction Event are publish/subscribe inte

  • Business Area postings in Tax line items Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, As we know that Business Area is not updated in the tax line items, In one our company code we have done BA adjustment through F.5D and F.5E in 2007, after that there are thousands of line items in the system without business areas, now m

  • Business Area Postings Updated:10-11

    Hi dear gurus, I need business area based gl posting (line item) report. It must show, date, amount, user, business area. are there any standard report for this? thanks in advance,Hello, Are NewGL and document splitting active in your system? If yes,

  • Posting Customer Payment Term Discount Separately Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus, I have configured the system for the Customer Payment Terms in SAP but I am having hard time showing that correctly in FBL5N. For Example: Invoice Value $100 Payment Term 2% Discount Customer Pays on time $98 In FBL5N main display screen

  • FV60 - validate duplicate invoices by reference and vendor number Updated:10-11

    Hi, How to configure the system to validate duplicated invoice by REFERENCE AND VENDOR NUMBER irrespective of dates? This validation need in FV60.Hi Paul, if you want a duplicate invoice check from the FI side, then you may have to activate BTE 1110

  • Transfer of material from R/3 to APO, Problem in Integration model Updated:10-11

    Hi I have created Integration model for Transferring material from R/3 to APO. While  activating the model, it is giving error  with status as i..e. SYSFAIL On clicking the status, I am getting the following message "Logical system R3CON does not ass

  • Cannot transfer transactional data Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I really need your help regarding this incident. I am having problems with the APO system. I cannot transfer the transactional datas from APO to R/3. However, I am able to successfully transfer the transactional data from R/3 to APO. When

  • Business area issue in consumption items Updated:11-30

    Dear Sapgurus, while doing in me21n with cost center k means consumptions system says popup error mesage, but in same in me21n tradable gooks i am not facing any issue. Balancing field "Business Area" in line item 001 not filled Message no. GLT2

  • How to stop collecting CIF queues in SAP ECC. Updated:11-30

    We had implemented SAP Plug-In CIF for live data transfer between R/3 and APO ., now that we stopped using APO,  we want stop collecting data in CIF relevant queues in R/3 system. Deleting or changing RFC destinations didn't help as queues are still

  • Please help: 2LIS_03_BF , 2LIS_03_UM Updated:11-30

    2LIS_03_BF , 2LIS_03_UM: I do not see any data in RSA3 for these datasources. 1. I have activated these in LBWE. 2. Delted the set up tables via LBWG 3. Ran the T COde 0LI3BW 4. In BF11 , BW is check marked . 5. Ran RSA3 but I see the message " 0 rec

  • Duplication of invoice number with deffent date of such duplication invoice Updated:11-30

    Hi duplication of invoice no.with different date of such duplication of invoice no.before sumulate or post the document.where as system giving information only in case of simillar bill no. with simillar date.. please give me sugession how to resolve

  • Change sender email address for payment advice Updated:11-30

    Hi, I used FIBF to activate BTE 2040 to allow me email Payment Advice. This is working well and takes the 'Sender' email address from the user master data. I don't want to use the user master data so does anyone know how/where to change the sender em

  • Initial settings from APO- ECC for CIF Updated:11-30

    HI Gurus,                Please can any one help me what are the setting need to be connected in APO system to connect or move orders from APO -> ECC.Please let me know step by step if possible. Thanks for your help. Thanks& Regards, KumarHi Kumar,

  • FORM has to access fields from reference(structure) Updated:11-30

    I want to implement a FM for which a template is available ('SAMPLE_PROCESS_00005021'). This FM has a changing parameter 'REFERENCE(c_structure)' without any type. How can I fill the individual fields in this structure?Hi, we try make code for 0FI_GL

  • How to activate the standard workflow :ws10000051 Updated:10-11

    hello,experts     here is my problem:     I want to activate the standard workflow for document parking :ws10000051 .      I have already activate the event type linkage in SWE2.     And then ,  i maintian  obwa , obwj , obwb, obwc, obwd.obwe,obwf.  

  • BTE 1640 for FBL1N Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I have used BTE 1640 to display some text at the header of  tcode FBL1N. I have appended the text lines in table T_LINES and the text is displayed correcly on the vendor display header at the top. But when I do sorting of the line items th

  • FI - BTE events for transaction F110 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm quite new to the FI module and have a question regarding Business Transaction Events. I tried by searching the forum but haven't found exactly what I was looking for, so if someone could help me out I'll be forever thankful! The problem i

  • BTE for F-30 Updated:11-30

    Hello, How do I setup BTE for transaction F-30? Is this possible at all? Thanks.Hello, Yes, This BTE triggers after press the save button. You can activate it with using FIBF. Critical question is, What do you want to do with BTE while posting FI doc