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how to 0tct bw

  • Any help on why not seeing all these "0TCT" process variants in RSOR? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am following some instructions on installing BW Statistics for BI7, but I am stuck at a point: 1. In RSOR, Object Types, “Process Chain”, I am supposed to select all “Process Variants” that begin with “0TCT” The only one I found is “0TCT_MD_C_F

  • Steps in Technical Content (0TCT*) Updated:11-30

    Hello, Please let me know the steps are correct or something is missing. 1) Activate the Technical content just like business content (say activating cube 0TCT_C03: Data Manager Statistics ) 2) Check the extractor in BW, t-code RSA3 (self system) to

  • BI Statistics - 0TCT ... Updated:11-30

    ST03 transaction provides system load performance etc. It gets its data from BI Content Statistics. I read documentation on various Technical Content: 0TCT_C01, C02, C03 u2026 etc, cannot figure where this workload information is stored. Appreciate a

  • Tech. Content Process Chain (0TCT...) Updated:11-30

    Hi,     I installed the technical content for BW7.0 and they are visible in BW but when I installed the technical business content process chains, they are not visible in RSPC. I did search for them but could not find any where. What can be the reaso

  • How to find Porcess Chain Failure from 0TCT Updated:11-30

    I want to generate a report of process chain failures. I am looking at 0TCT_C21, do not have clue how to get this information. May be some other cube provides this information. Appreciate any help.Hi, 0TCT_VC11 and 0TCT_VC12 gives status. BI object s

  • Need analysis authorization help Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus, Could someone please help me out with my Analysis Authorization issue? We have a BW query and workbook outputting "Tcode usage" like the following: UserGroup| Username| Tcodename| Frequency This one has been running long time withou

  • Inserting queries in a role Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, i need to assign queries to a role so that users having this role will be able to get the queries in their menu when they log into the system. How can I do it? ParthaSteps 1)PFCG -->create ROLE 2)SU01 -->assign ROLE to user 3)RSECADMIN --&

  • Where will I specify process chain and query time statistics to be loaded . Updated:10-11

    I am on BI 7.0. I see on my system, BI Statistics Technical Content has been installed because when I run RSDDSTAT transaction under Info Provides I see cubes such as 0TCT_C01, oTC_C02, oTCT_C03,  oTCT_MC01, 0TCT_VC01.. I also see process chains inst

  • Back ground Jobs report Updated:10-11

    HI I am running Process chain as a Back ground job in my user name, now i have a requirement that we need to extract a report out of my system which contains data about " At what time my process chains are running and how many data are loaded" I

  • BI Admin Cockpit process chains fail to install Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I'm attempting to install and configure the BI Admin Cockpit on our BI Development system. I've followed the steps outlined in the collective note, 965386. When running transaction rstcc_inst_biac to install the Content for the BI Admin Cockp

  • BI Admin Cockpit - Field Start-Time 0TCTSTRTTIM in cube 0TCT_C21 Updated:10-11

    Hello, We recently installed the BI Admin Cockpit from technical content. When looking at the data transfer rules in all concerned info cubes like 0TCT_C21 (Process Statistics) I find that all time and date fields are derived from some time stamp fie

  • User is not authorized Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a reqt where i have to create auth on 2 info object namely location and region. I have done following steps but when i run the query i get "user is not authorized" error 1: Made location authorization relevant and in navigational attr

  • Analysis Authorization created in RSECADMIN Updated:11-30

    Hi I created an alaysis authorization using the transaction RSECADMIN following the steps Step 1: Activate all business content related to authorizations before you get started:* InfoObjects: 0TCA* and 0TCT* InfoCubes: 0TCA* Set the following InfoObj

  • BI 7 Authorizations: Business Content and usage of which Objects? Updated:11-30

    Good day I am busy with the BI 7 Analysis Authorizations concept. I have gone through SDN as well as other sites and obtained numerous guidelines for applying these authorizations. I will not be utilising the migration tool as I will be creating the

  • Creating a transformation for delivered datasource 0TCTPRCSVAR_TEXT Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to set up my delivered technical content for the BI Administrator cockpit  (all the 0TCT... objects).  Everything is working well except for 4 datasources: 0TCTBWOBJCT_ATTR 0TCTBWOBJCT_TEXT 0TCTPRCSVAR_ATTR 0TCTPRCSVAR_TEXT While all

  • What is the best approach to install BI statistics in SAP BI ? Updated:11-30

    Hello All, what is the best approach to install BI statistics in SAP BI ? by collecting objects in standard BI content- 0TCT*objects or by executing some standard tcodes. Regards, Sivathe best approach is based on version of your BW system follow up

  • BI - Administration Cockpit Updated:11-30

    Hi 1)Can BI Admin Cockpit be used with NW2004s 3.x methodology (I mean we are on NW2004s SP-10 however we have used 3.x methodology for all cubes/queries and no DTP or transformations) 2)Can BI Admin cockpit be configured  directly in production or t

  • Technical content : aggregate statistics cube info Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, can anyone let me know which cube should be used for aggregate statistics in BI7 ( 0TCT* ). similar to the statistics from cube 0BWTC_C04. Many Thanks, Neeraj.Hi , Please refer to the below link,

  • Technical content in NW04s Updated:11-30

    As I understand the technical content infocubes provided in NW04s are named 0TCT*. And earlier in NW04 it was 0BW*. 1) Is that right? 2) If yes then is it true that if the infocube is still on NW04 in the NW04s environment then only 0BW* infocubes wi

  • Admin cockpit - Business Content Process chain Activation failure Updated:11-30

    Hi, we are working in Admin cockpit in sand box server. we are activating the Business Content Process chain by taking all variants (begin with 0TCT) but we are getting the error message that Process AND has no predecessor. Could you kindly suggest a