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how read messages me21n badi

  • Map vendor, Purchase Organization and Purchageing group Updated:11-30

    Hi ALL, Where we can map vendor, Purchase Organization and Purchageing group. Beacuse user could not getting output record automatically in message (me21n) for combination perticular PurOrg and PurGrp. For some of the combination, we are getting outp

  • Suppress an error message while creating a return PO ( ZRO type) (ME21n) Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I have to write a code in order to suppress the below message while creating a return purchase order (of type ZRO) , transaction ME21n  after entering the purchase organization, purchase group, the vendor & the material no :- "You have

  • Error message in ME21n / me22n (on save) Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus            I need to raise a error message in ME21n for which I am using ZXM06U44 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_013 I followed this link to help me out... I am getting a informati

  • Error Calling Data Provider for Return PO in Me21N Message Number FES011 Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am trying to create a Return PO using ME21N. Im giving all the parameters and values. But While saving its generating an Error. it states "Error calling Data Provider". Message No. FES011 What could be the possible error . Any clue

  • ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST allows save in ME21n despite error message triggered Updated:10-11

    Hello MM Experts, We have a business requirement to prohibit the use of account assignment "A" (assets) on 2 particular document types that are used by departmental end users that should NOT be allowed to buy assets.  The purchase of assets is r

  • Is it possible to add error message in me21n  ? Updated:10-11

    i post this question before  , but didn't get any answer . i add subscreen to me21n by (MM06E005). now i want to add message to inforce the user to fill the field in the tab . i tried to do so in the exit but its just lock the customer data tab . i t

  • Raise an Error message in ME21N Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am using user exit (SRVDET: EXIT_SAPLMLSP_040) to raise an Error message, it will terminate ME21N by the Error message. Did anyone know how to make it return to ME21N after an Error message... I try to set screen to 500, 210...etc. but it

  • Error message in Me21n tcode Updated:10-11

    Hi,    we have developed a  user exit to get error message when po value is greater than some amount in me21n tcode. am getting error message when entering all items. But when  press SAVE button  i want that error message also. But am not getting tha

  • How to display long error message in ME21N Updated:10-11

    Hi, How to display a long error text (in multiple lines) in ME21N / ME22N message popup we get while saving or checking the PO. My error message length is 100 chars. It is displaying only 40 chars in a single line. My requirement is to display that i

  • BADI/user exit for ME21N - Warning message for "our reference" field Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I have a problem. In ME21N, I need to show a warning message (message w... ) when user enter an already-used-before input in "Our reference' field (EKKO-UNSEZ). I've tried in two methods. 1. Using fm EXIT_SAPMM06E_004. But it can only works

  • Capture Screen message while ME21N Updated:10-11

    How can I capture the PO Number while executing Me21N. In one report I am called ME21N. SAP Displays message PO <PO Number > Created. I want to capture the PO Number and wanted to do further processing. I tried to get data from SYST MSGV1, MSGV2 MSG

  • Warining Message in ME21N/ME22N in SAP4.6B Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have given a warning message in a user exit(EXIT_SAPMM06E_013). This user exit is triggered on PO SAVE. In ME21, ME22 the warning message is being diaplyed as expected. But in ME21N, ME22N the warning message is not being displayed but is j

  • ME21N / ME22N sometimes message VE108 Updated:11-30

    Hi, after upgrade ECC6, SOMETIMES, when i create or modify purchase order (ME21N, ME22N) the custom price condition (Z015 - discount price) doesn't determined. In pricing analysis there is an error message VE 108. After manually updating prices, does

  • POSTING_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT in message of ME21N Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, when i create an ODA (ME21N) with related output message, on the save i have the dump: ************Runtime error Report outputRuntime Errors POSTING_ILLEGAL_STATEMENT Statement "CALL SCREEN" is not allowed in this form. What happened?

  • Raisiing an error message to fill in customised tabscreen in me21n Updated:11-30

    hi. i have created one tabscreen in header of me21n and i just want to raise an error message if the use has filled data in all t fields of tabscreens of header in me21n except the customised tabsubscreen that i have created . i came to know that thi

  • Changing error message for mandatory field in me21n Updated:11-30

    Hi, We had made the field "Collective no." of the additional data tab of the me21n transaction mandatory. We also change the name of that field to a custom name. Now if the user doesn't enter text in that field we get the error "Please ente

  • Capture error messages in message log in ME21n transaction Updated:11-30

    Hello friends, i have a question here.I have created a Z-table which contain data about material groups which will not be used for the particular plant.when we create a PO now ,i am checking for each line item whether the material group entered for e

  • About gr message check box in me21n Updated:11-30

    Please any one can explain the purpose of the field gr message check box in the header part in the delivery invoice tab page while creating purchase order t-code me21n regards and thanks satyaHI. Sathya We are required this same scenario Can u please

  • Adding message  types to ME21N,Me22N ? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am creating SO from PO using ALE-IDoc . though i am successfully creating the SO . i have one problem. i am creating the SO through Message type NEU , but also i have to generate the print out of the PO simultaneously. To this i am using me

  • ME21N - Get output messages spool number Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need some user exit or BADI that allow me to get the number of the spool object that will be available for output messages on TSP01 table after saving the PO in ME21N. I've tried to implement ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST method POST but have no idea is t