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  • Will Apple help us with ATT rate hikes? Who do I contact? Updated:10-11

    Just a few months ago - and at the time I entered into my 2 year contract - unlimited textings was avaialble for less that 5 dollars more. But that is now gone and what has taken its place is just Dick Channey crazy! Wasnt the whole point of APPLE in

  • Hike in Nokia Asha 230 Updated:10-11

    Is the hike is available for Nokia Asha 230? Plz tell me if you know......Hi noklov, Thanks for sharing your query with us. The Hike Messenger is not available for Nokia Asha 230 per Nokia Store. Note that availability of an application will be depen

  • Bt screws up (3rd dec price hikes) but refuses lia... Updated:11-30

    Well i contacted bt as I tried to cancel my line and was told I would have to wait until i was notified , Recieved not 1 but 2 letters in december (one on the 2nd one on the 5th) Apologising that they had tried but failed to email me  Tried again to

  • Hike not working on nokia asha 305 Updated:11-30

    my hike is not working as my filmware version of nokia asha 305 has to be upgraded. how can i do it from Nokia supportHi, Welcome to the forum! If the application prompted that the phone needs to be updated, you can check the link below for the steps

  • Asha 230 Hike is available Updated:11-30

    Just succesfully downloaded Hike from the link below. But it loads and displays '' Pulling out digits '' . Immediately it says Something went wrong. Why is it so??? Mobile Data was on too.

  • Why the Price Hike? Updated:11-30

    What's the deal with the price hike to $1.30 for a song? There is no sound quality difference, I don't care what the Plus thing is supposed to be for.This has been discussed many times: htt

  • Proposed hike by record companies is outrageous... Updated:11-30

    Just a thought - LL Cool J's new album ("Todd Smith" pre-sale) has 16 songs. at $.99US at iTunes that's almost $16 for the album, if you chunk it up and buy, say, a third of the songs at a time, and not the "Album" purchase. Flaming Li

  • Hike messages not opening Updated:11-30

    Hike messages not openingHi, It seems there are two possibles for this. 1) Antivirus ware from McAfee or Kaspersky that are now not allowing Messages since the OS  10.10.3 update. 2) In the Contacts App > Preferences > Accounts there are two active

  • DSL Price Hike Updated:11-30

    When I started my DSL plan with Verizon in 2008, it was around 17 or 19 dollars. Over the years, it gradually rose to around $23, which seemed reasonalble though a little high given the level of inflation. However, last year, it jumped by $10 to $33.

  • Did nokia asha 200 supports hike messanger Updated:11-30

    How to download hike messenger for Nokia asha 200 Solved! Go to Solution.Yes........... download t from Click kudo(star button) or ACCEPT as solution button if you are able to get me..... HemantRead other 4 answers

  • Is hike available in asha 501 Updated:11-30

    Except asha 501 every asha set has got hike messenger when will it come in asha [email protected] Hi. Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions. Have you tried checking the info shared by Abi99? Availability of the apps will be depending on the app develop

  • End of Contract Huge Price Hike Updated:10-11

    Earlier this year (April 2013) I was offered the chance to upgrade my Broadband to BT Infinity free of charge with a promise on the letter of no change to my contract or price increases.   Although the speed difference from standard Broadband (15-17m

  • Problems with numbers, slow and scroll up and down with hik-ups? Updated:10-11

    imac with lion and have problems with numbers, slowly although i have an i7 8gb 2 TB Imac 27inch. what seems to be the problem? thanksThe problem is that iWork apps were coded with feets not with brains. We just may hope that the next upgrade will be

  • Had iDVD 08 running and then it 'took a hike' . . . Updated:11-30

    I can't believe this. Had iDVD 08 up and running after installing last week (bought disc when it first came out but couldn't install initially as it wouldn't launch). Kept using iDVD 06. Anyway, had it up and running yesterday. Today I emptied the tr

  • Big price hike for macbooks recently? Updated:11-30

    I bought mine 3 months ago for about $1,000 at B&H. (2.4ghz). Now they have the same model for $1270. The only difference is they're throwing in a sleeve and calling it a "kit". Is this just an Apple thing? Economy perhaps? A 25% jump is kin

  • UK Price Hike Updated:11-30

    Apple were making inroads in Education but the Ed discount is now only 5% and in the UK that means the price of these machines has actually risen over the older machines. Additionally the retail (without discount) price in comparison with the older m

  • Dramatic hike in FTTP on Demand prices Updated:11-30

    FTTP on Demand is going to be much more expensive than some have believed. This is not surprising after watching engineers trying to put the fibre in from exchanges to street cabinets, and all the examples of collapsed ducts. It's a hard job! The mon

  • New Member / Video Card Choice Question Updated:10-11

    New CS4 Production Premium User Here. I am building a computer system specifically for Video Editing and production for use with Premier CS4 & Sony Vegas.. Have been doing my usual amount of Over Research here and other places but have a series of is

  • How are Game Center "Friend Recommendations" people I know in real life? (Meetup/Facebook data?) Updated:10-11

    This seems like a major privacy concern, but mainly I'm just very curious how this can possibly happen: The Game Center app suggests primarily people I have met in real life... but have had NO online interaction with! I life in a high-population US c

  • I am happy with the CC format- it works for me Updated:10-11

    There are a million and one negative threads about the new CC stuff. But I wanted to start a thread with a different tone. I realize that the majority of those in the forum probably see the CC change as a negative one. And in complete honesty, I unde