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hide variable screen in RRI

  • Bex 3.5 : hide variable screen popup running SAPBEXrefresh Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We need to create a simple tool specifying a file list of excel workbooks containing queries to be refereshed. Thanks to the doc of "boeke" and the precious Peter Knoer's posts, I've done the following : > log on BW, then for each wor

  • How to show a variable screen when clicking on direct link of report in ,when that report is used as target in RRI alsoRRI Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have created RRI between two reports and the type is web template/WAD. My requirement is to show the variable screen of target report when clicked on direct link and it should not show the var. screen if it goes from jump/go to. while curre

  • How to hide some variables on variables screen in web report (in WAD) Updated:10-11

    I need to hide some optional variables (not all of them) on variables screen in web template. Hiding the whole selection screen is not an option, since users have to populate other variables and some variables are mandatory. Web template is based on

  • RRI variable screen problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am facing a problem here I am using RRI there in RSBBS I have included two queries in One query. After I excuted query when I am trying to navigate to the another query which I have included it is giving me the variable screen i.e input s

  • RRI Problem : Variable Screen Popup while Jumping  to Target Query Updated:10-11

    While jumping from Source to Target query (both are BEx queries), Variable Entry Screen of the Source is popping Up again during Jump, which after pressing Execute (F8) without entering any values, displaying Target Query results correctly. My Target

  • Reg. Variable screen while loading bookmark Updated:10-11

    HI Friends, We are working with WAD in SAP BI 7.01 ( With SAPKW70105 patch). We are having some issue with variable screen display while loading bookamark. Actually user wanted to show the Variable screen while running report, So we explicity switche

  • Variable Screen for query view is hidden Updated:10-11

    Hi All,    I caome across an old query in BW 3.5 which is haiving some mandatory variables. There is a query view for the same query but when i am executing the query view i didn't got any variable screen and its running for some predefined value. Ho

  • Description for Variable in variable screen Updated:11-30

    Hi Forum, I am using variables type "Replacement Path" in a query for 0FISCYEAR and 0FISCPER3 through by another variable for 0FISCPER. The variables are functioning well, but in the screen of entrance of variables, the variable for 0FISCPER dis

  • Message on a Variable Screen Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I need to display an Information Message on a (WAD)Variable Screen. Is it possible? If yes, How? ThanksHi, Have a look on this thread Edit variable selection screen You can make use of the class CL_RSR_WWW_Variable_screen for your require

  • Can we load data in variable screen from flat file? Updated:10-11

    Hello all, One of my user once asked me she needs to run a report for some employees, i said you can just type that in employee varaible input box. She said I need to run the report and I need it for 120 employees, she has the employee numbers in exc

  • Compounded characteristic are not displayed in the variable screen (BI 700) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, How to display compounded characteristic  in the variable screen of queriies? Example : IO 0PROFIT_CTR is compounded to 0CO_AREA. Tryimg to select 0PROFIT_CTR via a variable, only values of 0PROFIT_CTR are displayed in F4 opo up, not thos

  • Variable screen performance in report Updated:10-11

    In my project we are having  somany master data objects, we have to find the performance of selection screen ,earlier we have only display as selection screen  as key now according to our client requirment we are providing both key and text in sleect

  • Pop up message on the variable screen in portal when report is run Updated:10-11

    Hello I have a requirement to pop up a message stating " Date should not be entered before 2010 "on the variable screen of the report if date is entered before 2010 by the user when the report is run. Please can someone tell me how to implement

  • F4 input help on Variable screen is not working on Portal Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are facing one issue when we run the WAD report on portal, variable screen gets hang after clicking on input help button (F4) for couple of variables. We are facing same issues when we run the base queries on portal. But when we run

  • Variable screen/variant screen authorization issue Updated:10-11

    HI All, We have implemented standard Cost Center Overview Report(0SR_C02_Q0002) in BI 7. We have three selection fields: 1.Company Code which is mandatory 2.My controlling Area which is also mandatory 3.Costcenter which is not mandatory The requireme

  • Bookmark Issue in WAD (Report Output without Variable Screen) Updated:10-11

    Hi , This issue is with the Saving of Report Output to Bookmark. Expected Output: Clicking on the Bookmark should bring out the Report Output with the Period and Year, which was used while saving the Bookmark. It should not pop up variable screen at

  • Message at the variable screen Updated:10-11

    Hello, I would like that message pops up at the variable screen during the execution of the report. How can I implement this functionality? ThanksHi, Use the following Code, don't write in between Case and EndCase, after ENDCASE you write code for I_

  • Variable Screen Refresh in IP Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I am useing Tabs in my Layouts, onces the user in layout after entering the Variables. he can move from one tab to another tab. We have provided the option Variable button in order the changes the variables. so when the user clicks on this

  • Display message in BEx variable screen in 7.0 Updated:10-11

    In BEx 3.5 I was able to display a message to the user when they enter a value they are not authorized for in the variable screen.  This was done using the function module RRMS_MESSAGE_HANDLING in the variable user exit at step 3 and raising no_repla

  • Variable Screen Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can we show a 'Information Message' on the variable screen for 1 particular query! I have a user exit variable in the query and I believe I can use this user exit variable to show the information message on the varable screen. When we run the que