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  • When a 10" PlayBook tethered with a BB running BBX on LTE Updated:11-30

    When will a 10" PlayBook be available that can be tethered with a BB running BBX on LTE? * a 7" display is woefully inadequate. * if a 10" is being considered, will it have it's own email? * how soon will it be before we see PlayBook and a

  • MSI Big Bang Xpower D4 Debug (No POST, No Beep) Updated:10-11

    Specs: -MSI Big Bang XPower Mainboard -Cooler Master  Silent Pro Gold 1000W PSU -MSI GTX460 -Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 3 x 2GB RAM (CMP6GX3M3A1600C8) -Intel Core i7 970 processor Issue: While power on, the debug indicator gets to d4 (indicating pro

  • Advice From An Old Guy Updated:10-11

    Times change, moderators come and go. Here is some advice from an old timer to any new moderators, and those that may desire to be one in the future. I was never an official full fledged moderator here at this forum or at others. Be that as it may, t

  • Small Network by BlackBerry Date Package and Tethering Updated:11-30

    Hello BBers ! I Tether my BlackBerry Data package to my laptop, of course using BlackBerry Desktop Software. Now, I need to know if there is anyway/device can help me to use this internet to connect other Wi-Fi devices such as iPod Touch, Tablet PCs

  • Plz help in date formate ............ Updated:11-30

    plz wana help in this case >> my data post from system as bbx set that make log file for all calls from mobil or national or international and this call belong for ex. last month then i get this log and post all data of calls to the database after t

  • @Adobe: Flash Mobile axed?! Updated:11-30

    Adobe, I read today you have abandoned Flash development for mobile devices. But what does this mean for the future of Flex/AIR and developing apps in Flash Builder for mobile devices?I was just sent this from a flash usergroup: #1 Some FAQs about Ad

  • Convert hardcoded SP into Dynamic Merge ststement(SP) Updated:11-30

    Hi I am working on to convert my static Store procedure to Dynamic. I have created a Store procedure with the help of Mege statement which is inserting new record and updating existing record. This SP I will use in SSIS Insted of Data Flow Task I wil

  • ATI- or NVidia-based cards? Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone I know everyone has their favorites, especially when it comes to performance. Performance isn't that important to me.  Reliability and relative quiet is.  I'm considering getting one of the Frozr cards from MSI, but would like to know whe

  • Run app air in RIM? Updated:11-30

    What RIM devices run AIR? Only playbook? Exists some prevision for others devices RIM run AIR?At the moment, only PlayBook. The next generation of BlackBerry phones will run QNX (BBX/BlackBerry 10) and presumably AIR. As far as I know there are no pl