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hdd de 400gb en os9

  • Pm8pm-v with awardbios 3.3 and SATA 400gb hdd problems Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a problem with my pm8pm-v mother board. When I plug the SATA hdd, in the bios setup only recognize 150GB, the hdd have 400gb. I updated the bios, I have windows XP sp2, I use the western digital data tools and nothing works. In fact the we

  • OS X Server 10.3.9 can't handle very big HDDs as RAID miror? Updated:10-11

    I really searched hard on this one, but couldn't find definitive answer. In our office, we have OS X Server 10.3.9 running on a G5 (dual 2GHz, 3GB RAM). OS X itself is installed on a 80GB hard drive. there is also another internal SATA HDD of 400GB f

  • Network Drives inaccessible Updated:10-11

    I have now updated to Version 10049, after a fresh install of 10041, since the update from 9926 didn't work.   I have found that this version and 10041 both have a problem with seeing the local network drives.   I can assign  drive letters to the par

  • IBook Blueberry Installation advice Updated:11-30

    I need some advice on an iBook 20Gb HDD 256Mb system running OS9. I am wondering which version of OSX can I run without any problems and if I can install an Airport card in it for wireless networking. If I can then how is the card installed. Many tha

  • [T61] Monitor color calibration Updated:11-30

    Did anyone use colorimeter to calibrate their monitors on T61? Can anyone share a ICC profile for it? My monitor is WXGA, LG Philips 154WX4-TLA6 and screen it's kinda too bright. I know this isn't the best monitor, but I think it could display the pi

  • T61 T8300 vs T7500? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am going to buy a used Thinkpad T61 15,4´´ I have two options with identical hardware except the processor unit: T7500 2,2 Ghz or T8300 2,4GHz Would I feel a difference between these two processors in everyday usage (office, internet, some phot

  • Win XP wont recognize the 400GB USB external HDD Updated:11-30

    I just bought a external 400gb hdd from toshiba, usb 2.0 no psu says plug and play right on the box and windows xp wont recognize it. The little blue led comes on, but nothing works at all. The only thing that happened once, is I THINK xp recognized

  • Can OS9 read GUID external HDD? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm helping my brother "decommission" a defunct G4 that was running OS9/Jaguar.   I have removed the internal HDD and am about to transfer the files onto an external HDD and wondered about the partition scheme it requires. can a OS9 mach

  • Started with Leopard, added OS9, lost a HDD? Updated:11-30

    Hello, The Mac I recently bought came with Leopard clean installed on the 2nd HDD, but I found out that it had previously had OS9.2.2 on the 1st HDD. Since the installation of leopard was on a completely separate drive, I figured there was little har

  • OS9 on a new HDD Updated:11-30

    Hi all......I just replaced my HDD in my G4 MDD with a larger drive and installed Leopard 10.5.8.......I still want to run OS 9 because of ALL the software I have for it (CLASSIC GAMES,LOL). Can I install OS 9 on a different HDD and boot from it? I h

  • Why does ext HDD / time machine run slow? Updated:10-11

    Apologies if this is answered else where, but I can't find any answers. I have a MBP running OSX 10.6.8. Connected to it as a Time Machine is a Freecom 400GB 28147 uk, external hardrive connected over USB 2.0. I also have a Mac Mini running 10.6.8. W

  • Satellite A500-1DU - What is HDD max capacity Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have to re-install the factory installed Win 7 on my Satellite A500-1DU because I am not able to install SP1. The cause is that the product information inside Win 7 is missing. Regarding this I like to install a new HDD with more capacity (c

  • OS9 Premiere v6.0 & Cleaner v5.1.2 freezing system Updated:10-11

    I've just freed up my G4 Dual 1Ghz due to a newer Mac and wanted it put it to use running Premiere v6.0 and Cleaner v5.1.2 which is currently handled by an even older Beige G3 (with 800Mz processor) but of course has a lot slower bus speed. The G4 ha

  • My new HD with a cloned system and apps won't boot the G5 when installed. The clone drive is being journal formatted via usb with OS9 checked in disk utility. First time around, I didn't check OS9, and the G5 didn't boot from the clone drive. Advice? Updated:10-11

    My system is a G5 PPC with 2x 2Gig 64bit processors (dual core). 6 gig of ram on board, running OSX 10.4.11. I recently discovered the main drive was actually a laptop drive someone had stuffed in there! (The machine was given to me - yes, really). S

  • IMac G4 won't boot from FireWire HDD Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone, I recently got a 1st generation iMac G4 with OS 9.2. I updated RAM to 768 mb and now I'd like to install Tiger on it. I found my old Tiger DVD but it looks like the DVD drive in to the iMac doesn't work properly. When I put in the DVD, i

  • Windows 7 not starting with 2nd HDD Updated:10-11

    Having lots of fun with this one. Have a Mid 2012 MBP Classic. Recently purchased a HDD caddy for a second hard drive and a SSD (Crucial M500 480GB). My intention is to run OS X Mountain Lion on a 400GB partition on the SSD, Boot Camp Windows 7 on th

  • Need Help w/ New Panther 10.3.5 Installation on B&W G3 w/ 80GB HDD... Updated:10-11

    I've checked other discussion topics for clues, but being unsuccessful I'm now clueless. Here's what I am experiencing... - G3 B&W tower/desktop... I added an 80GB HDD as a slave that is recognized by OS9.2 and OSX installation CDs. I successfully er

  • Clean start?  New HDD & New OS Updated:10-11

    Can I replace the disk drive with a larger one and update the OS at the same time? I really have no interest in maintaining OS9 or any of the data files. If possible, I would prefer to start clean with the new disk. I think OS X 10.3 will work (ram i

  • Mysterious usage of my external HDD space after last backup on TM? Updated:10-11

    Recently, after some problems with TM giving me a pop up error, I turned off TM and used my WD MyBook as a normal external and have just been copying files onto it. Last night, I figured it has been a bit too long since I last backed-up my mac's HD (

  • Boot OS9 in Target Disk Mode on iMac G5 Updated:11-09

    Hi! Wonder if any of you good people can help. I have an application which will only run on a native OS9 platform, but I would like to be able to boot OS9 off an external Firewire drive for ease of use from an iMac G5. How can this be acheived? I hav