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Hd video player nokia 305 me downlosd

  • HD videos player for Nokia Asha305 Updated:11-30

    Hi dear I tried my best to find any HD videos player or any real player for Nokia Asha 305 in Nokia app store but I was unsuccessful can you help me on this topic pleasetou need to convert the videos to nokias mp4 format.. not normal mp4 but nokias o

  • Video player for nokia music Xpress 5610?? Updated:11-30

    hey ... can nebody tel me ..hw can i play ".wmv .avi .mpg" format videos in my NOKIA XPRESS music 5610????? the inbuilt player does not support these formats.. which player should i install ...nd from where????..pls helptou need to convert the v

  • Nokia x6 video player Updated:11-30

    I am using nokia x6 for the past one is working smart .i bought this phone for Rs.15,800 but it doesn't playing most of the video formats like mp4 h264 video.its very disappointing please update our phone to play such vidèos.mostly s60

  • Nokia 5233 video player? Updated:11-30

    I have nokia 5233 in which i use HCL earphones which sounds best in my customized equalizer settings. But when i play videos in real player or in Video centre, it just uses NORMAL equalizer.. Is there any video player that can play 640x360 res. video

  • Nokia video player CABAC Reference frames. Updated:11-30

    Hello. I have Nokia N8 with the latest Anna and all it's updates. I'm trying to play some "mkv" files but I have some problems. The current video player can play H264 (AVC) videos with CABAC support up to 5 Reference frames. If I try to play a v

  • Nokia n8 video player Updated:11-30

    I'm looking for a video player with ability to switch subtitles (.sub .srt) and audio tracks (.mp3 .ac3 .dts) -external and internal. Please tell me all the options and which ones are better. ThanksYeah me too have same problem...some videos are not

  • Lack of All format playable Video player with Full Screen STRETCH feature Updated:10-11

    I am a big fan of Nokia and i know Windows phone is the world best smart using Lumia 820. but in my highend Lumia devices lack of a All format playable Video player (like mkv etc.)officially from Nokia or Microsoft.pls this is very important

  • N8 Video Player and Photo Viewer not working prop... Updated:10-11

    Hi I just got a N8 a few months ago and its been going great until a month ago.  My video player is not displaying any the videos that I had on the phone or any of the videos I try putting on after. I then tried the photo viewer (it displays video as

  • Confirm on - Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating,Adobe Flash HTML,Radio Stereo FM,Java MIDP emulator,Scratch-resistant glass back panel,Audio/video player and editor,TV Out,Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) Updated:11-30

    Kindly confirm on the following features of Iphone 4s..and advice me accordingly. Confirm on - Scratch-resistant glass, oleophobic coating,Adobe Flash HTML,Radio Stereo FM,Java MIDP emulator,Scratch-resistant glass back panel,Audio/video player and e

  • Want to install video player Updated:11-30

    hi i hav n76 iwant to install video player tha support diffrent formats nd flashplayer also. plz tell the link thanksJust keep in mind that N76 is not the best device for Video Playback and as such some high quality videos may not work. There's no Fl

  • Mp4 videos on asha 305 Updated:11-30

    I updated the software of my nokia Asha 305 to 7.42 which is till now its latest version. But I am unable to view Mp4 videos on my mobile. How can I overcome this [email protected] this thread is about videos. Because you posted a second message in

  • Where is loop/repeat feature on n8 video player Updated:11-30

    hi can someone tell me where the loop/repeat featue is on n8 video player thanksI have the same problem, I liked the real player on my nokia n95. wondering if I can download a copy to my n8, it does loop,Read other 2 answers

  • N96 - Video player crashing Updated:11-30

    Watching the video player today and for some reason it has started crashing. I hear an error beep and the screen goes white but not like a reset, can still see the black outline for stop or options in the corners. I can hold down the menu key and go

  • Asha 311 Video Player Problem.. Please Help ! Updated:11-30

    hello everyone asha 311 video player plays most of the formats but cannot play's next video when pressing Next (next to play/pause) the repeat, shuffle fuction is useless, why this 2 function is there if its going to play one video and wont play next

  • Inbuilt video player is not refreshing Updated:11-30

    hai i am using n8 after loading a video song i cant play it immediatly in my video player i have to reboot it or i have to connect it my computern in mass storage mode them the song is added in the list is this a software problem what should i dohae

  • Video playback ( UNIVERSAL VIDEO PLAYER ) Updated:11-30

    Why nokia doesn't give support to all video formats playback? May nokia take this point into consideration and apply this concept of universal video player on the upcoming update Nokia Belle.If it was possible for a phone to play all formats it's sur

  • Mx video player for N8 Updated:11-30

    plz make a best video player which can play compressed videos of all formats like mx video player.also it should support dual audio sustain in market nokia should adopt agressive measures to retain its loyal users..or an android bol vl

  • I need a video player Updated:11-30

    I need a video player, that can play .3gp video, .avi video (mp4: Dvix, Xvid). I have fond one (Corecodec Coreplayer V1.1.1 S60v3 Os 6), but it works with problemms (pictures do not open). Can you name me one... I have Nokia 7610Message Edited by abo

  • 6233 video player Updated:11-30

    hi i want to know from u that how can i forward and reverse the video in my video player of 6233 nokia.plzzzzzzzz reply me soon.You can't.Read other 2 answers

  • 5800XM Video player previous & next keys does not ... Updated:11-30

    hi In nokia 5800 video player when i want to go for next song the key pressed next or previous does not work. This is setting problem or player problem i don't know. Anyone can help me.Video    >> Forward video               <<   Video back  j