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  • How to resolve a Lenovo PC that will not pass the Lenovo Splash screen with no access to Windows Updated:10-11

    Here is my problem and here is the solution!!! My B540 Ideacentre would not pass the Lenovo splash screen. The only operational keys I had was F1 (BIOS) and F12 (BIOS options). F2 went to a light blue screen so no chance of even a one key recovery. W

  • IdeaTab A2109A will not boot past Lenovo Splash screen Updated:10-11

    Tablet was charging over night, early in the morning I heard a couple of beeps, and thought it was my phone.  After waking I turned on the Tablet and first saw a green circle with 100%, then after trying the power switch again, it booted to the Lenov

  • LENOVO Y2P stuck at Lenovo Splash Screen Updated:11-30

    I partitioned my SSD into two parts trying to install another OS to the newly unallocated partition. Rebooted into boot menu, but couldn't find my USB drive in the menu. Anyways I said nevermind it's okay and decided to boot normally. It booted witho

  • Ideacentre B520 won't boot past Lenovo splash screen after windows updates Updated:11-30

    This happened about 2hrs ago with my B520. Was working perfectly fine before this. Performed Microsoft updates as suggested, system prompted a re-boot to complete installation, system never came back completely. Only begins to boot and stops at the L

  • Lenovo g510 stuck in lenovo splash screen Updated:11-30

    I bought this g510 less then a year ago without an OS. I've installed win7 first then ubuntu14.04, back when i get it. Yesterday I deleted my win7 partition and reinstalled a premium sp1 win7 version from a usb formatted as NTFS - as you might have g

  • G510 stuck on Lenovo splash screen Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a problem, while I boot up my laptop its stuck on the Lenovo splash screen, so I press ctrl+alt+del for make restart, sometime it boot after that and sometimes I need to do this for 2-10 times antil its boot up. I try to make bios update t

  • T420 stuck on Lenovo splash screen Updated:11-30

    Hi I am new to this community, so I would like to applogise if I mist a simillar subject (I did check some but non resolved my problem). I have a thinkpad t420, I bought a used one. It worked great, and I bought it from a friend, that I trust. I inst

  • Lenovo G500 stuck at "lenovo splash screen" Updated:11-30

    Hi I have Lenovo g500 core i7 ram6 ati radeon 8750 1tb hdd. It's been like a month that laptop freezes at the splash screen. I live in Iran and the laptop is made in China. I've searched the forums and found the "battery removing, 15sec button-holdin

  • Lenovo Ideapad s10e Keeps Restarting after Splash Screen Updated:11-30

    Hey, my Lenovo s10e perpetually restarts after the Lenovo splash screen. The blinking cursor comes up for 5 seconds and then the computer restarts again. F1 for system bios or F8 for safe mode do not work. Taking out battery/AC and holding power butt

  • T450s startup takes 35 seconds before showing splash screen. (11 sec wake-up) Updated:11-30

    The follwing are my problems:1. When starting up the machine, it takes about 35 seconds before the first screen activity appears (Lenovo splash screen). After that it boots quite normal. 2. When waking out of sleep mode it takes 11 seconds before I s

  • Gigabyte GTX 650Ti - HP motherboar​d splash screen hangs Updated:10-11

    I got my computer back in 2011, since then I've had nothing but trouble with it. Constant issues after issues This has got to the point where i need some help. My computer: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1070uk (look it up on google and you'll see my computer wh

  • Lenovo K410 splash screen Updated:11-30

    I am trying to add a pci-e raid card to have a mirrored hard drive set up.  To set up the card, you need to press F4 at the appropriate time during the boot process.  Unfortunately, all you see is the LENOVO bios splash screen.  Four tech calls and 3

  • BLACK SCREEN on start up with 3 beeps, FREEZES when power unplugged, IF IT BOOTS splash screen freezes, OVERHEATING REQUIRED TO BOOT - 0x7B, Event 41 kernel-power Updated:10-11

    Issue: One day I unplug the power, the screen freezes and I get frozen music sound. I shut down, start up, I get 3 beeps (1 short 2 long), which indicates a Video failure according to the Thinkpad Laptop beep code list. How I solve the issue day-to-d

  • Problem Installing my new graphic card 760GTX Stucks on HP Splash Screen Updated:10-11

    I'm using a h9-1185 Windows 7 and I thought I'd update my graphic card from a 7870 to GTX 760 but that was easier said than done. When I try to boot my computer with the new card it stays at the hp splash screen. The GPU is correctly installed I have

  • T430U not booting - blank screen or never gets passed splash screen Updated:10-11

    System specs: Lenovo T430U Intel i5-3427U 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz SoDIMM Memory HDD 500G 7200rpm Toshiba mSATA 24GB Samsung Cache Win 8 Pro, upgraded to 8.1 I rarely use this machine but a couple of months ago I went to boot it up and found that I

  • W540 stuck on ThinkPad splash screen Updated:10-11

    I've got W540 (32GB RAM, 500GB HDD) running Windows 7.1 64bit that is constantly getting stalled at the ThinkPad splash screen during powerup. It will often stall at the "ThinkPad" splash screen.   Other times it will stall at the "ThinkPad

  • Hp Pavilion P6724IT Stuck at HP Splash screen after install of new VGA Updated:10-11

    Hello people. I buyed a new VGA, a Gigabyte GT740 2GB DDR5, before that i had an Asus GT630 2GB DDR3 and had no problems with it. After mounting the new VGA i noticed the computer remains stuck at the initial splash screen with the HP logo. Can't eve

  • Stuck at BIOS splash screen Updated:10-11

    I own a lenovo b570e model 20713. I was trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 on it, and after installation I rebooted. Now the computer is stuck at boot splash screen, will not let me press f2 or f12. Just hangs there at the splash screen. Any suggestions?

  • BLACK SCREEN startup with 3 beeps, FREEZES when unplugged, Splash screen freeze, HEAT-UP TO BOOT Updated:10-11

    BLACK SCREEN startup with 3 beeps, FREEZES when power unplugged, IF IT BOOTS splash screen freezes, OVERHEATING REQUIRED TO BOOT - 0x7B, Event 41 kernel-powe Issue: One day I unplug the power, the screen freezes and I get frozen music sound. I shut d

  • After Effects CC Crashing Immediately After Splash Screen? Updated:10-11

    Hey guys, installed cretive cloud recently with a full licence but most of the programs seem to crash straight away after the splash screen.  After Effects, Premier, Photoshop and Media Encoder all seem to do this.  Tried signing in, resigning in, un