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  • GRN Report for 103 and 105 movement Updated:10-11

    Hi all IS there any report available in SAP Like i have done GRN with movement type 103 and 105 So i want to know for a specific plant against specific movement type let us say my po is of 100 quantity i have done GRN for 20 qty mov type 103 and 20 q

  • FI MM integration _ Non valuated GRN Updated:10-11

    Hi In FI MM integration if you acquire an asset through PO the asset value gets captured automatically. For single asset - One PO one asset - there is no problem - at the time of MIGO (Goods receipt) the GRN becoems "valuated" and asset get the

  • In import GRN - excise duty is wrongly updating.. Updated:10-11

    hi frnds.. In import GRN - excise duty is wrongly updating.. How to resolve this... Regards Raghav.KHHi, After Bill of Entry(MIRO), when u do MIGO, pop up will appear, where ur BOE number will reflect, make sure that u r putting year as 2009. Regards

  • Print out in MB90 for GRN is not coming in English Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, While taking the print out in MB90 for GRN document, it is not coming in English.It is coming in some unreadableformat. In MN21 I have mentioned the language as EN. In the configuration of output type WE03 I have mentioned the language

  • Report for conversion payment of vendor against grn quantity. Updated:10-11

    Dear all, In our scenario, we are doing conversion payment of vendor against SCO (subcontracting order) on the basis of GRN quantity. But,  I am unable to found that how much conversion payments are pending  against grn quantity in one month. Is ther

  • Distinct count of GRN's in Query PLD Updated:10-11

    hi all, We have developed a daily grn report and designed report using  Query PLD. Report contains (grn no,date,vendor name,vendor ref no,item code,item description,quanity & line total) We want to display no of grn's(distinct count) @ repetitive are

  • EDI vendor invoices do not get posted before GRN is posted Updated:10-11

    Hello All, The requirement is our vendor sends EDI invoices and they get parked in SAP as IDOCs. IDOC gets posted if GRN exist for a PO. In purchase order it is GR based IV. If vendor parks invoice and there is no GRN for purchase order then IDOC fai

  • Grn report(goods receipt notice) Updated:10-11

    hi to all sdn people can u pls give coding for this if u give the answer i will be greatful to u and i will reward point to all of u my report is as follows a report for grn details which shows the all details of goods receipt movements based on the

  • Report for IM (appropriation request ) and MM (PO/GRN) Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, Is there a report which shows the appropriation request (IM module) and the purchase order / grns created for a particular appropriation request (internal order). pls. suggest... PankajHi Friends, Please refer revise query Is there a repo

  • SQL Query to retriew open GRNs for Purchasning in R12 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Can anybody help me by providing an SQL Query to retrieve all open GRNs in purchasing. As a part of re-implementation we are loading open balance from the existing system. In order to validate the open GRNs standard report is not apt results.

  • GRN for respective Accounting document number Updated:10-11

    Hi guru, I need to show a report like bellow: +Accounting doc number+         +GRN+ 4900030516                      4900743137 Both document number and GRN is saved in same table MSEG. can you please give me the relation, depending on that I can reco

  • Third Party GRN Posting Date to be Copied to Sales Order Line item Billing Date Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts I have a client requirement where in they want to bill line items in the sales order ( third party process ) to the end customer in sync with the GRN posting dates happened in the PO For EG if GRN happened on 1st July 2014 then Billing

  • Change GR based IV indicator in Me22n after GRN reverse Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have issue related to GR based IV. I created a PO with delivery cost. did GR wrt PO where Material account got debit and Gr/ir and freight clearing got credit. During MIRO user did not found any freight amount(i.e Clearing account). So th

  • How to bring GRN no. in assignment field of Delivery Charges clg. a/c? Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, This is more of ABAP related question than functional. I have a problem that I want to clear my delivery charges clearing account through automatic clearing (F.13) However, for this GL account PO number is being picked up by the system

  • Driver Program for GRN Smartform Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please tell me the Driver Program for GRN SmartformHi.. Did you find any Smartform or Program with /SMB40/? I did this smartform using the above mentioned Prog only. Also try using SAPFM07P_SMART. Regards, KarthikRead other 8 answers

  • Report of PO wise MIRO and GRN Updated:10-11

    Dear all is there any standard report to know the PO wise MIRO and GRN details. This is required to be run periodically for a range of PO. Points will be given thanks sapHi, In t code ME23N you have Purchase order history tab. there you will get the

  • Problem in import Purchase Order GRN cancellation Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I have a problem in related to import PO. I have created an Import PO and made GRN, but due to the exchange rate not fixed at the time of PO creation, I got some difference in amount in local currency Vs Ord. currency at the time of GRN

  • GRN after PO completion indication Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, We have implemented PO - Inbound - GRN, If i prepared an inbound & GRN for short qty and ticking the Delivery completion indicator then also system is allowing to do the Inbound & GRN for the remaining qty. Please suggest how we can

  • Problem during grn for scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    Dear Pals,                 I have done scheduling agreement with doc.type LP. I have maintained schedule lines also. While doing GRN for that, it is throwing an error                              " PU ordered quntity exceeded by 300 ea: 3000000200 &q

  • PO Delivery Schedule and GRN linkage Updated:10-11

    Hello, A PO has a line Item and for that Line item , number of Delivery schedule lines have been created. Now for One delivery schedule line (EKET-EINDT) , Multiple GRN's Created and similarly for other delivery schedule lines too. I want to know for