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grc 10 sync job sequence

  • GRC AC10 sync job error Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I am getting error while running sync job. I searched but couldn't find a solution. We have two GRC AC10 clients setup, one is for fresh AC10 installation testing and another is for migration testing. Both clients talk to two different EC

  • Wav file gets out of sync with sequence Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a 30min sequence that I sent the dialogue to an audio engineer for clean up as an OMF. He sent it back and it gets out of sync about the first 2 minutes or so. By the 30th minute the audio is out of sync about 47 frames. I've tried mult

  • Issues creating multicam edit from pre-synced DSLR sequence Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I'm new to Premiere Pro CC, having just moved from FCPX. I've been doing a fair bit of research on multicam editing in PP the last few days but have yet to be able to get it going on my project. As you can see from the screen grab, I have a s

  • Client sync failure: "sequence does not exist" Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, I could use some help on this.Using 10.3 mobile server and a mobile6 client (using the official mobile6 patch). After some syncs, a mobile client gets the error "sequence does not exist", and the replication fails. When looking a

  • Jumping to timecode in a synced multiclip sequence Updated:10-11

    Has anyone used multi clip "open as sequence" and then been able to key in V1 timecode to jump to it? in Avid, as in FCP, and in premiere pro source monitor, you can type in the timecode and it goes right to it.  but with the multi clip, obvious

  • RFC error while running sync job in AC 10 Updated:10-11

    I have done all the configuration to add new SAP system via SPRO in GRC 10. Now I am trying to run the sync job for the first time, I am getting the below mssage. I checked the RFC desitinations, it looks fine. Error in RFC; 'Function module "/GRCPI/

  • I have set up sync and it has worked, but the key is impossibly long and I can't memorize it. I would have to write it down and then what, store it in my iphone case for use away from the computer? That's no good. Updated:10-11

    Can I change the sync key sequence to something I can remember I guess is my question.No, Mozilla doesn't allow the user to create their own Sync Key any longer, it is a standardized 26 character string that us generated automatically. There is a sho

  • Best Workflow for Multicam Sequences? Updated:11-30

    I have a project that includes video from 2 cameras and audio from 2 audio recorders. I synced everything up using PluralEyes, then imported it back into Premiere. Then I opened the synced sequence, deleted the camera audio, nested the video, and ena

  • On Premise Exchange to O365, What is the migration sequence? Updated:11-30

    I am about to migrate from an On-Premise exchange to O365. DirSync - What sequence are the objects and attributes synchronized? Hierarchically?, AD Schema? Exchange Sync - What sequence are the mail objects synchronized? inbox, calendar, notes etc or

  • Audio/Video out of sync when exporting to MPEG4 Updated:11-30

    I am working on a project that is being edited on FCP 5.1.4 Anyhow, there is problem when exporting to MPEG4- the audio/video is out of sync. Sequence settings show 29.97 editing base with 48 mhz sound, which is the same as the MPEG 4 settings, but t

  • Jumpstart across subnets Updated:10-11

    Hello I am having trouble configuring my jet toolkit to boot across subnets. It works fine in the same subnet but when it goes across subnets it seems to lose the default router for the client. {0} ok boot net:dhcp - install Resetting... POST Sequenc

  • Auto incremented field mobile device Updated:11-30

    hello, my colleague requires to make a mechanism in the mobile device (oracle lite client) where the primary field of a table is automatically incremented. according to the documentation in order to make that happen in a consistent manner so that all

  • Transmitting MIDI clock from Mainstage - is it possible? Updated:11-30

    Hi I've just upgraded from Mainstage V.1 to V 2.1.1. I have previously been unable to transmit MIDI clock from MS to external MIDI devices (specifically a DSI Tetra) in order to sync arpegiator, sequencer, LFOs etc. I can't find any mention of it in

  • Error loading metadata for MBO Updated:11-30

    Hi, I´ve migrated MAM 3.0 from Mobile 7.0 to 7.1 and I´m facing a strange problem. I´m testing MAM 3.0 for Handheld version on mobile devices and laptop. When I create a notification in MAM testing in a laptop and synchronize MI Client, it works perf

  • 7.6GB of "Other" data... what is this? Updated:11-30

    i upgraded to the iOS5 yesterday i have an iPhone 3GS and it says on my data usage bar that i have 7.6GB of "Other" data... what is this?It is something that is not one of the other listed items. Apps is a listed Item, but the data that applicat

  • Restore from ios5 to ios4.3 Updated:11-30

    after installation of new ios5 & iphoto 9.2 in ipad , the iphotos is not synced in sequence. i want to go back to ios 4.3 & iphoto 9.1.3 . pls guideSorry, there is no Apple sanctioned way to do that.Read other 2 answers

  • How to find RAR tables Updated:11-30

    Hi All, after i syncronize the User/Role/Profile data for the first time, i want to cross check this data in RAR database tables. i have list of RAR tables but i could not find tables related User, Role and Profile. I tried in CCDebugger also. What i

  • Clip Marker Question Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am currently evaluating PP CS6 on my laptop (Win7) and am liking everything so far except for the removal of the Jog/Shuttle transport controls, but that appears to be a moot point now. I have played with JKL and the shift key and am trying

  • URGENT NEED: Tempo Extraction Software Updated:11-30

    So, I'm NOT complaining about Audition in ANY way.  I'm just coming to this like-minded community to see if anyone knows of a cheap utility that REALLY works for extracting true tempos, or better yet; something that syncs a sequencer to a WAV file, e

  • Unable to sync QT clips with fcp sequences. Updated:10-11

    After converting some .vob files (using into files, and then importing those into an fcp project, I cannot bring the clips onto the timeline without getting an out-of-sync messages and the red rendering line on Timeline. A