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  • PS6b1: "The GPU Sniffer Crashed" Win7 X64 Updated:11-30

    PS CS6B1 reports "Photoshop detected an error in your display drive" and disables GPU settings when running on Win7 x64 system with Asus EAH 6970 (AMD Radeon 6970) graphics card.  I verfied that the latest Asus/AMD drivers are installed and work

  • The GPU Sniffer crashed... Updated:11-30

    My copy of Photoshop CS6 is crashing after startup. I got a crash log and noticed that it says that "The GPU Sniffer crashed". My computer specs are: Windows 7 64-bit Photoshop CS6 (64-bit) Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+You have a third party driver t

  • GPU sniffer Updated:11-30

    A lot of times I can;t start After Effects CC because of a GPU Sniffer error, and I have an Nvidia Quadro 4000, which is an aapproved  card.  I'm nopt sure if the card is even recoginized.Preferences --> Previews --> Advanced. If your card is recogn

  • GPU Sniffer too fast Updated:11-30

    I am having a problem with my GTX 275 video card with PP 5.5.  It works with my PP 5, but doesn't with my PP 5.5.  I am trying to debug the problem by using GPU Sniffer, but when I try running it, the results run by quickly and the window closes.  I

  • Disable GPU features / GPU Sniffer through install? Updated:11-30

    Hello! New to Adobe and this community, apologizes in advance if placed in the wrong forum. I am looking to deploy Photoshop CS6 in an enterprise environment. We have a number of clients which meet the requirements of the program, but do not have the

  • After Effects Crashing at startup due to GPU sniffer Updated:10-11

    Hey Everyone, Just downloaded the trail version for After Effects CC 2014 and it's having problems. Every time it starts up it fails at the splash page with the following error: <GPUManager> <2> Sniffer Result Code: 3 I've checked everywhere a

  • Trying to run GPU sniffer .exe with CMD but it cannot find the Adobe folder. Updated:11-30

    Hi there. I am trying to get Hardware acceleration on Adobe premiere pro. Ive done this a few times before no problem. I do this by typing this into cmd. cd:\Program Files then \Adobe but whenever I type that in I get " '\Adobe' is not recognized as

  • What is the gpu sniffer? Updated:11-30

    This app is runner on my Microsoft surface. It uses 30% of my cpu causing the fan to run. Is this app required or is there a way to disable it.Looks like the driver update solved the problem.  I had to upgrade to Mountain Lion as my OSX was version 1

  • AE error : GPU Manager sniffer result code 3 Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone ! I'm French so sorry if my English is bad ! I've just installed after effect CC and media Encoder CC, but while it's starting, I get an error message ! <5840> <GPUManager> <2> Sniffer Result Code: 3 My Pc configuration is

  • FAQ: What features use the GPU and how do I troubleshoot GPU issues? Updated:10-11

    Photoshop CS6 GPU FAQ Introduction This document provides a quick reference guide to video card usage in Photoshop.  Some features require a compatible video card to work; if the video card or its driver is defective or unsupported, those features wi

  • Photoshop Crashes after GPU Upgrade Updated:10-11

    I just recently upgraded my GPU from an nVidia GTX 460 to an AMD Radeon R9 290, and since then I've been experiencing problems with Photoshop. Just after I upgraded my GPU, I did a clean uninstall of my old drivers, installed my new drivers (which I

  • Asus G73JH GPU issues Updated:11-30

    Help! I am currently running Photoshop CC on an Asus G73JH (i7 Q720 @ 1.60Ghz), 6 GB of Ram, Windows 7 Professional. The video card is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870 (1GM dedicated VRAM). The BIOS and vBIOS are both current. The ATI driver is current

  • Can CS6 exploit the GPU on my desktop when accessed from my laptop with RDP? Updated:11-30

    Just to clarify further: both machines running windows 7 professional or better (so the full version of RDP is available), and CS6 runiing on the desktop, accessed from my laptop. As the GPU is being used as a compute resource, will CS use the deskto

  • Photoshop CS6 GPU Support Updated:11-30

    The Photoshop CS6 GPU FAQ says the following nVidia GPUs are supported nVidia GeForce 8000, 9000, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 series A new computer I am considering has a 600 series GPU. Does that mean PS CS6 won't support this new computer? Will the GPU

  • After Effects reports only 2GB of RAM for Mac Pro AMD D700 GPU Updated:11-30

    Using After Effects CC 12.2 on Mac Pro 2013. When I go to After Effects>Preferences>Previews>GPU Information the app reports that my system has an AMD D700 GPU for OpenGL.  This is fine, however, it also states that the Total Memory is 2.00 GB, w

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - 3D Disabled Updated:10-11

    Hello folks how do you do? Well, I'm experiencing a problem using the 'Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended'. In general the 3D feature doesn't really show up in my screen. What can I do? Please some one? Here's my System info: Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0

  • Photoshop CS4 and CC/CS6 crashing for no apparent reason (Windows 7) Updated:10-11

    I’m currently having a serious problem with my Photoshop CS4 where it continuously crashes, for no apparent reason, since July 16, 2013.   I have done everything recommended via Adobe forum to try and fix this problem though it still persists.    It

  • Error when opening FX (new or existing file): "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended: Could not complte your request because of a program error." Updated:10-11

    This randomly started happening. Every time I try to add an effect to a new file, or edit an effect on an existing file, I get this error... Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0.1 ( 20131024.r.34 2013/10/24:21:00:00) x64 Operating System: Windows NT

  • Photoshop Cs6 is hanging when trying to work in 3D when it wasn't before Updated:10-11

    When I first started using 3D in Photoshop it was working rather smoothly and seemed to chug along fairly fast. Then one day when I was working in it as usual and tried to perform some random action it just started hanging with the spinning blue circ

  • 3D option not showing up for me in Photoshop!? Updated:10-11

    Hey guys, I'm using my Photoshop CS6 Extended & I'm trying to utilize the '3D' effect feature, but it's not showing up where it should be.... I been following video tutorials & such online from other users of my same photoshop version, & I'm s