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gpo scheduled tasks run as greyed out

  • Windows Server Backup scheduled task run successfully but backup do not start (not running) on Windows Server 2012 Updated:10-11

    Hi, A backup job has been setup on Windows Server 2012 (Platform: Win32NT; ServicePack: ; Version: 6.2.9200.0; VersionString : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0) via Windows Backup Software UI (Local Backup 1.0). It is appearing as a scheduled task "\M

  • Exception Thrown When a Scheduled Task Runs for Many Hours Updated:11-30

    In the Oracle documentation here ( it states that the below exception can get thrown when a scheduled task runs for many hours (on OAS) and can be ignored: Primary Server we

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 GPO schedule task for copying folders Updated:10-11

    Dear spicers,I have spend many hours trying to get my gpo working to sync a fewshared networkfolders with office templates to users default office 2010 template location.I created a user conf gpo: preferences\control panel settings\schedule tasks\Act

  • Issues with Backup-GPO Scheduled Task as a non-admin account Updated:10-11

    I'm having an issue trying to get a daily backup of domain GPO's from a non-administrative account. I'm using Powershell 2.0, the Backup-GPO cmdlet runs fine as a standard user, but when I run the same cmdlet with the same user, but with a scheduled

  • Scheduled tasks run fine at first then stop running Updated:11-30

    This has been an ongoing issue with every Server 2012 machine that we have running tasks (a buddy of mine has the same issue with 2008 R2).  At first the task will run fine as it should but then out of the blue it will simply stop running.  The last

  • Scheduled Tasks Run Twice After Upgrade To MX7 Updated:11-30

    I've recently upgraded to CFMX7 and now my scheduled tasks are running twice. I've recreated all of the tasks, rebooted the server, and made sure that I'm on V 7.0.2 but nothing seems to help. Is there a solution for this out there?I've got a couple

  • Specifying which node a scheduled task runs on Updated:11-30

    In a clustered weblogic environment is there a way to tell OIM to run a scheduled task on a specific node. So for example let's say I want the AD UserTarget Recon to always only run on node1. Is there a task schedule attribute or something that contr

  • Scheduled tasks run minimized Updated:11-30

    I've created a scheduled tasks that run calc.exe or that run other .EXE's and the called .exe's do run but they run minimized.  How do I make them run so they pop up and the user see's them?   mqh7Okay, this is still not working.   Here is what I hav

  • [Forum FAQ] Group Policy Preferences Scheduled Tasks Item not working when the option Run whether user is logged on or not is selected Updated:10-11

    Scenario: We use one of the following Group Policy Preferences Scheduled Tasks item to deploy a task to clients: Computer Configuration -> Control Panel Settings -> Scheduled Tasks -> New -> Scheduled Task (At least Windows 7) Computer Configu

  • Question on Cimsession code running as Schedule task Updated:11-30

    #I have a scheduled task running that calls a ps1 file to collect zone data. The task is set to run whether I'm logged in or not. I noticed that if I add -Cimsession to the code, it will only collect the data when I'm logged onto the machine where th

  • How to make Robocopy run in the foreground using Scheduled Tasks Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone!  I am doing a daily backup using Robocopy and Scheduled Tasks running Windows 2012 Server. When it runs, robocopy runs in the background and does not write to log that I am pointing to. How can I make it run in the foreground? Also, i

  • Server 2012 Scheduled tasks not running after DST Updated:11-30

    Since the DST change this weekend the weekly scheduled tasks on our 2012 standard server are not running.  The schedule show the correct next run time, but the task never runs.  The server correctly adjusted for the DST changes (We are in CST in the

  • How to make Robocopy run in the foreground using Scheduled Task Updated:11-30

    Michael, when using the /log option, it replaces to file. Therefore, you'll want to specify a different file and then append it to your log file.Hello everyone I am doing a daily backup using Robocopy and Scheduled Tasks running Windows 2012 Server.

  • Group Policy - Computer preference - Schedule task creation Updated:11-30

    Hello,    We are getting error while applying schedule task creation GPO (from Windows 2012) to system windows 2008 R2. Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80041316 The task XML contains an unexpected node.' This er

  • Scheduled Task - 403 Error Updated:11-30

    Hi, We've had our site up for several years now, and haven't had any problems with Scheduled Tasks. On July 1st, our websire went PKI certificate only. Now scheduled tasks don't run and I see several entries like this in my scheduler log: "Informatio

  • Scheduled Tasks problem after midnight Updated:11-30

    I am running CFMX 7.0.2 and am experiencing an issue where scheduled tasks run correctly until roughly midnight. After midnight they cease to run. In the logs I can see that the task is being incorrectly rescheduled for a later time. Instead of being

  • SCCM 2007 query to find Scheduled tasks setup on a client. Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I have been asked by senior management at the school where i work to automate the shutdown of PCs at a specific time each night. So I created a batch script that sets up a scheduled task on the clients to do this, and rolled it out via sof

  • Scheduled Task GPO "run as" greyed out Updated:11-30

    Hi, When I'm creating a new schedule task through GPO the Run As option is greyed out, is there any way to enable this? Regards.> When I'm creating a new schedule task through GPO the Run As option is > greyed out, is there any way to enable this? U

  • 2008 R2 GPO How to delete the AppleSoftwareUpdate Scheduled Task on Windows 7 clients? Updated:10-11

    How do you configure a GPO in AD 2008 R2 SP1 that will delete the AppleSoftwareUpdater Scheduled Task. I can't successfully create one. It gives errors wanting a name and an action, even though I have named it (several variations tried). The schedule

  • Run a scheduled task with pop up message Updated:11-30

    I have an .hta script that will prompt a user to accept or cancel a shutdown command.  I can make a scheduled task via GPO but the popup box never shows on the users desktop if they are logged in...the computer just shuts down.  Now, I know this is b