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  • CJ88 Posting in G/L account Updated:10-11

    Hi All,     Query: When we execute CJ88 using WBS element, the Posting is happening into 1(One) G/L account, one SAP Standard FM is returning the G/L account number.    Problem: as per WBS element ID and PSPID(Project ID), the requirement is to posti

  • How  to  look for  fi doc  number in cj88 Updated:10-11

    HI  expert:       when I  run cj88.   the system generate FI  doc number.   how to look for FI doc number. can you tell me ! thank you !!!!Hi, You can see the FI Doc. thru' given instruction Go to T-code CJI3 then fillup the WBS no. in which you want

  • Settlement G/L account Error in CJ88 Transaction Updated:10-11

    Hi i am receiving error in CJ88 transaction when I am trying to settle cost. I have created default settlement rule on WBS by enhancement, The G/L Account is also balancesheet account. Error message-- G/L account is not assigned to controlling area.

  • Error Max no of items in FI reached during CJ88 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are getting a similar error as above in cj88 error no F5727. The number of Fixed Assets defined in Level 1 WBS is 964. This is less than 999 so dont understand why this issue is coming. I find two other discussions in this forum: First we

  • Asset Report with CJ88 document Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts We have developed Z report for asset having material code,vendor,CJ88 document.In old Z report we are not getting material & vendor which is relevant for CJ88 document. So we have develop new Z report in which we are getting material but t

  • Not possible to post down payment clearing. There are no down payments:CJ88 Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, When I settle WBS Element cost to the Asset Under Construction using transaction CJ88, I receive following error. AA571 Not possible to post down payment clearing. There are no down payments. Please help. Thank You.Hi, first please check

  • CJ88 Cannot proceed with FUL settlement to Final asset Updated:10-11

    We have a PO with WBS as account assignment. Users posted a down payment to this PO in 12/2010 and when they ran the settlement Type 1 (Automatic) it posted a DP posting to the AUC transaction type 180. In Standard SAP transaction, this will get reve

  • Settlement of negative value to an asset in WBS (CJ88) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a negative value for a cost element in a WBS which I want to settle it to an asset. Settlement rule is maintained. There is no error while executing CJ88. But it does not settle the negative values of that Cost elements. Please suggest

  • CJ88 Issue - Periodic settlement to a fixed asset Updated:10-11

    Dear partners: We are facing troubles because of this situation: I am trying to make a periodic settlement using CJ88, but then appears error AA834. It only happens with one external activity linked to a purchase order with an advance payment. With o

  • CJ88 - AA571 - Down payment posting not possible Updated:10-11

    Dear SAP friends, While doing settelement of WBS through CJ88, I am getting an error " Not possible to post down payment clearing, there is no Down payment" message number AA571, can you through any light on it. Thanks Nagesh Edited by: Virendra

  • Message no. GLT2001, New general ledger, Down payment request Fixed asset Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have posted down payment request with target special gl indicator for fixed asset. When I run payment program in proposal there is a mistake: Message no. GLT2001 Diagnosis The online document splitting is active in your system. Here, each docum

  • Error in CJ88  Posting transaction is not possible (value date not allowed) Updated:10-11

    When i try CJ88 with a wbs element, it shows the following error : Posting transaction is not possible (value date not allowed) Message no. AA 478 Diagnosis A retirement was already posted on the asset 000022400733 0041 on 20091231. Based on the valu

  • CJ88 - Settlement values are not appearing in CJ88 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am not able to see any settlement values when i run CJ88. I have followed below steps. 1.     Create Sales Order (TC: VA01) 2.     Post Outbound delivery and PGI for the sales order (TC: VL01N) 3.     Set the Order (Project) status to REL (TC:

  • Error During CJ88 Msg#F5702 Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I encountered error during settlement via CJ88,  am settling amounts from previous year to current year as full settment. The error encountered:  Balance in transaction currency Msg No. F5702 Diagnosis: A balance has occured in transaction

  • Document balance cannot be distributed when settlement is reversed via CJ88 Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, When i do settlement reverse via CJ88, i got the below mentioned error. "Document balance cannot be distributed when settlement is reversed" My current system has implemented already the below notes "Note 891709 - Settlement r

  • Actual settlement in tx CJ88 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, When doing actual settlement using Tx code CJ88, we are getting the following errors for different WBS: 1. Asset xxxxxxxxxxxx not in company code CEBM or 2. Either the sender is already settled, or there is nothing to settle                  

  • Setllement WBS in CJ88 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Trying to explain my scenario and asking you guys if you see feasibly to get this: We have several types of documents posted in the same period in a specific WBS. One is posted in a investment GL account and the others in expense GLs. We want to

  • Settlemet Error in CJ88 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Thre is a pressing issue that I need to solve. I am receiving a settlement error (cj88) for  project *Settlmnt from revenues/debit-side down paymnts to receiver CTR 22893 not allowed* Message no. KD561 Diagnosis The sender has revenues or cus

  • CJ88 - Final settlement issue Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Seek solution for this issue: After final settlement (CJ88) the cost that is getting settled and posted in FI is equal to the sum of the difference of Closing CTC (cost to complete) for period 10 and Opening CTC for period 10 and the closing

  • CJ88 - Balance the budget back after settlement Updated:11-30

    I got out the following structure: WBSE --- WBSE1 --- WBSE1-2 -> AUC Settlement to --- WBSE2         | --- WBSE2-2 -> Settlement to WBSE1-2 When the Execute CJ88 to liquidate the project, the following problem is occurring. The WBSE2-2 is the value