• Runtime Error  -GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED when running COI Updated:10-11

    Hi ALL, We are getting run time error -  GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED when running COI tasks. Error analysis      You attempted to access an unassigned field symbol      (data segment 32995).      This error may occur for any of the following reasons:      - Y

  • OSSNOTES for releasing process orders with missing parts in background Updated:10-11

    Hi All, The bapi 'BAPI_PROCORD_RELEASE' is not releasing the process orders with missing parts in background. Is there any OSSNotes for releasing these process orders in backgound through this bapi. Pls help. Thanks .Hi Suri - Thanks for your respons

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in RMVKON00 (background job) Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone We're having the following recurring problem: There's a job running the first of every month, it uses an ALV GRID with this statement: REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY. When it's run normally (not scheduled) it works perfectly, but when it is sc

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED error while scheduling job through F9 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, i am getting <b>GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED</B> dump while scheduling a job through F9 and giving local printer as LP01. any pointers regarding this ? thanks kunal kishanHi Ankesh, can you please elaborate on this.??? Basiclly when i am trying

  • Short Dump  while scrolling on the ALV (GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have an interactive ALV list, After the user double click on the list line item, the list control goes to top of the list. When i want to scroll  for further interaction, I am getting  a Short dump  GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED. Please advice Solomon

  • Short dump GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED while transporting Datasource in BI 7.0 Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I am getting an error, while trying to transport Datasource into quality system. The Transport request log says that "Program terminated (job: RDDEXECL, no.: 11372100)" If I check the log in SM37 of target system it gives following s

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED - Runtime Error in MIGO Updated:10-11

    Dear All I am receiving GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED - Runtime Error in MIGO transaction for a particular user only in production system. I am not able to narrow down is this transaction specific or user issue.  I searched the forum and not able to get reason.

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED error while running abap prog in process chain Updated:10-11

    Hi. I am getting a runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED while running an ABAP program in process chain. But when i execute pro in SE38 , it's not giving any error. Please any one can suggets what will be error.Hi,   i also used to get error for a program

  • Error in GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in VL10A Updated:10-11

    Dear All,<br><br>       Recently we upgrade 4.6c to ECC 6. After that we have a problem, while we run the Sales return useing VL10A in background, it's going to dump.<br><br> <br>Error is,        <pre>GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED

  • T-code MDBT runtime error  GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Updated:10-11

    Hell everyone. I copied a client from another client,then I runned MRP in the new client by T-code MDBT. It happened an error. Can anybody tell me how I can reslove this issue? Thanks & Best regards! The detail error as below: Runtime Errors        

  • ABAP dump "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED" C Updated:10-11

    HI, kindly suggest we are getting a abap dump while downloading a file and when i check the error in service market place its shows that we have to apply  support packages.can i directly apply support packages by downloading the market or i have to r

  • Error in Automatic Payment Program : ABAP/4 processor : GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP gurus, I'm currently implementing automatic payment using DME to generate a text file, in a format that is specified by HSBC. I read some articles about this topic and I have done these steps: I created DME Format Tree (just a demo format tree

  • Package failed with run time error: " GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED". Updated:10-11

    Hi, One of our custom package is failing with run time error " GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED". We are getting this error after refresh. Infact this package is working fine both in production and Dev, but in QA system it giving runtime error. Here with I am

  • Update was terminated - Getwa_not_assigned error Updated:10-11

    Hello, When I try to create Invoice through VF03, Created invoice number is displayed but when I look for it again, It does not exist. I get Express information "Update was terminated". I looked in SM13 it shows description as Getwa_not_assigned

  • Getwa_not_assigned in program SAPLFKV0 Updated:10-11

    Hello. When executing a SAP program i get the following error. Can someone tell me which SAP notes to implement. The details of the dump are as follows. GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Short text Field symbol has not yet been assigned. What happened? Error in the


    Hello, I am receiving the GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED runtime error in program CL_UC_MANUAL_DOCUMENT_GUI when trying to view a specific BCS document from the "List of Journal Entries" output (UCWB or UCMON).  The error only occurs when trying to view two

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Updated:10-11

    HI ALL,   When i am seeing the data in cube (0sd_c03) i got runtime error "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED". ShrtText     Field symbol has not yet been assigned. What happened?     Error in ABAP application program.     The current ABAP program "SAPLRSD

  • Error in "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED" in cor1 tocde ? Updated:10-11

    Hi Exports,                  In Development system process order is creating successfully in COR1 tcode but                  in production system while creating process order it is giving error,                  The error is "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED"

  • Run time Errors GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED at Time of Print Reports. Updated:11-30

    Hello hy All experts. I ma trying to print Reports, but at time of preview i got an error message. Run time Errors GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED. Please Give me Solutions. Thnks Bhavesh Panchal. BarodaFORM fetch_data.   break mtabap.   SELECT *           FROM v

  • GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED short dump Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to load only specific source fields selection cretira to target, i have written following code to load only specific data set. I am getting the short dump as GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED at this point. If <source_fields>-/BIC/ZCJ_STAT =