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  • OCP and OCA exams taken online Updated:11-30

    I had the doubt that whether the OCA and OCP exams can be taken online. Or, they can only be written by going into a oracle exam centre. regardsHi, Not all exams can be taken online. Please refer to the following link for the list of online exams. Or

  • How start with OCP or OCA in 9i? Whom should i talk to? Updated:11-30

    I have already completed my IBM-ACSE course and have indepth knowledge of Oracle 8i database, with hands on experience on a live project too. I want to join OCP and 9i database track but i'am still confused how should i start all this. What will be t

  • ORACLE OCA and OCP Certification. Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, I am currently working in TCS BPO from last 2 years and 8 months for Cargo Revenue Accounting. Done my Accounting and finance graduation. I am very bored with the current profile I have and want to change the job. (though the place is good)

  • OCP / OCA Exams to include ApEx Updated:11-30

    now I've used ApEx in anger for a while I'd like to be able to demonstrate this capability in a more formal way. OCP and OCA type exams seem to only address PL/SQL and Forms. Is there any likelihood of ApEx type exams in the future? One worry I have

  • Do i need to register for OCP Exam or Can i direclty attend OCP Exams ? Updated:11-30

    As i am very interested in taking the Oracle 10g Certification Program , I would like to know the procedure to attend the OCP exams . Here are my few queries. 1)What is Oracle Registration ? 2)Is it possible to attend OCP exams without being register

  • PL/SQL and Forms executable in Oracle 8i Lite ? Updated:10-11

    I've got 2 basic and important questions: 1.) Is it possible to store procedures with PL/SQL in a Oracle 8i Lite Database(Operating System Windows 2000) 2.) Are the normal Forms 6i - Applications executable on a Oracle 8i Lite Database. (Operating Sy

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator or Oracle PL/SQL and Forms Developer? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am thinking about doing an Oracle certification course- Oracle Database 11g Administrator or Oracle PL/SQL and Forms Developer. Oracle Database 11g OCP and OCM certification requires 3 mandatory training courses to be completed that costs betwe

  • The certificate does not want to come Updated:11-30

    Friends, When in 2008 I passed 1z0-042 I've waited for the certificate for more than two months. Well, after this period of time it did not want to come either until I put another email to the ocp team. Now the same story with 1z0-043 which I passed

  • SOA Certification in Oracle Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can Anyone guide how to proceed for SOA Certification in ORACLE. I need a detailed guidence in this topic so that I can strat it Thanks & regardsuser641871 wrote: Thanks for forwarding the link.... Do we Require ORACLE certification or any other

  • Oracle 10g Database course Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys, i am currently doing my oracle database 10g, SQL fundamental 1, from NIIT, i have been suggested i do the PL/SQL Course and then appear for the ocp and oca exam and once i pass the exam then i should enroll my self for 10g workshop one and w

  • Firebrand Training - Official? Any experience of them? Updated:11-30

    I spotted that [Firebrand Training||Firebrand Training] advertise that they are an Oracle Approved Education Centre while looking for somewhere to get [OCP certified|

  • Success Kit Issue Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I got my Oracle Hyperion Certification Success kit but it was opened while i recieving it ,there is no Certification Card in that kit .What should i do to get my Complete Successkit , Can any one plz help out me . Thanks, Suman.user111914

  • Why only associate certification for Weblogic 11g? Updated:11-30

    I am wondering why there is no OCP path for weblogic 11g only a OCA? There is both a OCP and OCA for App server 10g - an end of life product and yet for the current product there is only an OCA. Which seems a little odd. Can you please explain? When

  • Need dumps to appear for 1Z0-030 exam Updated:11-30

    Hi, This week I am writing oracle 9i DBA for OCA (1Z0-030). could you please send me the dumps so that I can clear the exam easily.. Regards, RaviIsn't that an upgrade exam i.e. 9i DBA OCP, not OCA? The topics for that and other exams, which you may

  • Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am lil bit confuse to decide about my oracle core dba certification. Please help me to know, as per the present requirements of the business organizations. ***Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?*** Hope u guys a

  • Oracle 9i OCA/OCP Exam Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just want to know that is it compulsory to study in any prometric centre for appearing in all exams of 9i/10G? Someone told me that, i will not eligible to appear in exam, until and unless i am not student of any prometric centre. Is it right?

  • OCA/OCP exam details reg Updated:11-30

    Dear sir, I am planning to appear for OCA/OCP 9i certification,if anyone can provide me with full details such as 1> OCA/OCP exam paper code 2> Exam fee for each OCA and OCP 3> if i do not qualify then after how many month i can able to appear fo

  • OCA and OCP Post-nominal letters Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I recently passed OCA and OCP for Java 7.  I was wondering if there is an official industry accepted standard to place these qualifications after your name. I saw Bert Bates, co-author of the Java 7 study guide, placed: Bert Bates OCA OCP. Is

  • Oracle Certification Exam Design (Part 2) - OCA, OCP, and OCE Exams Updated:11-30

    In this second part of a three-part series, Joel Goodman shares about how our Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) certification exams are designed and developed. h4. Oracle Certific

  • How to get Oracle 11g OCA, OCM, OCP certification? Updated:11-30

    Hi, This is my first post! Please pardon my ignorance. I want to get Oracle 11g OCA, OCM, OCP certifications done. How do I go about it? How much does it cost to get these certifications? Could you please suggest a website/url where I can get more in