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Game nokia lengkap berformat .deb

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    Okay, so i had made a purchase wiht my Visa Debit Gift Card about a month ago. I knew my balance was low on my card (about $0.91). With that in mind and knowing the exact balance i had gone a made a purchase. Now, however, the itunes on my comupter s

  • Ovi Store and Nokia Accounts unresponsive on my 80... Updated:10-11

    I sent my 808 in for service and requested a wipe to factory defaults due to some issues that I was having. When my phone was returned to me, I had great difficulty loging in to Nokia Account and Ovi Store Mobile. There is a round wheel that would ju

  • Delete file from NOKIA C5-03 phone memory Updated:10-11

    I still face a problem that when I buy mobile then phone memory was 40MB, but now it reduced to 30MB. I try to browse and remove unwanted file from phone memory. But nothing gonna happen.  I also use pc suite, mass storage etc, but can't. What can I

  • GR/IR Credit and GR/IR Debit. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need to generate a report to get the GR/IR debit and GR/IR credit details for a period with respect to the PO. Please suggest the suitable table to retrieve the data mentioned above. Regards, RitiGhi You can use report FBL1N for the GR/IR debit

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    On my Nokia 5230 I'm using the Nokia e-mail client: . This works fine for me. Yesterday I encountered a little proplem which I cannot resolve so far. I want to remove an e-mail account from my account list and I can

  • How can I delete an E-Mail account in Nokia 6300 Updated:10-11

    I have setup an E-Mail account (e.g Gmail) on my Nokia 6300. I would like to delete this account which is no longer needed. I couldn't find any delete option there. Before Nokia 6300, I have used Nokia E-50. It has a very simple option in Connect fol

  • How can i set up an apple id for a child in family share with a debit card? Updated:10-11

    I am  a new iphone user and I would like to setup a family share account on the cloud for my daughters. It says I should be able to use a debit card, but it keeps telling me that I need a credit card to prove I am an adult? My card is a debit/credit

  • Can I create an iTunes Store account with a MasterCard debit card? Updated:10-11

    I know I can create an iTubes Store or Mac App Store account wihout entering billing info from this article But what if I want to use an existing Apple ID with iTunes Store or Mac App Store like this article http:/