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  • Error while deleting the data from DSO Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts I am getting the ABAP Dumps when I am trying to delete the data from the DSO Objects in my Systems. "    An entry was to be entered into the table                                                          "\FUNCTION=RSAR_ODS_GET\DATA=L

  • Write-Optimized DSO data deletion Updated:10-11

    Hello All, We have a requirement to delete old data from a write-optimized DSO. The specific requirement is to delete the data older than 15 days (requests older than 15 days) in the DSO. I could not find any process type that could be used in proces

  • How to delete the data in a table using function Updated:10-11

    hi all, i need to delete the data in a table using four parameters in a function, the parameters are passed through shell script. How to write the function Thanks> But the only thing is that such function cannot be used in SQL. > Perhaps you weren't

  • Problem in deletion of data from DSO Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are facing a problem in deleting data from Data Store Object.I am trying to delete data by using right click option on DSO -->Delete Data.It is saying "The system has not finished loading request no : XYZ". I have tried to trace th

  • Business partner deletion  - master data Updated:10-11

    In  SAP Note 1111635 -Business partner cannot be deleted try to delete a business partner or a contact person. This is not possible bcoz address cannot be deleted because there are other references . 1) deletion of the address, because it used to be

  • Delete Master Data - with or without sids Updated:10-11

    Hi i am working on 0customer_attr now when i right click and see master data it has 100 records the same in r3 has 85 records. so i thought i will try to delete master data and then load again. so i right cick on 0customer and choose Delete master da

  • Is it possible to validate the deletion of data in custom SE16 Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, To maintain a Z table ZCITY (Master Data), I created custom SE16 t-code ZSE16CITY (using SE93 - Transaction with parameters). Is it possible to validate the deletion of data from ZCITY Table in custom SE16. If ZCODE exists in any of the tran

  • How to delete all data in all tables in one time ?! Updated:10-11

    1 CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE delete_all_data 2 IS 3 v_statement VARCHAR2 (200); 4 BEGIN 5 FOR i IN (SELECT * 6 FROM user_tables) 7 LOOP 8 v_statement := 9 'delete table ' || i.table_name ; 10 EXECUTE IMMEDIATE v_statement; 11 END LOOP; 12 commit; 13

  • How can I delete old data in citadel Updated:10-11

    How can I delete old data from Citadel so that HDD is not full when data is continously being logged in the database ?Hi there, I could see different possible ways to limit the database size on a LabVIEW DSC system. a) You could limit the lifespan of

  • Deleting Master Data Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am trying to delete master data in a process chain. But its not working , the chin is executing but the function module RSDMD_DEL_MASTER_DATA is retuning the message " No master Data was Deleted". Please suggest how to fix this. Apprec

  • 'Error occurred when deleting master data (RSDMD118)' Updated:10-11

    Helo Gurus, When I tried to delete master data prior to the reload, its giving an error message 'Error occurred when deleting master data'. RSDMD 118. We are currently working in BW 3.1. We checked for SAP notes for the same. But not Able to find any

  • Function of HOLD DATA in the settings for creation of a new screen. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Since i'm new to ABAP and still learning my way through, i would really appreciate if somebody can help me out with the exact functioning of selecting the check box 'HOLD DATA' under the settings option while creation of a new screen. Thanks for